Takagi Vs Rinnai

When selecting a water heater for your home or business, the result usually becomes a battle between Takagi vs Rinnai products. If you’re in the market for a new water heater, you’ll want to know what kind of quality these units display.

Figuring out what water heater to purchase can become frustrating and intimidating if you’ve never had the chance to learn about them before. Just like everything else in life, it pays to educate yourself on a topic before you jump the gun and purchase any random water heater.

Takagi is a company based out of Japan. They offer many quality home equipment products that Noritz and other brands do. Appliances include many of the same components as other products on the market. Many of the warranties offered by the companies are also the same.

If you’re looking at a comparison between Takagi vs Rinnai, one thing to note is that Rinnai water heaters use a different method of venting than Takagi.

Takagi Characteristics

The heaters offered by Takagi don’t take up a lot of space. They are designed to fit into small areas and can stay somewhat concealed because of that. The products come with a nice warranty, spanning 15 years if anything mistakenly goes wrong.

Takagi water heaters use high-quality components, and that means that you should be able to get many years of use out of them before they will need any repairs or replacement. Some Takagi units also come with Multi-Link technology, which allows you to link 20 different water heaters.

Appliances offered by Takagi are ideal for homes, and they are known to be even more ideal for areas that have a lot of people going through.

takagi water heater

Are Takagi Products Easy To Use?

The tankless water heaters offered by Takagi are not only very straightforward to install, but they are easy to use. Rinnai tankless water heaters are similar in that they are convenient and simple to set up and use.

The nice thing about Takagi tankless water heaters is that they will lower energy consumption. You won’t be constantly concerned about the emissions because Takagi heaters are always very low.

An integrated temperature controller in some Takagi models makes adjustments a breeze.

How Is The Performance Of Takagi Tankless Water Heaters?

Takagi consistently offers superb performance on many, if not all, of the products that it offers. On the T-H3S-DV-N unit, you get a BTU output of between 19,500 to 199,500 and a 10 GPM water flow with a 30-degree Fahrenheit rise in temperature levels.

You can adjust the temperature settings from 100 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. After setting up your Takagi heater, you’ll reap the benefits of a steady flow of hot water. Another bonus of Takagi water heaters is that they are very quiet when running. Users rarely, if ever, complain about the noises that Takagi water heaters make.

All of the Takagi tankless water heaters don’t recirculate, so you’ll want to keep note of that when you’re out looking for one for your home. The TK-540P-NIH model recirculates, but the T-H3-DV-N models won’t.

Takagi Tankless Water Heater Products

Takagi ensures that all of its products are efficient, provide high-quality performance, and are very safe to install and use.

Takagi T-H3-DV-N Condensing Natural Gas

With this unit, you’ll get an output of 10 gallons every minute, and that’s a lot more than many of the electric water heaters on the market. The standard gallon per minute output hovers between 2 and 4, so if you want a water heater that gets you hot water as fast as possible, this is the one to go with.

This water heater operates at 199,000 BTUs, and that’s a lot of power. Before you go out and purchase this unit, you might have to install a couple of extras if you want to take advantage of everything this water heater has to offer.

This water heater weighs around 60 pounds, so if you want to keep that in mind when you’re considering your next water heater. Carrying it to certain places can sometimes be cumbersome for those that aren’t very mobile. Because of its weight, many people like to figure out where they are going to put it and then leave it there for the foreseeable future.

The temperature levels that this unit can reach are 185 degrees Fahrenheit, and that’s a lot of heat when you begin comparing it to some of the other water heaters on the market. Because of the high gallons per minute that this water heater outputs, you should be able to supply many appliances at once.

One thing to note is that the performance of this water heater will vary based on what the current conditions are outside. If you live in a cold climate and install this water heater, the gallons per minute might be affected, so always ensure you’re aware of that when looking to purchase one.

Another thing to keep in mind with this product is its draining system. It’s best to consult with a professional if you have no experience with tankless water heaters.


  • Perfect for homes and businesses
  • High gallon per minute output
  • No vents are required


  • Might not work as well in winter temperatures

Rinnai Tankless Water Heaters

Over the years, Rinnai has become a very common brand that is very competitive with Takagi, and there are many reasons why it has become so popular and well-known.

Design Characteristics Of Rinnai Products

If you take a look at a water heater such as the RUR98iN, it’s a high-quality product that takes no next to no space in your home. It’s nearly the size of a tiny suitcase, so if you’re looking for a compact water heater, Rinnai is an ideal choice to go with.

rinnai water heater

Installing a Rinnai water heater has to be done indoors. The RUR98iN is compatible with 1/2-inch gas lines, and a lot of the other water heaters offered by Rinnai also follow these same specifications.

