Taking Apart GE Front Load Dryer (Detailed Guide)

If you want to repair or replace any failed parts in a GE dryer, it is crucial to disassemble it properly. While the task may seem complicated, it can be pretty simple to do with this detailed guide.

If your GE front load dryer is making buzzing sounds or stops mid-cycle, learning how to take it apart will help you understand the inner workings of the dryer and allow you to fix such common issues quickly. This article details step-by-step instructions on how you can safely disassemble a GE front load dryer for all kinds of repair jobs.

GE Front Load Dryer Step-by-Step Guide For Disassembly

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Follow this step-by-step guide to repair or replace any malfunctioning parts. With the help of these instructions, you can easily access the components that make up your GE front load dryer for service or cleaning. However, this guide is just for disassembly and not repair.

Disconnect the Power

The essential thing when dealing with any electrical appliance is to practice caution. Thus, step one is to disconnect the power by unplugging the GE dryer. You can also disconnect the power by flipping the circuit breaker. This step is crucial, or you will be at risk of shorting the heating element.

Remove the Main Top

GE dryers come with a rear console. The older models have a metal console, whereas, in the latest models, plastic has replaced the metal. That said, the disassembly process for both the metal and plastic backsplash is pretty much the same.

Behind the console, you will see the access end to the dryer timer, the temperature control, and the start switch. Different GE dryer models will have different types of screws securing the control panel to the appliance housing. Locate the screws on the top edge of the control panel and remove them with the help of a screwdriver.

Note: The two standard screws used are #2 Phillips screws or T20 Torx screws.

After removing the screws, tilt the console forward and lift to remove the tabs keeping the control panel in place. The tabs are released out of slotted openings in the main top of the dryer.

Once the console is released, lay it flat onto its face on the top of the GE dryer. You should see the wiring connections to all the components that make up the control panel: the start switch, the temperature selector, the buzzer, and the timer. In case any of these components are malfunctioning, you can replace these parts.

Note: If you need to replace the door gasket, you can access it by simply opening the front door.

To detach the front panel of the appliance, you will first have to take the top off.

To detach the top, open the GE dryer door and unfasten the screws that face upward. With the screws removed, lift the front edge of the top.

This step might require you to lift the top and move it to the left-hand side for some models. For even older models, usually, where the front of the dryer doesn’t reach the floor, you will have to remove two more screws at the bottom to detach the top completely.

After disengaging the top from the front edge, lift it to release it from the side clips and the console tabs. To do this, tilt the top up and slide it towards you. Your GE dryer main top is now removed.

Remove the Front Panel

dishwasher front panel

Now that you have removed the main top, you can remove the front panel. To do so, you will have to remove one screw on either side of the front panel that secures it to the cabinet. Support the panel when you remove the second screw.

Note that the weight of the drum sits on the front bearing attached to the front panel. Therefore, you will have to lift the drum as you maneuver it free, gently. Once the weight of the drum is off, the front panel will tilt forward. Take care with the door switch wire harness as you pull the panel towards you. Then, with the panel tilted forward, pull up to release it from the square holes at the bottom that attach it to the cabinet.

You can either place the door aside carefully or disconnect the wires to the door switch to free the door completely. To disconnect the door switch wires, remove their cover. Next, remove the single wires on either side of the common terminal wire in the middle. Then, for the wire with a common terminal, release the inline connector. After you disconnect the wires, the front panel is now safely removed.

Once you remove the GE dryer front panel, you can access some of the internal components at the back of the panel. You can see the upper bearing assembly with drum glides that you can replace if needed. Around the front, you will find the lower felt seal.

The lower portion of the panel features the lint filter housing, the blower inlet, and its seal. You can remove and replace these parts easily now if required.

Remove the Drum and Belt

To get to the rest of the components of the GE front dryer, we need to remove the belt and the drum. The drum’s support is a central bearing at the back and the belt that threads around it. The same belt goes around the motor pulley and the idler pulley.

Release the Belt from the Idler Pulley

To remove the drum, first, you need to remove the belt. The belt is snug over the drum because of the tension in the idler pulley. The idler pulley assembly is located directly under the motor.

Slide both hands under the drum through the opposite gaps. Then, with both hands, pull the idler pulley to loosen and release the belt.

Use your left hand and flip the belt off the motor pulley. Once done, slowly allow the idler pulley to move to the left side.

With the belt loosened, unscrew the support bracket from the right side of the cabinet. Flex the cabinet a little to give the drum some extra room to easily wriggle out of the compact space. Pull the drum through the opening to set it aside.

Note: If you are working with an older model, you might also have to remove an e-clip securing the drum shaft. Remove the access panel at the back to get to the e-clip.

Remove the Motor and The Blower Wheel

Once you remove the drum, you can locate the heater housing and the housing at the center that supports the drum bearing. You will also be able to identify a high-limit thermostat, a cycling thermostat as well as a thermal cutoff on the other side.

Remove the duct cover to get to the blower wheel. To release the blower wheel from the motor shaft, remove the holding screw. With the loosened wheel, unclip the motor to release it.

Removing the Motor and Blower Wheel for Other GE Dryer Models

If the steps mentioned above to remove the motor and the blower wheel do not work, depending GE front load dryer model, then you should go with the following steps:

Unscrew the blower wheel and the clamp securing the motor to its housing. Then, with the loosened clamp on the back of the motor, pull it out.

To unfasten the blower wheel, unscrew the blower wheel housing from the back.

With this guide, now you can safely disassemble your GE front load dryer model and gain required access to any internal components for service or repair.

Note: If you are not confident doing a repair job yourself, you can call for a repair specialist to do the work for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you clean the lint filter in a GE front load dryer?

To clean the filter after each load, grab it from the front of the dryer and pull it up. Then, with moistened fingers, wipe downward, all the way to across the filter. Periodically, you should wash the lint filter using warm water and mild soap until you remove all the residue.

How do you clean a front load dryer vent?

To clean the dryer vent:

  1. Remove the screws holding the exterior exhaust in place.
  2. Remove any lint or restriction you may find inside.
  3. Move the dryer away from the wall after unplugging it.
  4. Detach the dryer vent hose from the duct after unscrewing the holding clamp.
  5. Locate the lint screen at the front and remove it.
  6. Use a nylon brush to push lint out of the filter cavity. The lint will move through the internal hose length and move out from the detached duct.
  7. Use the brush in the vent pipe to dispose of any lint through the exhaust hood. If you have long ducting, use the brush with an extension rod and cable, as needed.
  8. Clamp the vent hose back to the duct.
  9. Push in and plug the appliance.
  10. Screw the exhaust hood in place.

How do you remove the back of a GE dryer?

To detach the back of a GE dryer:

  1. Cut the power from the circuit breaker and unplug the dryer from the wall.
  2. Move the appliance away from the wall and towards you to easily remove the panel from behind.
  3. Disconnect the vent hose from the appliance; follow the arrows to loosen and slip the hose off.
  4. Use a screwdriver to unscrew the back panel.

For an older dryer model, you will need to slide the panel up. If you have a new model, unfasten the small panel at the dryer’s bottom.

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