How to Unclog Toilet Siphon – Step by Step Guide

Nearly everyone with a bathroom will run into plumbing problems like a toilet with a slow flush at least once in their lives. Not everyone will realize, though, that this is often the result of a clogged toilet siphon. If you think this is likely your problem, you may be wondering how to unclog toilet siphon?

Fortunately, this is something that you can do without having to call the plumber.

It can be easy to learn how to unclog toilet siphon. And you do not need any special equipment to do so many of the things you need to do this kind of toilet repair you probably already have at home.

Your toilet likely just needs a good clean, so all you need to unclog your siphons is essentially some cleaning supplies and a wire or something similar that is stiff and small enough to fit into the holes.

Read on to learn more about this potentially easy fix!

What Are Toilet Siphons?

The toilet siphons are the small openings that are found under the rim of the bowl. Every time you flush, these openings allow the clean water from the toilet tank to flow into the bowl.

Does My Toilet Have a Siphon Jet?

Unless you have something like a tankless toilet, then yes, your toilet likely has a siphon jet. The siphon jet faces the toilet trap, which is the S-shaped bend that drains to the drainpipe at the bottom of the bowl. Most of the water from the toilet tank enters the bowl from the siphon jet.

How Do I Clean the Jets in My Toilet?

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If you suspect that your jets are clogged, it is probably a good idea to just go ahead and do a deep cleaning of your toilet simultaneously to prevent this from happening as often in the future. So, let us look at how to unclog toilet siphon and clean them at the same time.

Step 1: Gather Supplies

To clean and unclog the jets in your toilet, you will need:

*Note that you can use bleach or drain cleaner here if you prefer, but this may contribute to other plumbing problems. This is because these types of chemicals can eat away at some parts of your toilet tank, like the flapper valve and tank bolt washers, as they are made of rubber.

Step 2: Drain the Toilet

We will be replacing the water in the toilet with vinegar to clean it, so first, locate the shut-off valve behind the toilet to turn off the toilet’s water supply. Then, remove as much water as you can from the toilet by holding down the flushing handle. Now remove the lid from the toilet tank, and then use your sponge or paper towels to soak up the remaining water in the tank. Do the same for any water left in the bowl.

Step 3: Cover the Rim Holes

If you cannot see them clearly, use the mirror to locate the holes under the rim of the toilet bowl. Stick some duct tape over these holes to cover them so that the vinegar that will be going in the tank will not be able to come out as fast as the water.

Step 4: Pour the Vinegar Into the Toilet Tank

The inside of your toilet tank will also have a lot of hard water or calcium buildup if you have clogged siphons, so you may as well clean that at the same time. Pour the vinegar into the toilet take it until it covers all the stains.

Next, look inside the tank to locate the large tube with a smaller tube clipped onto it. This is called an overflow tube, and you want to pour the vinegar in there using the funnel. Use enough vinegar to ensure it replaces the water that was in the toilet bowl.

Most of the vinegar will run down to the bowl but do not worry, as some of it will still be stuck inside the rim of the toilet, and the siphon jets should be full. Let it sit for at least an hour, or if they are especially clogged, overnight.

Step 5: Unclog the Rim Jets

After you have waited the appropriate amount of time, take off the duct tape to release the trapped vinegar. Put your wire inside each hole and rotate it until the siphons are free of debris. Use your mirror to double-check that you got everything.

Step 6: Flush the Toilet

The vinegar in the tank will flow through the recently unclogged rim holes, giving it another chance to clean them thoroughly.

Step 7: Add Baking Soda and Mix

Pour one cup of baking soda into the toilet bowl. This will mix with the vinegar to create a fizzing reaction to coat the bowl, so pour slowly. Move the solution around the bowl with a toilet brush every so often for about half an hour.

Step 8: Clean the Tank and Rim Holes

Scrub any stains left in the toilet tank with your sponge. If you really want to be thorough, use a toothbrush to get into the smaller spaces. To clean the rim holes, use your toilet brush.

How Do You Clean a Clogged Jet Spray?

If you have cleaned the siphon holes out and find that the toilet is still not flushing properly, check and see if the toilet siphon jet still has a clog. You can try using a plunger to get at the clog, but you can do it by hand if that does not work.

To do this, put on your gloves and insert a wire or even your finger into the jet. The vinegar should have already loosened it, so wiggle your finger around to further break up any buildup. After you do this, flushing the toilet should remove the rest of the clog.

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