Whirlpool Cabrio Washer UL Error

Every once in a while, your Whirlpool Cabrio will show a UL error code. With it, the washer will display excessive vibrations and movements and will make an annoying, loud noise. So, what’s possibly causing that problem, and what can you do to fix it? Keep on reading to find the answer.

Explaining the Whirlpool Cabrio Washer Error UL

Quite simply, the UL error code is short for “unbalanced load”. This means that your washer’s control unit has detected that the items you’ve loaded into the washer have caused the tub/drum to become unbalanced.

The washing machine tries to correct this error by adding a short, new cycle before the final spin cycle as a load-balance correction routine. This aims to redistribute the load so that the code can disappear from the display. However, sometimes, the washer can’t correct this problem automatically and will keep showing you the error code until you can fix the problem.


Causes of the Whirlpool Cabrio Washer Error UL

Usually, the UL code is because of an unbalanced load. However, occasionally, the issue is because of a mechanical fault in the washing machine model. In this case, the error won’t disappear unless you or an appliance repair technician replaces the compromised part. So, let’s take a look at the causes of imbalance, shall we?

Off-Balanced Load

off-balanced load

Washing a Single Item

Washing just one item will cause your tub to go out of balance as there’s no other item that can balance it as the washer enters the spin cycle.

Washing Too Large of an Item

Once you place a bulky item in the washer, the balance tilts towards it, and the tub starts moving excessively. So, avoid placing a single heavy item in a light load for the sake of keeping the tub stable.

Tightly-Packed Load

Ironically, tightly packing the clothes in the washing machine can also cause a UL fault. Since the clothes are too heavy and don’t have any room to move in the tub, the washer won’t distribute the weight of the wet laundry, and spinning becomes no easy feat.

Too Much Water

If you load wet clothes or add too much water to the basket, the same error code will appear. That’s because the excess water will change the equilibrium of the inner tub, and it won’t be able to spin smoothly.

Inappropriate Cycle For the Item

If you plan on washing nonabsorbable, bulky items like comforters or padded jackets, choosing an appropriate wash cycle is crucial. Like the Bulky/Sheets and Deep Wash cycles, certain cycles allow the Cabrio washer to perform well without getting too unbalanced and having to stop suddenly while plugged. Without a suitable cycle, the UL error will immediately appear.

Mechanical Issues

Suspension Rods

For top-loading washers like the Whirlpool Cabrio washer, suspension rods with springs at the end are used to support and limit the movements of the tub and basket. Sadly, once the springs deteriorate, the tub begins to move excessively against the sides of the washer, and you’ll see the UL fault.


The stator is a part of the top-loading washer that helps to rotate the spin basket. If it’s cracked or damaged in any way, the washer becomes unbalanced with a resultant UL code.

Unlevel Washing Machine

If the floor is uneven or sagging, the washer’s legs won’t contact the floor, and the washer will vibrate excessively. The shaking will weaken the springs of the suspension rods, and your tub will move around a lot, leading to the UL code.

How to Reset Whirlpool Cabrio Washer UL Error

The first thing you should do is press the PAUSE/START button and open the washer to redistribute the load. If your Cabrio washer only has a loading issue, then correcting the off-balanced load will resolve it. For example, remove a few items if the washer is overloaded, or add extra items if the off-balanced load is because of a heavy item in a light load.

Moreover, choose an appropriate cycle if you’re washing an oversized item that requires extra water and time for soaking.

If no amount of redistribution helps, then you have a mechanical issue. Check for any cracks in the stator. If you find any, order a new one, and the error should clear. However, if the stator is okay, then inspect the suspension rods and replace any worn-out or not clean ones.

Finally, if everything is in perfect condition, look at your washer’s legs. With self-leveling washers, you need to tilt the washer forward for the back legs to readjust themselves. You can also insert a piece of plywood under the problematic legs if the self-adjustment isn’t sufficient.


The error code “UL” indicates that your washer is unbalanced. This is one of the easiest washing machines’ error codes to resolve, but sometimes it’s not simple. If you can’t figure out how to fix it after following the above steps, call an appliance repair service immediately to spare your Cabrio washer any additional collateral damage.

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