Whirlpool Washer Clicking Noise During Agitation (Fixed)

My whirlpool washer drives me crazy when it clicks during agitation. It’s almost as if the machine is telling me, “I’m working hard here, so pay attention to me!” I understand how agitated you’re after hearing a similar noise from your whirlpool washer.

Whirlpool washer clicking noise during agitation indicates a faulty drive pulley or an object stuck in the washer drain. The best way to solve this is by inspecting the washer to find the cause between the two and address it.

In this article, I’ll discuss the leading causes of clicking noise from a whirlpool washer during agitation. I will also cover the possible solution to these problems so you can know where to start. Keep reading.


Whirlpool Washer Clicking Noise During Agitation: Causes

Everything happens for a reason, and the same goes for the clicking noise from your whirlpool washer during agitation. If your washer clicks during washing, you will likely find the issue in the three following causes. 

Your Whirlpool Washer Has a Faulty Drive Pulley

The drive pulley is responsible for turning the washer basket during agitation. If this part is broken or damaged, it will cause a clicking noise.

According to Sciencing, drive pulleys function through friction to transmit the torque power that causes the acceleration. If it’s damaged, it will not be able to grip the washer basket tightly, causing a clicking noise during agitation.

The best way to inspect the drive pulley is by removing the washer’s agitator. Once you’ve done that, check if there’s any damage on the surface of the drive pulley. If there is, you need to replace it with a new one.

Here is the procedure to remove the washer’s agitator:

  1. Unplug the washer from the power.
  2. Remove the cap on the top of the agitator.
  3. Insert your hand through the agitator to the bottom sink.
  4. Locate the washer’s retaining ring and loosen it by rotating it anti-clockwise.
  5. Remove the agitator by pulling it upwards.

The video below demonstrates how to remove the agitator:

Your Whirlpool Has an Object Caught in the Washer Drain

An object caught in the washer drain will also cause a clicking noise during agitation. This issue occurs because the object is blocking the smooth flow of water, which results in increased friction.

whirlpool washer clogged drain

To check if there’s an object caught in the washer drain, you can remove the drain hose and inspect it. If an object is blocking the hose, you must remove it so the water can flow freely.

Here is the procedure to remove the washer’s drain hose:

  1. Unplug the washer from the power.
  2. Remove the screws that are holding the hose in place.
  3. Pull out the hose and check for any objects that are blocking it.
  4. If there’s an object, remove it and put the hose back in place.

Your Whirlpool Washer Has a Damaged Wash Basket

Another possible reason for a whirlpool washer clicking noise during agitation is a damaged wash basket. A damaged wash basket may strain the agitator’s rotation, causing a clicking noise.

Some of the reasons why your wash basket may get damaged include:

  • Using too much detergent.
  • Unsorted laundry.
  • Overloading the washer.

If you suspect that your wash basket is the cause of the clicking noise, then you need to replace it with a new one.

To check if the wash basket is damaged, remove the agitator first (refer to the procedure above). Once you have removed the agitator, inspect the surface of the wash basket for any damage. If there is, replace it with a new one.

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How To Prevent Whirlpool Washer Clicking Noise During Use

Prevention is always better than cure. Instead of waiting for your whirlpool washer to start producing a clicking noise, you should use it correctly to prevent such occurrences.

The following are some safe practices for using a whirlpool washer:

Use the Right Amount of Detergent

Using excessive detergent can damage your washer over time. It can also cause a clicking noise during agitation as it strains the washer’s parts.

To avoid this problem, you should only use the recommended amount of detergent based on:

  • The size of the load.
  • The extent of dirt on the load.
  • The hardiness of your water.
  • The detergent’s concentration.

You can find the right amount in the user’s manual for your washer. However, a rule of thumb is to use two teaspoons of the 2X detergent, one teaspoon of the 4X detergent, and 1/4 teaspoon of the 10X detergent. These quantities are suitable for a 12-pound (5.4 kg) laundry load.

Sort Your Laundry

Unsorted laundry can also damage your washer over time. Such laundry may contain pocket items and unwanted clothes like:

  • Loose bras.
  • Open zippers.
  • Memory foam pillows.

To avoid this problem, you should always sort your laundry before washing them. You should separate:

  • The light and dark clothes.
  • The delicate and sturdy clothes.
  • The heavily soiled and lightly soiled clothes.

Check to ensure these clothes don’t have pocket items. Once you’ve sorted your laundry, you can then proceed to wash them.

Use the Right Washer Cycle

Choosing the wrong washer cycle can damage your clothes and washer and cause peculiar noises like clicking. For instance, using the cold wash cycle on a heavily soiled load will not clean your clothes effectively. On the other hand, using the hot wash cycle on delicate clothes will damage them.

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loading the washing machine colored clothing

To prevent this problem, you should always use the recommended washer cycle based on:

  • The type of load (heavily soiled or lightly soiled).
  • The type of clothes (delicate or sturdy).

You can find the proper washer cycle in the user manual of your washer.

Overloading the Washer

Just like using the wrong cycle, overloading the washer can damage your clothes and the washer. When you overload the washer, it strains its parts, which may eventually cause them to break down. Additionally, overloading prevents the clothes from getting a proper cleaning as they don’t have enough space to move around.

The best way to avoid overloading your washer is by checking the user manual for the recommended load.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Best Way To Use a Washing Machine?

The best way to use a washing machine is by not overloading it, using the recommended amount of detergent, and sorting your laundry before washing. These practices ensure that the washer is not overworked or stuffed with unnecessary items.

What Items Are Risky in Washing Machines?

Some risky items in washing machines are pet hair, lingerie, open zippers, and memory foam pillows. You should not put these items in your washing machines to prevent damage.

Final Thoughts

Clicking noise from a whirlpool washer during agitation indicates a problem with the drive pulley, the wash basket, or a stuck object. You can fix the problem by first identifying the cause and responding appropriately. For instance, if it’s a drive pull, use grease to make it smooth and eliminate the unnecessary clicking noise.