Toilet Height Options: Standard, ADA and More!

While a lot of people take their toilet for granted, you really shouldn’t since it is such an essential part of your home. Comfort should be a primary concern when choosing a toilet, and that includes not just the seat but the right toilet height.

Toilet height options you are bound to come across include standard, chair, comfort, ADA, and custom. Standard heights are designed for the average adult, while ADA toilets have other features aimed at assisting those with disabilities. 

Deciding which one is ideal for your apartment, house, or building might not seem easy at first, but this article has the information to help you do that.

What Is the Right Height for a Toilet?

Thomas Crapper was a plumber who lived in the 1800s and is generally regarded as the inventor of the modern-day toilet. This is why Thomas’ last name is associated with regular toilets. Although others, such as Sir John Harrington, created different toilet versions before that.

handicapped toilet

These toilets from the old days were of different heights, but what is the right height for a toilet?

There is no correct height for a toilet. The fact that there are different toilet heights indicates that the proper height depends on who uses it. It would be best to install a toilet that will comfortably accommodate most people who are going to use it in a household.

The first step in choosing what height toilet to get is to know what the different toilet seat heights are.

What Are the Different Heights of Toilets?

Most people assume that all toilets are of the same height. Some might look a bit different since there are different styles, such as round and square toilets, but they are all the same height, right?

The answer is that toilet seats are sold at different heights because some of us are taller or shorter than others. There are standard, chair, comfort, ADA toilets, and custom-size toilets.

Using a toilet that is much too high or low for your height can be very uncomfortable. This is why you have to choose carefully. Of course, your toilet will most likely be used by different people of different heights and even kids, so you might have to compromise a bit.


Just as the name suggests, a toilet of standard height is the one you will usually come across. A standard height toilet measures less than 17 inches from the top of the seat to the floor. That means anywhere from 14 to 16-1/8 inches.

A standard toilet sounds like it is intended for an average-height adult, and that might have been the case at one point. Standard height toilets were first introduced in the 19th century when people were generally shorter than they are today. 

These days, a regular toilet of standard height is ideal for adults shorter than most and also for kids.

One of the cons of getting a standard height toilet is that people of average height might feel that it is uncomfortable. Older people might find it somewhat difficult to sit on and get up from as well.


You have probably already figured out that chair-height toilets are designed to be just as high as a chair. The reasoning behind this is sound since most people are already used to the height of a chair.

Chair-height toilets will measure anywhere from 17 to 19 inches in height from the top of the seat to the bottom. This makes these toilets considerably higher than standard height toilets.

Chair-height toilets are accessible and comfortable for most people, making them a go-to option for many. Older adults and taller people usually consider these toilets easier to use than other options.

One of the bad things about a chair-height toilet is that shorter people can have trouble getting on and off of it.


A comfort height toilet stands as tall as a chair height toilet at 17 to 19 inches from floor. This basically makes both comfort height and chair height toilets the same as far as height goes.

The term “Comfort Height” can be attributed to the Kohler Company, which refers to its Chair height toilets in this way.

Comfort height toilets are suitable for older adults although not so much for children and short adults.

standard toilet


ADA-compliant toilets measure 17 to 19 inches from the top of the seat to the bathroom floor. They’re named after the Americans with Disabilities Act and often include removable arms intended to help people with disabilities get on and off the toilet.

ADA accessible toilets without arms can be a risk for some older people. These toilets can also seem uncomfortable to people without disabilities and are often only added as an extra toilet when needed.


If none of the toilet height options we have seen so far meet your needs, you can always have a toilet made to custom height. Custom height toilets often measure from 15 to 28 inches tall but can be of any size you are willing to pay for.

Custom-built toilets vary in height depending on a person’s needs and are often wall-mounted toilets, though not always. Since these toilets are made according to a customer’s specifications, they should have nothing to complain about. 

When other people use them, however, they might not find them as comfortable.

While custom height toilets might seem like the perfect solution, you should know that they are not necessarily cheap. Price is the main reason that most people do not go with custom height toilets.

Toilet Heights Available

As you can see, plenty of toilet heights are available for your home or business. You can even get a custom-made one if you would like to.

Of the toilet heights we went over in this article, the best choice for you will depend on various factors. Some of the things you might want to consider include:

· The height of all the people who will be using the toilet regularly.

· The space where you will be installing the toilet so that it fits properly.

· Your budget and whether or not you are willing to exceed it for a toilet of appropriate height.

· The pros and cons we mentioned in this article for toilets of different heights.

Remember that if the toilet height you are looking for is unavailable in your area, you can always order it through the Internet.

Using a Shorter Toilet Height

With comfort in mind, it is best to get a toilet with a height that is appropriate for you. That means that you have to be able to sit comfortably on it as well as get up from it. But that does not necessarily mean that you have to sit on a toilet as you would on a chair.

Experts agree that the most natural position to sit on a toilet is in a semi-squat position. This position relaxes the puborectalis muscles and sphincter, facilitating bowel movements. Using a toilet of short height can help you achieve this position. 

When using a toilet with extra inches, try using a step stool to get into this position.

Conclusion – Toilet Height Options

No matter what height you happen to be, there is an ideal type of toilet height for you. Take the pros and cons of the various toilet height options we outlined here to help you find it.