Whirlpool Duet Washer Error Code E02

Whirlpool washers have their set of error codes to help you diagnose and locate the problem with your washer, each referring to the defect’s site, whether it’s the central control unit, main control board, or motor board.

Whirlpool Duet washers have many models, each with its manual and set of codes. So, check your washer’s model number first to understand the meaning of those codes better.

Nonetheless, most models have errors that either flash “F” with a number next to it or alternating codes of “F” number and “E” number. The “F” stands for a suspected “Fault” in one of the washing machine systems/categories, while the “E” stands for the “Error-causing” part or component of the system/category.

What Does the “E02″ Error Code Mean?

An “E02″ error could mean a drainage error or that your water flow/level is insufficient. With Duet washers, the “E02″ or “E2″ error alternates with an “F” code. If you don’t remember the “F” code, access your device’s diagnostic mode to find up to 10 previous error codes.

Then, compare them to the following codes.

F0E2: Oversuds Fault

oversuds fault

This fault can also be displayed as “Sd”, indicating that there are many suds present. The appliance control unit (ACU) will try to clear them by flushing the water, but this doesn’t always solve it.

If the error persists, you’re using too much or not using a high-efficiency detergent, or the hose connecting the tub to the ACU has an issue (an air leak or an internal/external obstruction). The hose could’ve also come undone.

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F1E2: Motor Control Board Fault

Here, the motor control board (MCU) in the ACU part is the issue. When the MCU has been reset often with no change, this error shows.

To resolve it, start recycling the power to the washer by disconnecting it from the power source and turning it on. Also, unplug your washer and make sure the connections to the ACU and the interference filter (IF) are in place. If they are, you may need to get a new MCU.

F3E2: Temperature Sensor Fault

If there’s an open or closed circuit in your wash temperature sensor, F3E2 will flash on the digital display. It can also appear when the washer temperature is outside the range set for a specific cycle.

Ensure your front loader is disabled, then see if the washer temperature sensor is still plugged. Also, examine the sensor’s wiring and connections to the ACU. If all’s good, but the error still shows, you need a new sensor.

F4E2: Heater Fault

heater fault

This code pops up when the heater can’t turn on because the wash heater relay isn’t closed due to the heating element or its wiring. Get a new heating element if the resistance across the terminals of the old one isn’t in the 7-30 Ω range.

F5E2: Lock Failure Fault

Here, the problem is caused by the inability of the loader washer to lock its door six consecutive times due to clothes stopping it from fully closing or its tab is broken or misaligned with the lock.

The problem may also be internal due to the wirings or the ACU. If the ACU detects an open door switch when trying to lock it and can’t tell whether it’s locked or not, this error will pop up.

F6E2: Communication Fault

communication fault

When no communications between the ACU and the human-machine interface (user interface) can be detected, F6E2 shows. After unplugging the front-load washer, check the connections between the ACU, the user interface control, and the main parts for defects.

F7E2: Motor Control/Internal Fault

This fault is displayed when there’s an issue with the motor. You may have overloaded the washer, causing the motor or its board to overheat.

Moreover, any extra friction – from the bearings or the drums- in the motor could also lead to overheating. If there isn’t any excess friction, the MCU is the likely culprit.

Look for a problem in these parts and the connections between the motor and the ACU.

F8E2: Dispenser Fault

This means your washer doesn’t have any detergent for its wash cycle, or the dispenser drawer or cartridge is clogged. The dispenser motor could also be responsible for this if it works poorly.

Check that the links of the dispenser housing are well connected. If a damaged part exists, it’ll be helpful to fix it or replace it.

Other Whirlpool Duet Washer Error Codes

SUDE01 F06
F21F03 E01


Some of these errors are easy to repair on your own, but others may need some service help from an appliance repair company. Don’t hesitate to call an appliances’ professional if you’re lost and need answers.

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