Using Toilet Paper Properly. Ultimate Guide!

There are multiple techniques for toilet paper use. How you use toilet paper often depends on what you have learned as a child, where in the world you are from, and the circumstances you face in the environment you live in.

To some people, using toilet paper properly means cleaning yourself thoroughly with a thick wad, while to others, it means making it go a long way with a small folded triangle. Which technique you use often depends on the price of toilet paper in your region.

Read on to learn more about different ways to use toilet paper, whether you’re looking for a more economical or environmentally friendly method.

How to Clean Using Toilet Paper

Most toilet paper manufacturers will tell you that one roll of toilet paper should last you about one week. The average household should only go through about two rolls a week and three at most.

You should always be conscious of waste, environmental impact, and potential damage to infrastructure when you use toilet paper. 

Twelve toilet paper rolls should last you around twelve weeks, or a three-month supply. Further, there’s no need to hoard it since it’s generally ubiquitous.

How to Use Toilet Paper Economically 

The key to using toilet paper economically is understanding why toilet paper sheets have been designed as squares. Here is a step-by-step explanation as to the why: 

1. Fold a square sheet of toilet paper in half one way, forming a rectangle. Once you have folded it the first time, you should fold it a second time to create a smaller square. At this point, the toilet paper is only one-quarter of the size it was when you first ripped the sheet off.

2. While you still have the toilet folded into a quarter, search for the inside corner of the toilet paper and rip the edge off. What you should get is a little triangle.

3. Once you have torn off the little corner piece of the quarter, put it aside. You should not throw it away because you will need it later in the exercise.

4. Unfold the toilet paper sheet again, revealing one big hole in the center of the toilet paper sheet. That should not freak you out.

5. When ready, put your middle finger through the hole in the paper. While the rest of the toilet sheet is there to cover the rest of your palm, you should use your middle finger to clean your bottom.

You should use your finger to get in between the butt cheeks, wipe it all around, and scrape off most of the remaining stool. Most of those contents will fall on the open sheet of toilet paper lying on your palm.

6. Once you are satisfied that you have it all, use your free hand to fold up the toilet sheet and slide all of the main contents right up and off the middle finger. Once off, you can then dispose of that one little pile of toilet paper. You can do this all again with a second sheet of toilet paper if you feel that you need to.

7. When you are satisfied that you have got it all, grab that little triangle piece that you ripped off earlier to clean off whatever got stuck in your nail while wiping with your middle finger. 

8. Once you are done with that, you can use an extra sheet or two to wipe off and shine the 

area for a tidier appearance.

You should always wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water after wiping in the loo, but that is particularly relevant when adopting this economical toilet paper technique. 

Anybody with a military background will know what this technique is all about—but it is not for everybody. If you’re particularly uncomfortable with this method, consider the next one.

How Do You Use Toilet Paper Only?

1. Rip off three or four sheets of toilet paper from your toilet roll. 

2. Fold the toilet paper twice so you end up with a thick wad of it. This way, you get to collect all of the contents comfortably without worrying about any moisture seeping through.

3. Take the first wipe with the folded toilet paper, and use it to clean off most of the contents.

4. Once you have wiped the first time, fold the toilet paper again (to get a rectangular shape) and get your second wipe in.

5. Fold the toilet paper again. Take the remaining toilet paper square and get in a third wipe. It will look more or less like a quarter of the original toilet paper square sheet. 

Depending on the nature of your bowel movement, you should have managed to clean up quite thoroughly at this point. 

6. Dispose of those three or four sheets of toilet paper. If you don’t think you did a thorough enough job with those initial folded toilet paper sheets, ripping off two or three additional sheets is fine. Go to Step 7.

7. Following the same procedure, clean off whatever you might feel was left until you are entirely comfortable with your job. A tip would be to add more pressure with each wipe.

8. Once you are satisfied, rip off an additional two sheets of toilet paper, relax your sphincter muscles, and start working around the opening. Repeat until there is no fecal matter left on the toilet paper. 

9. Dispose of the paper and matter in the toilet bowl and flush. 

10. Once finished, you can get hold of some liquid soap, rub it between the cheeks, and use some thicker tissue or toilet paper to clean yourself. 

An easier option would be to use something like wet wipes. Importantly, you should not flush any of these down the toilet, but instead you should throw them in the trash can.

11. Once again, one cannot possibly overstate the importance of washing your hands with soap and water once you are done.

What Is The Correct Way To Use Toilet Paper For Your Health?

Learning how to use toilet paper efficiently will save you money, and there is considerable merit to that.

However, the primary consideration when determining how to clean using toilet paper should be personal hygiene and your health.

Here are a few simple rules that will help you achieve some of those goals:

  • Reach around your back to wipe
  • Go from front to back, especially if you’re female
  • Use enough toilet paper to limit hand contact with your stool
  • Don’t scrub or injure the soft area around the anal entry too roughly
  • Rinse the anal area with some water when done
  • Use baby wipes or wet wipes for runny stools
  • Use a damp washcloth if no wipes are available
  • Use moist toilet paper for a cleaner feel

What To Do With Toilet Paper After Use?

Toilet paper has primarily been designed to flush down the toilet after use. However, not all regions have the infrastructure required to cope with flushed toilet paper. In those countries, throw toilet paper into a trash can or basket near the toilet.

Is There A Correct Side To Toilet Paper?

There are mixed reviews on which is actually the best way to hang up toilet paper, and relationships are known to be strained by this seemingly insignificant detail. 

There are essentially two ways to hang toilet paper up next to the commode. You can have the toilet paper hanging in the overarm position, and you could have the toilet paper hanging in the underarm position. Ultimately, it’s really just a matter of preference. 

However, if you are determined to win an argument with your spouse or partner, there is some evidence that the original designers of toilet paper clearly intended for for an overarm toilet paper orientation.

However, facts are not always enough for people, and the type of personality you have will indeed have some bearing on which way you should have toilet paper hanging.

Those with more dominant personalities are most likely to prefer toilet paper hanging in the overarm position. While those with less assertive personalities are most likely to have toilet paper hanging from an underarm position. 

In both instances, there are exceptions that will make the rule, though.

However, if we just remove the pop psychology from it for a moment, it seems pretty apparent to us that pulling downwards is less work than pulling upwards, right?


There are multiple techniques for using toilet paper. If you’re not too squeamish, the economic way can make your supply last longer and save you some dollars. If you prefer to use only paper, there’s a method for that, too. 

Just ensure to always wash your hands after using the bathroom.