What Finish Should Doors And Trim Be Painted?

Decorating the interior of your home is a lengthy yet rewarding process.

Even after you’ve finally picked the right color theme for your home, the next thing you’ll need to do is decide what time of finish you’d like.

When it comes to picking the right paint finish for your doors and trim, there’s no right or wrong answer, and the choice will ultimately depend on your own personal preferences.

There are a variety of different finishes that you can choose from, and each type offers its own individual advantages. Let’s explore some of the most popular paint finishes ideal for your doors and trim:

  1. Flat enamel finish: A flat enamel (or matte) finish is a long-lasting and matte finish that forms a subtle film across the surface as it dries. A flat enamel finish will not enhance the appearance of your doors or trim in any way, though it will help to protect the finish of your painted doors/trim. For this reason, it’s ideal for people who are only wanting to use a finish to ensure that their painted doors and trim will last longer and help to reduce the chances of any paint peeling. This type of finish is also super low maintenance, and will not require much upkeep.
  1. Satin finish: The next type ideal for doors and trim is a satin finish. Unlike a flat enamel finish, a satin finish has a smooth and silky appearance that will make your doors look classy and elegant. What’s more, satin finish is also ideal for bathroom and kitchen walls, so you can use any finish that’s leftover in other areas of your home.
  1. Semi-gloss: Semi-gloss finish is the next most popular kind of finish that many people choose to paint on their doors and trim. A semi-gloss finish can be cleaned easily, and can even withstand scrubbing without becoming damaged. A semi-gloss finish will leave a glossy and shiny finish that will enhance the appearance of your doors and trim.

Is satin or semi-gloss better for the trim?

The answer to this question greatly depends on what kind of trim you currently have, as well as your own personal preference.

However, out of the two, many people prefer to use a semi-gloss finish rather than a satin finish, as it is considered to be the more cost-effective choice out of the two, as it is super durable and doesn’t require much upkeep.

Once painted, a semi-gloss finish will give a shiny and glossy appearance that will elevate the appearance of the trim, while also only requiring a wipe down with a wet cloth to effectively clean thanks to its slick surface.

In addition to this, it’s also very versatile and can be used just about anywhere, including window trims.

For this reason, a semi-gloss finish is an ideal choice for people who are planning to paint trims that are used a lot and will require more frequent cleaning.

Not only that, but many people also prefer the appearance of a semi-gloss finish on their trim.

Satin finishes tend to absorb light and cause the color of the trim to appear lighter, while semi-gloss finishes will offer you more reflectivity, and create a beautiful shine while also elevating the trim underneath.

Should crown molding be painted flat or semi-gloss?

If you’re currently planning on painting your crown molding, it’s important to keep in mind that you should never paint your crown molding with a paint that has a flat finish.

Your walls and ceiling will already have been painted with a flat finish paint, so the crown molding is the one area of your walls that provides you with the opportunity to add dimension, which is why we recommend painting them with paint that has a semi-gloss finish.

A semi-gloss finish across your crown molding will help it to stand out in your room and give it a bold, eye-catching appearance that won’t blend into the rest of your walls and ceiling.

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What is the best paint for trim and doors?

When choosing the best paint for your trim and doors, besides color, the finish will play the biggest role in determining what kind of paint you will choose.

From gloss to satin, semi-gloss to matte, all types of paint have their own advantages, which can make choosing just one pretty tricky.

As there’s no right or wrong, you’ll need to take some different factors into consideration while choosing which type of paint to use, so let’s take a look at some of them:

Do you want a glossy look?

If you want to elevate the surface of your doors and trim with a vibrant, shiny appearance, then consider going for a paint that has a glossy to a semi-gloss finish.

Glossy finishes are especially ideal for doors and trim because they can help to add depth and dimension to your rooms without being overwhelming.

Do you want a rustic feel?

Nowadays, a rustic look is a very popular home decor theme.

If this is something that you’re interested in achieving, then we recommend using either an eggshell or flat finish paint that will be able to achieve a natural and casual ambiance that will be perfect for rustic rooms.

What room are the doors in?

This is another thing to keep in mind when trying to decide what type of paint you should select.

Generally speaking, any type of finish will be suitable for bedrooms, the living room, and spare rooms, although this isn’t necessarily the case for baths and kitchens.

This is because, as restrooms and kitchens are regularly exposed to water and steam, certain finishes can be at risk of peeling such as flat enamel.

Semi-gloss finish paint is the only paint finish that is able to withstand regular exposure to splashing or steam without any issues, so we recommend using that finish if you are planning to paint your bathroom or kitchen doors.

However, if you have an en-suite bathroom that isn’t used very often (such as a guest bedroom en-suite), you could consider using different finishes, such as satin or eggshell.

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