Samsung Washer UR Error

Samsung washing machines can diagnose any problem that may occur over time through the error code system. One of the most frequently inquired about error codes is the UR error, but what does it mean, and how can you fix it? We’ll tell you all this and more if you keep reading.

What Does the UR Error Code Signify on a Samsung Washing Machine?

To put it in simple terms, the UR error code displayed on your washing machine signifies that an unbalanced load has been detected. This code can show up on the display at any phase of the wash cycle as the machine operates, but it most frequently appears during the spin cycle.

That’s because it’s when the drum starts to pick up the pace, spinning faster and faster till it reaches the required speed. However, if there’s an unbalanced load, the drum will keep trying to accelerate, but it won’t be able to in such a state as the drum becomes loose.

Note: The UR error code is also displayed as UE on newer Samsung models and as E4 on Samsung washers built before 2007.

What Causes a UR Code?

A Samsung washer UR code can be caused by mainly three problems; an unbalanced condition, an unlevel washing machine, or, less frequently, a damaged washer part. We’ll elaborate on how and why each problem can occur and how it accordingly causes the error code “UR”.

Incorrect Loading

Incorrect Loading

Generally speaking, any method of loading laundry that doesn’t follow the manufacturer’s instructions can cause a UR error. This entails any underload, overload, crumpled clothes, as well as placing a single large item or putting shoes without a washing machine safe bag.

The same problem can also occur if you’ve chosen a cycle that doesn’t suit the fabrics you’ve placed or if you’ve incorrectly sorted your laundry and placed textiles with different amounts and speeds of water absorption.

All these cases cause an imbalance within the drum as the weight of the laundry within it is shifted towards one side more than the other. While your washing machine can usually redistribute the load as it spins, sometimes, it’ll be unable to do so and will require manual intervention.

Unlevel Washer

If your Samsung washing machine isn’t properly seated, with one of its legs not making contact with the ground, or if the floor itself has an uneven surface or is inclined beyond a reasonable degree, the UR error code will show up. That’s because the washer will tilt in a particular direction, resulting in the laundry gathering in one place and causing an imbalance.


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Mechanical/Electrical Issue

Defective Controller

A failed control module could very likely be the cause of the UR error code since all operations of your washing machine are dependent on it. Sometimes, the electronic controller experiences a glitch and shows this code.

Other times, there’s actual damage in the control board that’ll necessitate that you replace certain elements in it or the entirety of the module. In the latter case, you’ll find that your drum only rotates in one direction, and the error will persist even after restarting your machine.

Damaged Hall Sensor/Tachometer

Damaged Hall Sensor/Tachometer

The tachometer is responsible for controlling the speed of the drum’s rotation, and if it becomes defective and can’t control the speed anymore, the UR code will appear on the control panel. It can either appear as the washer is going through the stages of its wash cycle or after the washer has completely stopped working.

Faulty Motor and Motor Assembly

Any fault in the motor or its assembly will lead to the UR fault. For instance, if the washer’s motor brushes are worn and unable to generate the necessary magnetic field, the drum won’t be able to rotate as fast as it should during the spin cycle, and the error will show.

Similarly, if the bearings have been worn away, the drum won’t rotate steadily due to a loss of torque, and you’ll hear a grinding noise. This also occurs when you’ve got a damaged drive belt that has been torn or stretched.

Worn Suspension Springs

Worn Suspension Springs


If a small item of clothing gets wedged between the drum and the seal, the drum won’t be able to spin smoothly due to the interference. Although this rarely happens in newer Samsung washing machines, it’s still a possibility. Still, you can usually detect this problem if you find that it takes more effort than usual to rotate the drum by hand.

How Can You Fix the Samsung Washer Error Code “UR”?

How Can You Fix the Samsung Washer Error Code

First off, reset your washer by unplugging and restarting it after 15 minutes to ensure that this code wasn’t due to a one-time error with the controller. If the code doesn’t disappear from the display screen, then see if it was caused by improper loading.

Press the START/PAUSE button and wait for the door to unlock. If it doesn’t, then you have to unplug your Samsung washer from the power supply and manually drain it by gaining access to the drain pump.

Afterward, you should evenly distribute the laundry and remove/add items according to the manufacturer’s recommended weight and volume.

If you’ve placed one or two heavy garments or large towels, balance them by adding other objects and choose a “heavy” wash. Also, straighten any crumpled clothes and adjust the washer’s legs if the floor is tilted at a wrong angle.

If doing all that doesn’t solve the issue, remove the clothes and run a short cycle without detergent to see if the washer still displays the UR error. If it does, then the problem lies with the washing machine, not with the way you load your laundry.

Consequently, you should start looking at the washer’s components, from the control board and tachometer to the motor and its assembly. Also, don’t forget to check the suspension springs and see if there’s any stuck object between the drum and the seal. Then, repair and replace any damaged part.

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A UR code on a Samsung washer indicates the presence of an imbalance. Usually, this error is very easy to remedy, but sometimes it’s more challenging if there’s a defect somewhere in the machine. So, if a simple redistribution doesn’t resolve the error, call a specialist and have them deal with the problem safely and professionally.

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