Why Would I Want an Elongated Toilet Bowl?

Why would I want an elongated toilet bowl? Well, there are several reasons to consider. When choosing between an elongated toilet bowl and a round toilet bowl, elongated toilet bowls take the cake when it comes to comfort, even though they take up more space and cost a bit more money.

elongated toilet bowl

Elongated toilet bowls usually are about 2 inches longer than a round toilet bowl and shaped like an oval rather than a circle. They are both more comfortable to sit on and more versatile for bigger bodies who need more space to sit down.

If you have enough room in your bathroom and can incur the added cost, elongated toilet bowls may be a great option if comfort is a primary concern.

Read on for more information regarding the value of an elongated toilet bowl.

What Is the Difference Between an Elongated Toilet and a Round Toilet?

The main difference between both these types of toilet bowls is their differing bowl length and bowl shape. Most elongated toilet bowls are shaped like ovals and are approximately 18.5 inches long.

On the other hand, round toilet bowls are shaped like circles and are approximately 16.5 inches long. Elongated toilets are generally designed for more comfort, and round toilets are designed for more efficient use of space and smaller bathrooms.

While elongated and round toilets are the two primary types of toilet bowls, there are also D-shaped toilet bowls and square toilet bowls that occasionally permeate some bathroom stalls. Square toilet bowls are shaped like the name implies and are meant to maximize surrounding space and keep the floor clear for easier cleaning.

D-Shaped toilet bowls are shaped like their name suggests and give your toilet a bit of a modern aesthetic without the somewhat tacky feel you get with square toilet bowls.

Although popular in Europe, D-shaped and square-shaped toilet bowls are not that common in North America, and you will generally choose between elongated and round toilet bowls.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Having an Elongated Toilet Bowl?

To properly go through the different benefits and drawbacks of elongated toilets vs. round toilets, we will list many factors that will help you decide which toilet bowl is suitable for you.


As the name implies, elongated toilet bowls are about 2 inches longer than their round toilet counterparts. Most elongated toilets are 18.5 inches long, while most round toilets are 16.5 inches long.

However, one thing to consider is that you cannot replace an elongated seat with a round seat on an existing toilet. However, you can replace an elongated toilet with a round toilet so long as the measurement is roughly the same.

Bathroom Space

If you have a small bathroom, then round toilets generally are a better bet. However, if you have more space in your bathroom, then elongated toilets will work just fine.

Another thing to consider is if you are installing a toilet in your home or a public bathroom. There are generally regulations to public bathrooms that require a 21-inch space between the toilet bowl and the wall in front of it.

To be ADA compliant, toilets must also be 2 inches higher than standard home toilets and 48 inches from the front wall. This 2-inch difference may become useful when choosing a toilet for a public bathroom, and thus an elongated toilet may not be ideal if there is limited free space. However, if you are using a wall-hung toilet, then this benefit may not matter as much.

Although this rule usually applies, toilet manufacturers have been updating elongated toilet tech to not take up more space than the average toilet while still maintaining the same level of comfort. However, this is still new and rare in today’s market.

Flushing Power

Many users maintain that powerful toilets generally have more powerful flushes than elongated toilets. However, this is not a tested opinion, and this evidence is merely anecdotal, not conclusive.


Generally, the shape of elongated toilets makes them marginally easier to clean than round toilets. However, these differences are minimal and should not influence your final decision.


Generally, elongated toilets do cost more than the average round toilet. This is not just due to the size and may be due to other factors such as the more modern design you see on elongated toilets. As for installation, plumbers will charge the same fee to install either an elongated toilet or a round toilet.

Toilet Design

As stated above, elongated toilets generally have a sleek, modern design that you usually do not see with round toilets. Round toilets are often seen in old-fashioned homes, while you may see more elongated toilets in more newly renovated homes. Elongated toilets are also believed to have a nicer design than most round toilets generally.


Most users will agree that elongated toilets are generally more comfortable than the average round toilet. This is because they have a bigger toilet seat for you to sit on, making it more versatile for bigger-bodied individuals. However, elongated toilets are not seen as comfortable for everyone.

Elongated toilets will not be great if you have small kids who sometimes feel like they are constantly going to fall inside the bowl when they sit down. Elongated toilets usually also have a raised toilet seat, which may not be the ideal comfort height for kids.


There are way more elongated toilet models on the market than round toilet models. This means that you will have way more options to choose from if you want an elongated toilet. However, there are fewer round bowl toilet options outside the standard set design.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why are elongated toilets more comfortable?

They are generally bigger, which means there is more space to sit down.

Do elongated toilets take up more space?

Since they are roughly 2 inches longer, elongated toilets will take up more space than your average round toilet.

Which toilet bowl shape is the most comfortable?

For most adults, elongated toilets will be more comfortable because there is more space. However, they may be very uncomfortable for young kids who may not feel secure while sitting on their elongated seats due to the added length and raised seat height.

Should I buy an elongated or round toilet?

It depends on what you prefer. If you care more about aesthetics and comfort, then elongated toilets are better. However, if you care about affordability and have young kids, round toilets may be a better option.

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