Zanussi Tumble Dryer Reset Button Location + Other Fixes

Pulling out wet, soppy clothes? Or, conversely, are you almost burning yourself when you open your dryer because your laundry is scalding?

Dryer heating problems are nothing new, but they can be frustrating. Fortunately, it seems like the majority come with a simple fix: a reset switch or button.

And Zanussi dryer models are no different: In this dryer, you can find a reset button on the thermostat behind the heating element. Pressing this button should return the thermostat to its original heating settings.

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And if that reset button doesn’t work how you hoped, this post notes a couple of other DIY fixes for you to try. We hope you’ll find this article helpful!

Where Is the Reset Button On A Zanussi Tumble Dryer

Like many other dryers, the Zanussi tumble dryer comes with a reset button on the thermostat. 

The thermostat itself sits on the backside of the element, and you’ll have to remove some screws to get to it.

How to Access the Zanussi Tumble Dryer Reset Button

So we know the reset button is on the thermostat, which is behind the heating element. But where is the heating element?

Zanussi Tumble Dryer thermostats

To reach these components, grab yourself a screwdriver and follow these steps:

  1. Unplug the dryer.
  1. Find the donut-shaped, white mesh heating cover on the back center of the dryer. Unscrew the three screws in the middle, unclip the outside clips, and pull off the cover.
  1. Underneath, there’s another donut-shaped panel. Remove the about half dozen or so screws along the outside and pull this cover off as well.
  1. Locate the heating assembly box toward the bottom right corner of the dryer. Unscrew the two mounting screws on the left and right sides.
  1. Pull off the box, being careful not to pull on the wires.
  1. The two thermostats are on the backside of the element. These components are black and cylindrical, with wires connecting to either side. At least one will have a small, black button in the middle. Press one or both buttons.

Then, just put the dryer back together, plug it back in, and run a normal dryer cycle to verify that the reset worked.

Zanussi Lindo 300 Dryer Reset Button

The Zanussi Lindo 300 is in the same line as the Lindo 100. Typically, the mechanical differences between dryers in the same series are minimal. 

Therefore, you should be able to find the reset button in the same place on a Zanussi Lindo 300 as you would a Lindo 100: on the thermostats on the backside of the heating element.

What to Do When Zanussi Dryer Reset Button Doesn’t Work

Sometimes, the thermostat isn’t the cause of your dryer’s heating problem. In such cases, a thermostat reset unfortunately won’t do much.

But luckily for us, there are some other things you can try before dishing out cash for a new appliance or repair technician.

Reduce Your Laundry Load and Clean the Vents

These are some of the easiest—and cheapest—fixes you can try.

First, unplug your dryer and take a look inside the exhaust vent. Debris in this duct can obstruct the airflow that your dryer uses to stay in its ideal temperature range, so be sure to remove any lint or debris that’s traveled there.

Consider pulling out bulkier or heavier items if your laundry load is large. Stuffing a tumble dryer drum to the brim reduces the amount of hot air it can circulate to dry your clothing.

Test the Heating Element


A dryer’s heater element (generally found in the dryer’s heater unit) acts as a heat exchanger, transferring heat from the ignition assembly to the dryer drum using a series of coils. Some come with a couple of sets of coils inside.

A few things can happen to the heating element to make it malfunction. First, it can warp or bulge, pulling the coils too close to or far from the drum. Of course, coils that are too close can transfer too much heat, and those that are too far won’t transfer much heat at all.

The coils can also break, or the component might short out the circuit and refuse to shut off.

Because the heating element plays such a vital role in how hot your dryer does—or doesn’t—get, it’s a fantastic place to start. 

Check the component using a multimeter and verify with a visual check that it’s not warped. If there isn’t enough continuity or if the box is misshapen, replace it.

Has Your Thermal Fuse Tripped?

Thermal fuses are a safety feature in every dryer, but they only do their job once: tripping when the dryer gets so hot it presents a fire risk. Once the fuse has tripped, it won’t be able to trip again. Without this device, your dryer can’t heat itself appropriately.

Using a multimeter, you can take a look at the fuse and verify whether or not it has continuity. No continuity means it’s tripped and needs to be replaced.

Note, however, that a tripped thermal fuse general is a symptom more than the cause of heating problems. It’s a good idea to investigate other parts in conjunction with checking the thermal fuse.

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The thermostat reset button is a great place to start when your Zanussi vented or condenser dryer stops heating as it should. But if it doesn’t work, don’t give up just yet—you can try changing up your laundry, cleaning out the vent, and testing the heating element for continuity.

Some other potential solutions include testing whether your thermal fuse has tripped and inspecting the gas valve, ignition assembly, and blower wheel. You can also inspect your appliance for faulty wiring between components.

Finally, you may consider running a self-diagnostics program from the tumble dryer display, which can give you error codes to investigate.

As always, be sure to unplug your dryer before attempting any mechanical fixes and call in an appliance tech if things get dicey or you have an appliance question not answered here.