Rinnai water heaters are compact, easy to install, and come with very high energy-efficiency ratings. These characteristics make Rinnai tankless water heaters competitive with Takagi products and other appliances on the market.

Ease Of Operation

The innovative design and features of Rinnai tankless water heaters make them a go-to product for those seeking one. They offer a straightforward installation process and don’t take much previous knowledge to set one up, making it a perfect water heater for anyone to use.

With the RUR98iN unit, you can use concentric or PVC. These are venting solutions that aren’t too difficult to understand. After you set the unit up, you can expect extremely low gas emissions and good water flow.

With Rinnai water heaters, you get isolation valves to ensure everything is operating efficiently. In addition, they come built with WiFi technology so that you can operate them with a remote.

Performance Of Rinnai Water Heaters

The tankless water heaters offered by Rinnai consistently provide high-quality performance. Looking at the Rinnai RUR98i model, we can see that it has a gas input ranging from 15,200 to 199,000 BTU. The temperature settings available for this unit range from 98 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

Rinnai has condensing technology built into their products, and because of that, you have performance that you can rely on every time you use the water heater. Rinnai products give you, the user, a lot of control over them, and many people value that.

Rinnai Products

Now that you’re more informed on some of the characteristics of Rinnai products, it’s helpful to look into some of the products they offer.

Rinnai RL Series HE+ Tankless Hot Water Heater

If you’re looking at tankless water heaters, you’ll want to keep your eyes on the RL series. The RL series is more of a luxury line of products that Rinnai offers, and they are just a step below the ultra series line of products. They are right in the middle of the pack.

There are four different tankless water heaters in the RL series, consisting of the RL75iN, RL94iN, RL75iP, and RL94iP. The RL75iN and the RL94iN function on natural gas and can output 7.5 to 9.4 gallons per minute. The last two use propane and provide a range of 7.5 to 9.4 gallons per minute.

All four of these water heaters are for outdoor use. The average weight of all of them is around 50 pounds, so you shouldn’t have too much of a problem being able to carry one to your destination of choice. Because of the easy installation, you can install these water heaters on your own.

The nice thing about these Rinnai tankless water heaters is that they have an anti-scale detection system. This system will let your tankless water heater work at peak capacity. No one wants to be dealing with scale build-ups on their water heater, leading to lowering the lifespan of your water heater as time goes on.

Another bonus is the option to add temperature controls to your Rinnai tankless water heater. Temperature controls allow you to keep the water temperature exactly where you want it to be, and that will increase its performance.

While many of the Rinnai RL tankless water heaters are good options to go with, there are a few downsides. The RL94iN model tends to get a little loud at times, and if you have it inside a busy area of your home, that could become a nuisance.

Overall, Rinnai RL series tankless water heaters are a great product that offers tons of performance.


  • Consistent and steady flow of hot water
  • Good capacity
  • Compact and convenient
  • Straightforward installation process


  • Noisy

Rinnai V Series HE Tankless Hot Water Heater

With the Rinnai V series of water heaters, there are a few options that you can choose from:

  • V53
  • V65
  • V75
  • V53E

The V53E water heaters are the most budget-friendly ones that you can choose from, but keep in mind that they are to be used outside. The power output of these is also much less in comparison to some of the other models.

If you want a water heater for a small room, the V53 units are the ones to go with. The V65i and V75i models are more geared towards rooms that are medium in size, and you’ll get 7.5 gallons per minute of hot water with them. They operate at 180,000 BTUs, which is a good amount.

The V94 water heaters are the last ones to highlight on the list. The V94i and the V94Xi models are only to be used indoors, and the V94e is for outdoor use.

Rinnai offers many different tankless water heaters, and it’s easy to get confused by all of them. Needless to say, all of the products still provide the same purpose of being a portable water heater that you can use inside or outside of your home.

The efficiency rating of the V series of tankless water heaters from Rinnai is around 0.82. While that rating is a little less than some of the other water heaters, it’s still high when compared to some of the gas water heaters on the market.

Potential customers should note that Rinnai water heaters are super easy to set up and use. No matter what water heater you choose from the V series of Rinnai water heaters, you’ll be getting a reliable product that should get you many years of use.

Figuring out what tankless water heater will work for you can take some time. It always pays to research what products work best for your purposes and then go from there.

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