State vs. AO Smith Water Heater: The Ultimate Guide

It’s finally time to buy that new water heater you’ve been meaning to for a while now but haven’t quite gotten around to. Well, what better time than the present? But with so many different water heaters on the market, which one should you choose- State Water Heater or AO Smith?

Both State and AO Smith water heaters have similar quality features. However, if you’re looking for the latest technology and long-lasting water heater, go with the State water heater. If you want an energy-efficient water heater suitable for a large household, go with the AO Smith water heater.

This article will examine why these water heaters are some of the most famous brands on the market. By comparing their features and functionalities, you’ll make an informed decision and get a water heater that meets your needs. Make sure to keep reading.

AO Smith and State Water heater brands

State and AO Smith Water Heaters: Basic Similarities

Before we look at the specifics of these brands, it’s worth knowing what they have in common.

  • The AO Smith company owns both: According to A.O. Smith Corporation, they acquired State Industries, Inc. in 2001. Therefore, you can rest assured that the two brands of water heaters have almost the same quality.
  • Blue diamond glass coating: Both State and AO Smith water heaters have a Blue Diamond glass coating that prevents corrosion. Therefore, you can be sure that these brands can serve you for many years without rusting.
  • Green choice burner: Both heaters have eco-friendly green choice burners. These burners reduce NO2, making the heaters safer for residential and commercial purposes.
  • FVIR compliant: These water heaters meet the Flammable Vapor Ignition Resistant requirements that safeguard them against accidental water vapor ignition.

AO Smith Water Heater vs. State Water Heater: Main Differences

The table below shows the critical differences between AO Smith water heaters and State water heaters:

AO Smith Water HeatersState Water Heaters
Use drain valve, hot-surface ignitor, and heat Trap nipples to enhance energy efficiencyUse heat traps alone for energy efficiency
Has four venting options; atmospheric, power, direct, and direct power ventsHas two venting options; premier power vent DV and premier power vent
Have both high recovery and condensing ultra-high efficiency suitable for a large household, or commercial purposesRelies only on the condensing feature for energy efficiency purposes
Table 1: AO Smith water heater vs. State water heater differences

Let’s now take a closer look at the specifics of each water heater brand below:

AO Smith Water Heaters

A.O. Smith Corporation has a rich history of more than 120 years in providing water treatment and heating services. Over these years, the company has developed innovative ideas that have enhanced AO Smith water heaters for better services.

AO Smith water heaters come in two categories:

  • Tank-based with a capacity of up to 98 gallons (370 liters)
  • Tankless, suitable for multiple-fixture use 

These types of water heaters are both gas and electric-powered. Thus, you can choose one depending on your preference. However, most people go with the gas-based AO Smith water heaters to cut the cost of electricity.

tank water heater = ao smith or state

Tank-Based AO Smith Water Heaters

There are two categories of tank-based AO Smith water heaters based on energy source:

  • Gas-powered tank-based water heaters
  • Electricity-powered tank-based water heaters

While both the electric and gas-powered tank-type AO Smith water heaters are efficient, an economical option is best to save on costs. However, while looking for a water heater that saves you some money, you don’t want to compromise on quality.

Gas-powered tank-type AO Smith water heaters, which are part of the latest Proline series, have the edge over the electric ones in terms of energy saving. Gas-type tanks have the following features that make them energy-efficient:

  • Helical heat exchanger distributes heat evenly.
  • Condensing capabilities.
  • Advanced gas control capabilities to minimize wastage.

Although the Vertex Power-Direct Vent Model has the above features, its downside is that it’s expensive, with a high operating cost of upwards of $200.

AO Smith launched the Proline XE series of gas-powered tank-based water heaters. These are an improvement of the Proline series, and apart from being energy-efficient, they have a low operating cost. The power-direct vent model is an excellent example of a heater in this category.

The table below shows the differences between Proline and Proline XE AO Smith water heaters:

ProlineProline XE
Length of a single shower37 minutesUnlimited
Showers back-to-back4.7 showersUnlimited
Showers at the same time3.2 showers3.5 showers
Maximum tube size87 gallons (329 liters)112 gallons (423 liters)
Time to fill tub7 minutes7 minutes
  Table 2: Proline Vs. Proline XE AO Smith water heaters

Tankless AO Smith Water Heaters

Tankless AO Smith heaters warm water on demand providing it in endless supply. It can distribute the water for whole-house use or a single point of use. The Proline XE series still has an edge in this category due to its high-efficient designs, reduced gas emission, and recirculation pump.

State Water Heaters

Because the same company manufactures them, State water heaters are similar to AO Smith water heaters in many ways.

State water heaters are either tankless or tank-type models powered by gas or electricity. The gas-powered models come in three categories:

  • Advanced premier line
  • Economy select
  • On-demand or tankless

Of the three categories, the economy select is preferred by many, thanks to the atmospheric and direct power vent units. The economy select also comes in varying sizes, from 40 to 100-gallon (151 to 378 liters) capacity. This benefit is that it allows you to choose a heater size that meets your family’s demands.  

The tank-type and tankless options of State water heaters are Energy Star qualified with an EF of at least 0.87. So, you can trust that the heaters are energy-efficient and will preserve your gas or electricity depending on your model.

water heating room

The Proline XE series of State water heaters have an edge as it incorporates modern technology designs that enhance its operation. The design includes the below features.

  • An internal microprocessor, which improves heating time.
  • A variety of venting options to improve the uniform factor.

Finally, on the pro side, State water heaters come with self-cleaning dip dupes. These dupes are why State water heaters are long-lasting, as they prevent sedimentation by stirring the water consistently.

On the downside, Energy Star-compliant State water heaters are expensive. Most of them cost more than $500. Thus, you’ll have to forego the Energy Star rating if you want one that costs less than $500, like the EN6-50-DORT State electric water heater.

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Final Thoughts

State and AO Smith water heaters are excellent options on the market since they come from one company. However, their different features, functionality, and energy consumption are the key factors to help you choose the right one for your specific needs.

An AO Smith water heater will serve you better if you have a large family and want to save on the cost of heating energy. Furthermore, it’s excellent for commercial purposes.

On the other hand, the State water heater will be your best choice if you want a durable heater.