Whirlpool Washer Control Lock Won’t Turn Off – Fixed

The Whirlpool washer control lock is a safety feature to keep the machine from unintended use. The control lock prevents children from playing with and potentially damaging your washing machine. It also prevents people from accidentally starting your washing machine.

You can turn off the whirlpool washer control lock by pressing and holding the control lock button on the front panel. If the control lock doesn’t turn off,  you should try turning the washer off and on again. If that doesn’t work, try resetting the washer.

A whirlpool washer control lock not turning off is a common problem. Read on to find out the causes and how to troubleshoot and diagnose the problem.

whirlpool washer control lock wont turn off

Fixing a Whirlpool Washer Control Lock That Won’t Turn Off

To troubleshoot and fix a whirlpool washer control lock that won’t turn off, follow the following steps:

  1. Press and hold the control lock button.
  2. Reset the panel.
  3. Check for a faulty control panel.
  4. Check for a faulty or damaged control lock.

Let’s look at each of these steps in greater detail.

1. Press and Hold the Control Lock Button

Your whirlpool washer control lock needs to be deactivated using a simple procedure. To turn off the control lock, you must touch and hold the control lock button for 3 seconds. In most machines, the control lock is a stand-alone key, but it can also be a dual-function key paired with other buttons like Steam, Extra Rinse, etc.

If the control lock doesn’t go off even after pressing and holding the control lock button, you can press the power button first and see if the control lock icon disappears on the control panel.

2. Reset the Panel

If you are trying to deactivate your whirlpool washer control lock, but it still won’t go off, the machine may need a reset. The reset instructions may vary depending on your specific model but for most whirlpool washer models, try to use the following methods:

Unplug Your Whirlpool Washing Machine

You will need to reset your washing machine manually if you have a Whirlpool washer with a Control Lock that has been activated.

  1. Turn off your washing machine.
  2. Unplug the power cord from the outlet and wait for 3 seconds.
  3. Plug back in the power cord and wait for 30 seconds, then turn on the washer.
  4. Press and hold down the control lock button until the control icon disappears. You should release it as soon as you hear a beep or see a flash on the display panel.

Reset Your Machine’s Circuit Breaker

Another way to disconnect power from your appliance without unplugging it is to reset the circuit breaker. You can do this by following these simple steps:

  1. Turn off the power on the control panel.
  2. Access the circuit breaker on the electrical panel.
  3. Remove the circuit breaker to disconnect power from your washing machine and wait for three minutes.
  4. Reinstall the circuit breaker to restore power. 
  5. Wait for 30 seconds and turn on the washing machine on the control panel.

Try Pressing a Combination of Keys

Most Whirlpool washing machine models have a reset button on the front panel. If the washer doesn’t start, pressing and holding the Power, Start/Pause, and Reset buttons simultaneously for 10 seconds will reset it.

If you have tried all these steps and your Whirlpool washer still won’t start, find the user manual for reset instructions. You can also contact a qualified technician to diagnose your washing machine and see if it has other underlying problems.

technician trying press a combination of keys

Turning the Dial on the Control Panel

If your whirlpool washing machine has a dial, you can also use it to reset your machine. Use the following easy steps:

  1. Turn off your washing machine on the control panel and turn the dial to normal.
  2. Turn the dial one click counterclockwise and turn it clockwise three times.
  3. Turn the dial again, one click counterclockwise and one click clockwise.
  4. Press your washing machine’s start button and ensure the Stop, Wash, and Rinse keys are illuminated.
  5. Turn off your washing machine on the control panel and unplug it for 20 seconds.
  6. Turn your washing machine back on and see if it has reset.

Try Opening and Closing the Lid

This method is best suited for top-loader whirlpool washing machines. Opening and closing the lid should reset your washing machine. Unplug your washing machine and wait for one minute before plugging it back in. 

Open and close the lid of the washer at least six times simultaneously within 12 seconds. Depending on the model of the washing machine, you may see a light flash on the control panel or hear a beep sound to confirm reset.

Reset With the Power and Program Keys

If all the above reset methods don’t seem to work, you can also try resetting your model by pressing the Program, Power, and Water level keys. You will need to open and close the lid after pressing these buttons. 

  1. Ensure that the washing machine is turned on at the main power socket, but the power button on the control panel should be off. 
  2. Press the water level button twice simultaneously while holding down the program button.
  3. Press all buttons on your washing machine’s control panel except the power button.
  4. Open and close the lid to begin another rest cycle.

If all these methods do not work, call a trained technician to troubleshoot and fix your Whirlpool Washing machine.

Watch this video to learn more about resetting and recalibrating a whirlpool washing machine:

3. Check for a Faulty Control Panel 

The whirlpool washing machine’s control panel is the user interface that provides the controls for the appliance. If the control panel is faulty, it can cause the control lock not to turn off.

Many different factors can cause a faulty washing machine control panel. However, the common ones include a short circuit in the electrical system or faulty electrical connections. You should consider replacing the control panel or calling a qualified technician if you suspect this to be the issue.

technician checking a faulty control panel

4. Check for a Faulty or Damaged Control Lock

The control lock on the whirlpool washing machine is designed to prevent unintended use of the appliance by disabling other functions. Still, this important electrical component can fail due to many reasons. If the control lock is broken or damaged, it should be replaced by a qualified technician to restore your washer’s normal functioning.

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Final Thoughts

A washing machine is one of the most important appliances in a household, but it can also be a source of frustration if it stops working. The importance of having a functional washing machine cannot be overemphasized.

If your washing machine is not working, there is no need to panic! There are many ways to troubleshoot your machine and get it working again. Still, f you don’t have the expertise, you can contact a qualified technician who can help you fix the problem quickly and efficiently.