Is Toilet Paper Safe for Hamsters? Answered!

Toilet paper makes for an outstanding addition to your hamster cage. The paper itself can make suitable bedding for your hamster because it is soft and warm, and it is also the most affordable option available for potential pet owners. And the tubes left behind can make for great toys.

However, the chemicals used in toilet paper and toilet paper rolls can be toxic to your pet hamster. Further, because hamsters are so tiny, larger items like paper and rolls can present choking hazards.

Read on to learn more about just how safe toilet paper is for your hamster.

Is Toilet Paper Safe For Hamsters?

Overall, tissues of any kind are safe to use in your hamster’s cage. That would include anything, from regular toilet paper to serviettes (napkins) and facial tissues that you blow your nose into. Even your standard kitchen roll is safe in your hamster’s cage.

While toxicity and price are important considerations when using tissue for your hamster cage, what you really need to make it safe is a tissue that breaks down easily.

Kleenex certainly doesn’t break down easily, as it is primarily for facial hygiene. Kitchen rolls and bathroom tissue don’t break down easily either because they have been designed for heavy-duty work like cleaning and “mopping up” surfaces. 

While paper napkins (serviettes) are a better option, they are not ideal for hamsters either.

The best available option for your hamster is, in fact, toilet paper. If your hamster does decide to ingest the tissue in its cage, potential toxicity is something that can quickly be dealt with by a vet or another animal health professional.

However, your hamster choking on that tissue would require a quicker turnaround and is likely to happen when you are not even there to save it. The best way to avoid a tragedy like this would be to use tissue that breaks down effortlessly for your hamster cage, like toilet paper. 

Are Toilet Paper Rolls Safe For Hamsters?

They are among the most popular and budget-friendly toys your hamsters will not get enough of. But are they safe?

The tubes inside your toilet paper rolls are safe to give to your pets afterward. Your hamsters will love to play on and chew on them but are seldom at risk of swallowing them.


The best way to use your cardboard tube will be to cut a line right down the middle of the roll, which will help ensure that your hamster never gets stuck inside that tube, which could have traumatic consequences for everybody involved.

Is Toilet Paper Good For Hamsters?

Owners can use toilet paper anywhere in your hamster cage, so it is an outstanding product for your pet. When hamsters put tissue in their mouths, they are actually pouching it to take it somewhere else, which keeps the hamster active and mildly amused. 

It is only on the off chance that your pet will swallow the toilet paper or tissue, but the pros of having tissue in your hamster cage outweigh the cons.

If you decide to use toilet paper throughout your hamster cage, you need to consider that tissue has no odor control and doesn’t make for good burrowing material. On odor control, the more you use tissue in your hamster cage, the more rank that entire environment will smell—not that the hamster will be too perturbed by that, though.

On that burrowing aspect, it would also be prudent of you to provide your hamster with some kind of big box or burrowing area to practice their natural burrowing habits. Tissue just isn’t going to be fulfilling enough entertainment for your hamster. 

So, to that end, toilet paper is suitable for your hamster, but it is probably not going to be a deal-breaker for your hamster cage. Tissue and toilet paper are something that you will usually need to use in some combo with the common substrate in your hamster cage. This will make it fun for your hamster to play in while adding some extra warmth to the cage.

Using a combination like this will also provide the odor control you desire without compromising the hamster’s burrowing experience.

Is Toilet Paper Good For Hamster Bedding?

Most people use tissue primarily for the nesting area in the hamster cage because it is soft, warm, and can be used in generally large quantities. While hamsters do not have a nesting material preference, toilet paper will likely give pet owners the fewest headaches.

Using toilet paper is the easiest and most cost-effective way to make hamster bedding by yourself.

When you purchase toilet paper (or any other tissue) for your hamster cage, you should probably search for two-ply because it’s a much more absorbent product, which is vital for hamster bedding.

Toilet paper is highly accessible, regardless of where you are in the world. Kitchen tissue is also available in multiple colors, which will be aesthetically appealing for your hamster and everybody else in your household. 

So, if you plan on enhancing the bedding experience for your hamster, it might be a good idea to run with a kitchen roll instead of toilet paper. 

You’ll achieve the best results when you have a shredder at your disposal. It is not a life or death scenario for the bedding you create, but shredding with a shredder is more efficient than shredding by hand. Whichever way you go about it, the toilet tissue will be an outstanding tool for your hamster bedding.

The Final Verdict

A safe material (bedding) is among the most basic requirements for anybody wanting to take on a hamster. A suitable substrate for your hamster keeps the cage more comfortable, warmer, and ultimately much cleaner.

Paper-based substrates, which include toilet paper, are among the most common types of substrates available on the market. Toilet paper also ticks off most of the boxes for your hamster. That means toilet paper is soft, affordable, and light, and it usually isn’t scented. 

The one major drawback with toilet paper is that it is very absorbent, which means that it gets damp pretty quickly, and that has an adverse effect on odor control. So, while your hamster will enjoy toilet paper a considerable amount in the short term, you will need to change it regularly if you don’t want your cage smelling like a public lavatory.

If you are willing to put in the time, toilet paper might be the best option for you and your hamster.