What’s the Average Price To Get A Room Painted?

Before you paint a room, one very important factor to consider is the price that it is going to cost. After all, giving your home a makeover isn’t free!

As a general rule, the average cost of painting a room is anywhere between $300 to $700. However, this is just an average, the actual price of painting a room can be a whole lot cheaper, and could also be a whole lot more expensive, it depends on the many factors that can affect the final price.

Here are some of the factors that influence the final cost:

Size of the room:

The size of a room is one of the biggest factors that will affect the cost of painting, as the size of the room determines the amount of paint needed, as well as the amount of time and effort that it will take. The smaller the room, the cheaper and faster painting it will be. But the bigger the room, the more paint you will need, the more time it will take, and the more energy needs to be invested.

The paint:

The paint is one of the big bulks of the price of painting a room. Without paint, there is no painting the room, so it’s pretty essential. There are many different types of paints, as well as many different brands and manufacturers. Some paints will be cheaper than others, but quality also comes into play.

Once you have chosen your paint, you then need to calculate how much of it you need. This will depend on the size of the room, and of how many layers of paint you are planning on applying. Most rooms will require at least two coatings of paint.

There are also primers and sealers to consider, as these can sometimes be necessary, and at the very least they are recommended, and they will also add to the final cost.

Tools and materials:

If you hire a professional, they will come with their own tools and materials. However, if you are painting the room yourself, you will need to either buy, rent, or borrow the right tools and equipment in order to be able to paint the room properly.

The labor:

There are two main methods of painting a room. You can hire a professional, or you can go down the DIY route and do it yourself.

If you hire a professional, it will not be cheap, and that will be the biggest chunk of the overall cost of painting the room. If you do it yourself, you won’t have to pay for the labor, making the job a lot cheaper, but you will have to invest your own time and effort, and you might not have the necessary skills to achieve a good end result.

The amount of time needed:

Time is a valuable resource, and also entails a cost. Some professional painters charge by the hour, but even if you do it yourself, it will be time you are investing in painting rather than in another activity.

How much does it cost to paint a 10×10 room?

The average cost of painting a room can have a significant difference depending on whether you are hiring a professional, or painting it yourself. So for the sake of average costs, we will assume that you have hired a professional, as it is the most common option.

The average cost of painting a 10×10 room is between $300 and $700, give or take.

How much does it cost to paint a 12×12 room?

The cost of painting a 12×12 room can depend on many different factors, so you should never take the average price as an estimate for your own final cost.

Nevertheless, it’s good to get an idea. For a 12×12 room, the average cost (when hiring a professional painter) is between $400 and $950.

How much does it cost to paint a 20×20 room?

The bigger the room, the bigger the cost of paint and labor will be. However, the price for materials and tools will be the same regardless of room size.

If you are only painting the walls, and you’ve hired a professional, the average cost of painting a 20×20 room will be between $600 and $1400.

If you are painting the entire room, and not just the walls, then the average cost of a 20×20 room will be anywhere between $1200 and $1600.

How much does it cost to paint a 300 sq ft room?

If you’re only painting the walls of a room, and you’re hiring a professional painter to get the job done, then the average cost of painting a 300 square foot room will be between $450 and $1050.

This price can then vary according to many different factors!

How much does it cost to paint a 700 square foot apartment?

The national average for painting the interior of an apartment, at a national level, is between an average of $1 and $3 per square foot.

If you have a 700 square foot apartment, then the average cost will be anywhere between $700 and $2100.

However, for the average apartment, the price is more within the range of $700 to $3600, and it can get even pricier than that. As always, the price depends on many different factors that need to be individually calculated.

How much does it cost to paint a small bathroom?

A typical bathroom will usually be around the size of 5×8 feet. So the average cost to paint a regular-sized small bathroom will be between $100 and $300. That is if you do not need to paint any of the appliances, just the walls, and ceiling.

How much does it cost to paint baseboards?

The cost of painting the baseboards in your home can vary depending on many different factors. However, the average cost for painting baseboards, at a national level, is around $0.50 per linear foot, give or take.

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