Whirlpool Duet Washer Error Code FH

Any Whirlpool washer will throw out error messages during its lifetime when something goes wrong with it. Occasionally, the FH code is one of those errors, and you need to know how to eliminate it so that your washer can work again properly.

So, keep on reading to find out what it means and how you can fix it on your own.

Meaning of the FH Error

Meaning of the FH Error

According to the washer’s manual, the FH error indicates that no water was detected entering the washing machine or that the pressure switch trip wasn’t recognized.

This means that when the central control unit (CCU) can’t detect water entering the machine for more than 30 seconds, it’ll throw out this error. Alternatively, this error can also appear if water has entered your washer and reached an appropriate level, but the CCU hasn’t noticed the pressure switch trip in over 8 minutes.

In both cases, the CCU will turn off the water valves, the washer will start draining any initially added water, and the FH error will appear to alert you to this problem.

Potential Causes of the FH Error

Water Inflow Issue

Water Inflow Issue

Your washer may be unable to get water for a variety of reasons. For one, if one or both of the hot and cold water source valves aren’t completely open, your washer won’t fill up or work properly.

This also happens if you have a bad water inlet valve or if the inlet valve screen is clogged up by something. The same goes for the inlet hoses, where any bend, leak, or clog will cause the exact same problem. Moreover, this code will appear if you have a siphon problem or use defective flood-prevention devices.

Electrical Problem

Electrical Problem

Many parts can contribute to the FH error, including the pump, flow meter, CCU, and all the wiring harness connections of the water inlet valves and these parts. Any failure in these components will immediately cause a problem in your washer.

For example, suppose the CCU incorrectly detects an overfill condition. In that case, it’ll shut off the water flow and turn on the pump to drain all the water that has supposedly contributed to the overflow levels completely. Then, the FH error will make an appearance.

This will also happen if you have a bad drain pump motor or a bad pressure switch. Weirdly enough, excessive suds can also stop the washer from sensing the incoming water and cause the FH error. This usually happens when you use more than the small amount of detergent recommended by the manufacturer, likewise if you use a non-HE detergent.

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How to Clear the FH Error

How to Clear the FH Error

First, press PAUSE/CANCEL twice in an attempt to clear the display. If the error persists, try restarting your washer. If nothing happens, make sure your washer is unplugged and start looking for the cause.

Start by seeing if there’s water present in the washer. If there isn’t, then look for a problem in the parts that supply the washer with water. Ensure that the two water supply valves are fully turned on. You can’t only use the cold water valve to save on energy and money. That’s because the washer needs to feel both hoses to complete its wash cycle properly.

Next, check and see if you have leaking or clogged inlet hoses. Repair or replace them if you do, and remove any plugs you may find. Do the same if you discover any plugged screens.

While you’re at it, verify inlet valve operation and make sure it’s working properly (a self-diagnostic test will show you if there’s something wrong with the hot or cold water inlet valve). Also, confirm that you don’t have any siphon or flood-prevention issues.

Conversely, if you do find water in your washer, then follow this process:

  1. Empty any residual water, then verify drain pump operation by checking both the drain pump motor and filter. Clean the filter and see if the drain pump motor crapped out by measuring the motor resistance.
  2. Ensure the pressure switch hose has no possible leaks or clogs and is properly connected to the tub and pressure switch.
  3. Check the pressure switch operation and the flow meter operation (can also be evaluated through a diagnostic test).
  4. Verify all of your wire harness connections to the central control board, inlet valves, flow meter, pump, and pressure switch.
  5. Finally, inspect the CCU and if you find any signs of damage in the little circuit board, get a new CCU according to your washer’s model number.

Other Whirlpool Duet Washer Error Codes

SUDE01 F06
F21F03 E01


The FH error code can indicate no water entering the washer or an issue with the pressure switch. Usually, this error code stops your washer from continuing its cycle till you find and repair/replace the malfunctioning component.

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