Whirlpool Cabrio Washer Code LD

Your trusty Whirlpool Cabrio washer, like other washing machines, will show you error codes every now and then if there’s something wrong with any of its systems. One of those codes that occur frequently is the LD error code.

In this article, we’ll tell you all about it and what you should do to remove it from your washer’s display.


Meaning Of Cabrio Washer LD Error Code

An LD code stands for “Long Drain”, meaning that the Cabrio Washer LD error code is displayed when your washing machine is taking too long to drain water in the tub/drum.

Once the main control board detects that the water level in the tub isn’t decreasing, it shows this code on the washer’s display pad to alert you. Therefore, for your wash cycle to not last forever, you have to figure out the reason(s) your washer isn’t draining properly.

Whirlpool Cabrio Washer Error LD Causes

Many things can result in your Whirlpool Cabrio washer taking a long time to drain properly. Most commonly, this has to do with the drainage system, aka the drain hose, pump, filter, standpipe, and main drain. However, the issue is sometimes less straightforward. Accordingly, here’s the list of reasons for the long drain time of your appliance.

1. Drain Hose

drain hose

Drain Hose Obstruction

If the washer drain hose is partially or fully clogged by debris that would cause a blockage, the water won’t be able to pass through, and your washer will remain filled with water. Small coins, buttons, socks, paper, and even lint can also clog your drain hose at any given second.

The same problem will happen if the hose is twisted or kinked, where sometimes, the drain hose gets pushed against the wall and becomes bent as a result. Consequently, the water doesn’t pass at an adequate rate, and the Whirlpool Washer LD error code pops up.

Wrong Drain Hose Installation

When the drain hose isn’t placed and installed correctly, the drain pump will have a hard time getting the water out of the washing machine, and subsequently, the LD error will appear.

Correct installation entails the drain hose not extending more than 4.5 inches into the standpipe. Also, there should always be a gap between it and the drain pipe for ventilation purposes.

2. Drain Pump

washer drain pump parts

Clogged Drain Pump

A clogged drain pump is another prevalent reason your washing machine is taking time to drain. The same small objects that can obstruct the drain hose can also clog the drain pump. The same thing goes with the drain pump filter.

Accordingly, remember to empty your pockets before putting your clothes in the washer to minimize the chances of this occurring.

Damaged Impeller

The pump will also drain slowly if the impeller is damaged or broken, causing inadequate water flow and lousy drainage.

Faulty Pump

Similarly, if the pump isn’t receiving the proper voltage for some reason, it’ll also perform poorly, and the washer will take too long to drain.

3. Standpipe

Your standpipe should be placed at a height between 39 and 96 inches for optimal drainage. If it’s not in this position, the drain pump won’t push the water properly through the drain hose.

4. Pressure Issue

When the tub hose connecting the pump and the tub is blocked by something, the pressure sensor thinks there’s still water remaining in the drum. This results in the pump staying on for a longer time to try to eliminate this supposed water.

However, since there isn’t any water remaining, the pump will continue working until the LD error code flashes to tell you there’s a problem.

How to Fix an LD Error Code

Check Pump and Drain Hose

The first thing you should do is make sure you have the correct drain hose installation. Look at your drain hose and make sure it isn’t inserted anymore than 4.5 inches into the pipe and that its end is no higher than 96 inches. If it is, lower the drain hose to an acceptable level and get rid of any kinks or clogs.

Also, if it’s poorly attached, use the drain hose form to secure it to the drain pipe and the tub. Remember to leave space between the hose and the pipe for ventilation. Then, press PAUSE/CANCEL to clear your washer’s display.

If the error persists, check for plugs in the pump. If there isn’t any blockage, check the impeller for deformities or unsteadiness. Get a new impeller if it’s damaged in any way.

Also, note that you’ll most likely need to replace the drain pump motor if you don’t hear a humming sound from the back of your washer, so make sure the pump is making the necessary sound.

Check the Tub Hose

Lastly, remove the tub hose and inspect it for kinks, leaks, or obstructions. Also, make sure it’s well connected on both ends. If the pressure issue remains, then the pressure sensor is probably damaged and needs a replacement.


An LD error code means that your washer is taking too long to drain water. This is mainly due to your washer’s drainage system, so check those parts first. And if you can’t find the problem, call an appliance repair company and let the professionals have a crack at it.

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