How to Fix the UB Error Code on a Samsung Washer

Sometimes, a washing machine stops its programmed cycle and instead shows a specific alphanumeric code on the display. These numbers and letters refer to a control module malfunction. This can be quite concerning if you aren’t familiar with what codes mean.

Error code UB is one of the most common Samsung washer error codes. When the washing machine totally stops during or just before a spin cycle, it generates a Samsung washer UB code. This error occurs when overloading or damage to the sensor and assembly create a weight imbalance in the drum.

You can sometimes detect if the load is unbalanced by listening attentively to the noises that the washing machine makes. An imbalanced load can cause a washing machine to shake excessively, bounce about, or force the tub of the washer to slam against the machine’s side.

Check our guide below to troubleshoot this error code.

Top Reasons of a UB error code on a Samsung Washing Machine

Uneven Laundry Load

Uneven Laundry Load

You may have put together clothing items that are of considerably different fabrics and textures—for example, a duvet cover and some T-shirts. However, because their water absorption characteristics are different, the Samsung washer can’t properly disperse them across the drum, generating an error code.


If the weight of the washing machine exceeds the maximum load weight suggested by the manufacturer, the washer will malfunction and won’t be able to initiate its spinning mode, generating a UB error code.

Insufficient Washer Load

Not only can too much weight create problems—too little weight in the drum can cause an error code as well. The Samsung washer may not be able to distribute the clothing evenly if it can’t sense the weight in the drum.

Failure to Control the Module

This may be a sign of a random “glitch” in the control module. Likewise, you may want to search if a broken motor is at fault.

The Washing Machine Is Positioned on a Slanted Surface

The Samsung washing machine cannot uniformly disperse the load if at a strange angle, especially during the spin cycle, and will show error code E4 or UE.

Fixing Samsung Washing Machine UB Error Code

Level the Samsung Washer

Level the Samsung Washer

Does this code appear with virtually every load of laundry? If so, you can try leveling the washing machine. Even a slightly off-level machine can be imbalanced enough to throw error codes.

If your floor has a gentle slope, you can adjust the leveling feet or using a leveling mat. On top of the machine, place a leveling tool and reposition until the tool shows the washer is level. Make sure to run a test cycle to verify that the problem has been resolved.

Click this video for a step-by-step guide to leveling your Samsung washer.

Redistribute Clothing Evenly

Reorganize the clothing so that heavier things aren’t all on one side of the washer. For example, towels, sheets, coats, and jeans are usually heavier than other garments. Ensure that sheets are not tangled and that cotton goods such as towels and sheets are spread out evenly in the laundry basket.

Take into account how various materials absorb and retain water. Due to the weight of the wet clothing, a Samsung washing machine may not uniformly disperse the laundry around the drum. For instance, cotton can hold up to 25 times its weight in water when wet, making it incredibly heavy. Instead, manually disperse the laundry to cover the basket more uniformly.

Remove Items from an Overloaded Drum

Remove Items from Drum

To minimize inefficient operations, all washing machines have maximum load capacities. When there are too many clothes in the drum, it might become imbalanced. Comforters, jackets, area rugs, thick beach towels, cotton blankets or quilts, as well as too many denim jeans in a single load, might throw the machine off balance and cause your Samsung washer to spin erratically.

Reduce the number of bulky items in your load and run a test cycle. If your load was too large for the drum, the washing machine should spin correctly and the error code should disappear when you remove some of these items.

Add Items to an Insufficient Load or Run a Slower Cycle

When the spin speed is too high for the amount of clothing in the washer, the machine throw a UB error code. If your Samsung washer offers an option for lighter loads, use it to lower the drum speed and avoid an imbalanced load.

Another way to solve an insufficient load is to wet two towels and put them in the washer, which will increase the weight of the load and correct the balance.

Other Samsung Error Codes



Error codes can be alarming. However, when the problem is an imbalance, you can typically correct the error codes given by a Samsung washer quite easily. However, if balancing the load and leveling the machine does not resolve the UB error, it may instead be a broken part. You can call up a service technician to examine your Samsung washer and troubleshoot it for you.

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