What Dissolves Toilet Paper in a Septic Tank

Having a clogged or backed-up septic tank can be any homeowner’s biggest nightmare. It can be messy and cost thousands of dollars in damage and cleaning fees. Not to mention the horrendous smell that you will inevitably end up dealing with.

To avoid this smelly, costly situation, you want to ensure that everything going into your septic tank, including toilet paper, is being adequately dissolved. But what dissolves toilet paper in a septic tank?

The best way to dissolve toilet paper in a septic tank is by using formulas sold in stores or other natural enzyme-eating compounds that will eat away at the paper without ruining your toilet. Using septic tank-safe, biodegradable, or recycled toilet paper is another excellent option to keep your septic tank empty.

So, if you are interested in keeping your septic tank in working order and having less frequent backups or clogs, this article is perfect for you. We will take a look at the best toilet paper, plumbing agents, and natural remedies to quickly dissolve built-up toilet paper in your septic tank.

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Does Rid-X Dissolve Toilet Paper?

Rid-X is a popular go-to brand whenever a homeowner is experiencing plumbing issues. So, does Rid-X dissolve toilet paper? The answer is yes; Rid-X is a great way to help speed up the dissolving process. Rid-X is actually made for this reason, and is made from billions of natural enzymes that will eat away at your toilet paper without harming your septic system.

Not only is Rid-X great for dissolving toilet paper, but it’s also effective for other materials as well. Thanks to the multiple active ingredients in Rid-X, it also helps break down food, oils, proteins, and some starches.

How Long Does Septic-safe Toilet Paper Take to Dissolve?

If you purchase toilet paper labeled as septic-safe it should dissolve completely within 20 minutes or so. You can test this yourself by taking your septic-safe toilet paper brand and scrunching it into a cup of water. Stir the water a few times during these 20 minutes. If the toilet paper is nothing but cloudy white water, it is safe for your septic tank.

What Toilet Paper Dissolves the Best?

When looking for the perfect toilet paper for your septic, you want to check the labels for recycled material, septic safe, or biodegradable.

Although all toilet paper will eventually dissolve, some can end up taking a very long time, especially once it starts to build up and pack in together.

What Brands of Toilet Paper are Septic Safe?

The next time you head off to the department store, here are a few brands of toilet paper you may want to consider purchasing that are septic tank friendly:

Opting for soft toilet paper over traditional toilet paper will be beneficial to a healthy septic system.

Worst Toilet Paper Brands for Your Septic Tank

The worst toilet paper you can buy for your septic tank is those with fragrances, lotions, and additional layers. Scented toilet paper and toilet paper with lotions are full of non-biodegradable ingredients that will lengthen the amount of time for your tank to dissolve the toilet paper.

Steering clear of three-ply toilet paper or even more is also going to make a huge difference in the way your septic system breaks down the waste and can even prevent clogs in your pipes.

Other paper products you should stay away from flushing down the toilet include:

  • Flushable wipes
  • Baby wipes
  • Paper towels
  • Wet wipes
  • Tissue paper
  • Facial tissues with lotions or fragrances
  • Tampons
  • Pads

Even products that claim they are safe for your septic tank may not be very good for it and can cause build-up and clogs after a while. Even wet wipes that are created to be flushable can take 24 hours to dissolve, and paper towels, sanitary products, and baby wipes can take months if not longer.

Can You Use 2-ply Toilet Paper with a Septic Tank?

The standard toilet paper is usually two-ply. You can use two-ply toilet paper even if you have a septic tank, and it will start to break down in the water at some point. However, the thicker your toilet paper is, the longer it will take for it to break down.

Although it may not be as comfy as the ultra-thick and plush paper, opting for one-ply is going to be much better for your septic and your pipes.

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How Do I Clean My Septic Tank Naturally?

Depending on who you ask, there are many great ways to naturally clean a filthy septic tank and help increase toilet paper and waste breakdown.

  1. Mix two cups brown sugar, five cups of warm water, and three teaspoons of yeast.
  2. Allow the mixture to dissolve completely.
  3. Pour mixture into the toilet and flush.
  4. Do not flush again for at least three hours.

Another natural way some people help add natural enzymes to their septic system is by placing ripe tomatoes into the garbage disposal, chopping them up, and releasing the acidity.

A natural way to fix a clogged drain line or toilet is by allowing your toilet bowl to empty (or removing water from your sink or tub) before you pour a cup of baking soda. Quickly add a cup of vinegar, allowing the two to combine and forming a foam to remove any clogs.

Try to avoid using chlorine bleach or bleach tabs, as they can damage or corrode your pipes over time.


It is crucial to keep your septic tank clean and as empty as possible. Doing this will reduce the number of times it needs to be emptied and prevent the tank from becoming damaged, possibly causing expensive repairs to sewer lines, leach field, or other plumbing issues. If you can’t find a soft-septic safe toilet paper you love, you can always invest in a bidet.

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