Toto Toilet Making Noise – 5 Reasons + Solutions

Whether it be a hum, hiss, or some other ruckus, noticing a strange noise coming from your toilet can be upsetting. This is especially true if you tend to worry about the expensive repairs such sounds must require before you’ve even looked into them.

But depending on the cause, it might be simple to solve without the assistance of costly plumbers.

A Toto-brand toilet may make unusual humming or other noises due to a faulty fill valve, hard water calcification, a worn-out flapper, or even a dysfunctional toilet handle.

This article provides more details about why Toto toilets make strange sounds and how to stop those sounds.

Does a Toto Toilet Normally Make Noise?

If you have had your Toto toilet for a while and just began to notice a strange sound, you might wonder whether it was there all along or not. Is it just louder now? Does this type of toilet usually make so much noise?

A Toto toilet should not make any noise other than when it is flushed, which is very distinct and doesn’t sound anything like humming.

Something is probably malfunctioning if you do catch other noises, especially if that sound is present when you’re not even using the toilet. It is wise to fix the issue promptly in order to keep your bathroom safe.

toto toilet noise

Why Does My Toto Toilet Hum?

It might startle you when you first hear a humming noise in your bathroom. Once you realize that the strange noise is coming from your Toto toilet, it is imperative to find out what exactly is causing it and fix it to avoid further hassles.

Your Toto toilet might hum when the fill valve is damaged in some way, hard water calcifies, the flapper has worn out, or the toilet handle isn’t moving as it should.

Let’s have a deeper look at these issues:

Faulty Fill Valve

The fill valve in your Toto toilet is installed in the tank. This piece of equipment controls how much water flows into the tank. 

The fill valve is attached to the float mechanism and goes into action when this float starts to drop inside the toilet tank. Once the desired amount of water is in the tank, the toilet fill valve shuts off, and the flow of water stops.

When the fill valve malfunctions, it will not open or close properly. This failure causes the flowing water to make a strange hum or other noise.

Checking whether the fill valve is working properly is as easy as verifying whether the water in the toilet tank fills to the proper level.


Something else that could be behind the weird noises coming from your Toto toilet is calcification, which typically occurs as a result of your hard water supply. 

The hard water that comes into your home carries high concentrations of minerals, namely calcium. Deposits of calcium accumulate in your pipes over time, making it hard for water to flush through them. This disturbed flow of water produces unusual noises. 

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Worn-Out Flapper

A toilet flapper holds the water in the tank until it is flushed. Heavy use of the toilet, cleaning with sanitizing bleach tablets, and other activities can wear the flappers out faster than other toilet components.

A faulty flapper will let water leak out, and that could be the cause of the noise coming from your Toto toilet. A water leak in your bathroom can be dangerous, so be sure to take care of this promptly.

Malfunctioning Handle

It might seem odd, but the handle on your Toto toilet might be to blame for the annoying noise in your bathroom. 

Not all toilet models from this top brand have a handle. But if your particular model does have a handle, it might be stuck or broken. That can cause the toilet to flush needlessly and make noise.

Solutions to a Toto Toilet Making Noise

Noise coming from your Toto toilet can be very aggravating to have to listen to every time you use the bathroom.

Here are some of the solutions you can try to get rid of the sound coming from your Toto toilet:

  • Fill Valve: A fill valve generally has no repair options, so if this is the issue you should replace it.
  • Calcification: Chemical cleaners like phosphoric acid can break down calcium deposits. High-powered water can also be used as a fix for calcification.
  • Worn-out Flapper: A worn-out flapper must be replaced since it cannot be fixed.
  • Malfunctioning Handle: If your Toto toilet handle is stuck, lubricating it should solve the issue instantly. If it is broken, you should replace it.


The information in this article can help you determine the cause of the noise from your Toto toilet. Although there are times when you will need a professional plumber, you can usually fix that annoying problem yourself.