Where Is the Simpson 4kg Dryer Reset Button?

Who doesn’t love simple fixes? Many types of dryer models come with one, including your Simpson 4kg dryer—it’s a reset button on the thermostat. You can press this button when your appliance no longer dries clothes properly.

It isn’t the only fix out there, but it’s so simple to perform that you might as well try it!

You can find this reset button on the thermostat located on the heating assembly box. There may be more than one thermostat with a button.

Simpson 4kg dryer reset button location

This post will detail how to find this reset button, how to use it, and alternative fixes if a reset doesn’t work.

Simpson 4kg Dryer Reset Button Location

You’ll find the reset button on at least one of the thermostats located on the heating assembly box.

To get to these thermostats, you’ll have to follow a slightly more involved process. Yet the potential to save a decent chunk of money and time should make it worthwhile.

How to Access the Simpson 4kg Dryer Reset Button

reset button of Simpson 4kg dryer

Instead of having the heating element and the accompanying thermostat deep inside the machine, Simpson makes it so you can access the heating element from the outside. However, you’ll have to reach inside and disconnect the wires to it before pulling it out.

Here are the steps for getting to the heating assembly box and thermostat:

  • Unplug the dryer as a safety precaution.
  • You’ll need to unscrew two panels for this, but you’ll only need to entirely remove one. First, unscrew and remove the irregularly shaped rear panel at the back of the dryer. There will be about 10 or so screws holding this piece in place.
  • Once you’ve fully removed that panel, remove screws from the bottom of the entire back panel. You’ll need to pull this up and disconnect some wires going to the heating assembly at the bottom left of the dryer.
  • Once you’ve disconnected the wires, you can put the back panel down.
  • Unscrew the 2 screws holding the assembly box in place. It’s embedded through the back panel and will be the small, slatted rectangle at the bottom left corner.
  • Pull out the heating assembly box and press the small button on the thermostat, which is cylindrical. There may be two thermostats side by side. If they both have a button, press each one.

Once you finish, reassemble your dryer. Reconnect the heating element after sliding it back into place through the back panel.

Now, plug your dryer back in and test it using a regular drying cycle.

What to Do if the Simpson 4kg Dryer Reset Button Doesn’t Work

Sometimes, quick fixes aren’t enough—but you’re not quite ready to call in an expensive repair technician yet. Fortunately, you can try out a few other fixes first:

Don’t Overload Your Dryer

Sometimes, we can cause our own dryers to underdry or overheat our clothing when we throw in too many heavy items under cycles with long drying times.

Overpacking the drum can keep your dryer from pulling all the moisture out in a timely way, forcing it to run longer to get the same results.

Clear Your Dryer Vents

In vented dryers, airflow helps manage the dryer drum’s heat. It’s especially vital for preventing your dryer from overheating, which can lead to a fire.

Lint and other debris from laundry can gradually clog the ducts that let air in and out of your dryer. Regularly cleaning the exhaust duct and any other ducts—similar to emptying the lint filter—can prove to be a vital form of maintenance and can get your dryer back to heating how it should.

Cleaning the dryer vents is probably the most straightforward and cheapest solution since you don’t need to buy any additional parts and it only takes a couple of minutes!

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Test the Heating Components (Thermostat, Heating Element)

These components are all responsible for your dryer’s heating performance:

  • The thermostat determines the temperature that the dryer functions at. When it malfunctions, it can cut the temperature off at too high or too low of a temperature.
  • Using coils, the heating element transfers heat from the ignition assembly to the dryer drum. If it misshapens or otherwise breaks, it either won’t be able to deliver this heat or will provide too much.

Using a multimeter, you can check these components and replace any that aren’t working. You can also check the thermal fuse, which trips when your dryer gets too hot. A blown fuse needs to be replaced.


If your tumble dryer isn’t heating up enough or is heating up too much, consider unplugging it and reaching in to press the thermostat reset button. This may be all you need.

You can also try putting in lighter loads of laundry, cleaning out some vents, and replacing components like the thermal fuse, heating element, and thermostat as needed.

As always, contact an appliance repair service technician if you just can’t seem to get it back in working order.