Whirlpool Washing Machine Stuck on Canceling Cycle – Fixed

Not being able to wash your clothes because your washing machine won’t work is a horrible feeling. While you could always lug your laundry to a laundromat and then sit there with it while it goes through the process of washing and drying, why not spend your time trying to troubleshoot the issue instead? So, what can you do when your Whirlpool washing machine is stuck on the canceling cycle? 

If your Whirlpool washing machine is stuck on canceling cycle, unplug the washing machine for 5 minutes and then plug it back in to reset the control board. You can also press and hold the start button or press and hold the power button to clear any old cycles.

In this article, I’ll explain how to fix a Whirlpool washing machine that is stuck on a canceling cycle. I’ll also discuss what you can do if none of these fixes resolve the issue, and why your machine might be stuck on this cycle. 

whirlpool washing machine is stuck on the cancel cycle

Press and Hold the Start or Power Button

Pressing and holding the start or power button is an incredibly simple solution but it may not be effective because it does not completely reboot the washing machine’s system.

Pressing and holding either the start or power button on your Whirlpool washing machine when it is stuck on the cancel cycle can solve the issue as it will clear the old cycles from the control board by erasing the washing machine’s memory. 

This is a very easy fix and takes less than a minute. 

Unplug the Washing Machine

If you have tried to press and hold the power button, and this hasn’t worked, you will need to unplug your washing machine. 

Simply unplugging the washing machine from the wall and leaving it unplugged for five minutes is an effective solution for fixing a Whirlpool washing machine that is stuck on the canceling cycle. 

Many Whirlpool washing machine owners find that this tip helps their machines to get up and running again. 

By unplugging your washing machine, the cancel cycle message is cleared because it restarts all the controls, and you’re essentially performing a hard reset of the washing machine’s system. 

Although this method can work well to reset your washing machine, be careful that you don’t continuously have to reset your washing machine as this could point to a more serious issue that requires professional attention. 

unplug the washing machine

Check Your Washing Machine’s Timer

If you have unplugged your washing machine and pressed hold and start simultaneously, and the issue has still not resolved, there could be a problem with the timer. 

A washing machine’s timer is responsible for moving it from one cycle to the next, and if it is faulty or broken, it could be the reason your washer is stuck on the cancel cycle. 

Your timer is likely to blame if your washing machine has recently been getting stuck on other cycles, such as the rinse or spin cycle

Your user manual will have a diagram showing where the timer is located, and you could buy the part and replace it yourself if you wanted. However, you will need special tools to access the timer, making it faster and more cost-efficient to call a professional to do the job. 

Other Troubleshooting Tips 

After determining that the above issues are not causing your washing machine to be stuck on the canceling cycle, you will need to consider that there is an issue with the following parts: 

  • Drainage hose
  • Filter
  • Door latch

If the drainage hose is blocked, it can cause the washing machine to drain ineffectively. When washing machine’s have excess water in the drum, this can sometimes confuse the delicate sensor and result in cycles getting stuck. 

You can check the drainage hose by unplugging the washing machine, pulling the hose out of the drainage hole, and checking it for blockages. If you find that it’s blocked, remove the build-up and replace it. 

Your washing machine filter is easy to check, and you can do this by flipping open the small flap on the front of your washing machine. If it looks dirty or clogged, gently remove the debris and replace the flap. 

If your washing machine’s door regularly gets stuck or you struggle to open it, there could be an issue with the latch. The latch is normally easy to fix or replace, and shouldn’t take a technician more than ten minutes. 

If these fixes don’t work, you will need to call a professional. You can start the process of getting a Whirlpool technician to come out and service your washing machine here.

When contacting Whirlpool, make sure that you have the model and serial number handy. You can normally find this information in the user manual or by searching online. The model number is usually printed on the front of the washing machine. 

How much you pay for a professional call-out will depend on whether or not you have a warranty. If your washing machine is still under warranty, locate the warranty document.

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Why Whirlpool Washers Get Stuck on the Cancel Cycle

The main reason Whirlpool washing machines get stuck on the cancel cycle is due to an issue in the control board. Other common causes can include the following: 

  • Power button malfunction
  • Software glitch 
  • Faulty timer switch
  • Broken door latch
  • Clogged filter
  • Blocked drainage hose

If you feel confident replacing these parts, it shouldn’t take you more than an hour. However, it’s often less frustrating and quicker to call a professional. 

whirlpool washers stuck on the cancel cycle are repaired by a technician


When your Whirlpool washing machine is stuck on the cancel cycle, it can be incredibly frustrating because you cannot get your laundry done. 

The issue is typically due to an electronics fault, which you can often fix by:

  • Pressing and holding the start or power button
  • Unplugging the washing machine and waiting for five minutes

These actions can reset the washing machine’s memory, and allow it to function normally again.  If this doesn’t work, you will need to replace the faulty part or have it repaired by a professional.