Samsung Washer SUD Code but no SUDs? [Fixed]

If you own a Samsung Washer and come across the Samsung Washer SUD or 5UD Code, you should know it’s a very common occurrence. This code usually appears when there is a lot more soap in the washing machine than needed. Fixing the problem is relatively easy if you follow a couple of simple steps mentioned below. Just remember, getting a SUD Error Code isn’t a big deal, and you can fix the problem in a short period. So, keep scrolling for the simple steps to get rid of the error code.

Samsung Washer SUD Code, But No Suds?

3E Error Code Samsung Washer

If you can see SUD Error Code in your Samsung washing machine drum, but you don’t see any suds, you should follow these steps:

  1. Turn off the Samsung washer and do not try to complete the wash cycle.
  2. Remove all the clothes from the washing machine.
  3. If the washing machine’s door is stuck, you can drain the water by using a small drain hose located near the drain filter on the washing machine.
  4. Make sure there is no soap residue, water, or other elements in the drain filter.
  5. Clean and reinstall the drain filter properly.

Turn the washing machine on to see if that resolved the problem and if the SUD error code is gone or not.

If it is, you can complete the wash cycle normally again.

SUD Error Code is Still There. What Can I Do Now?

If the SUD error code is still there, you should know that this code is usually caused when the washer foam level sensor is faulty. Even the water level sensor might be defective. One key sign that one of these vital sensors might be faulty is that the SUD error code will appear before the washing machine has water or begins the wash cycle. In such a scenario, you need to replace the faulty sensor in the washer. Make sure you add the compatible sensor in the washer while replacing the old one.

Why Does the SUD Error Code Appear on a Samsung Washing Machine?

There are multiple reasons this error code shows up. One key reason is that there are a lot of soap suds in the drum of your washer because you used a higher quantity of detergent or used the wrong type of detergent. When there is excessive foam in the washing machine, it won’t function correctly, and the suds error will pop up. The washer will not function again until you remove the excess suds. When the foam level sensor senses a reduction in suds, only then will the washer resume its work.

Common Reasons for a SUD Error Code

SUD Error code is common in Samsung washing machines. It appears due to the following reasons:

Detergent Issues

  • You have used the wrong type of detergent. Not all detergents are meant for HE (high-efficiency) washing machines. Non-HE detergent usually leads to excessive suds. I recommend you use this high-efficiency detergent to eliminate this as a cause.
  • You have used more detergent than was needed to wash clothes in the wash cycle.
  • The detergent you have used has low-quality ingredients.

Non-Detergent Issues

  • The error shows up if the washer foam level sensor is not working correctly.
  • This error code usually shows when there is a clog in the lines or drain.

How to Fix the SUD Error Code

You can fix the SUD Error by trying the following:

First, let the washer try to reduce suds automatically. Then, wait for the suds to dissipate on their own. When the suds reduce automatically, the washer will resume the task.

Remove the suds yourself by running the washer without any clothes inside. If that doesn’t work, program a longer wash cycle (more time than you usually choose) with the hottest temperature setting available on your washing machine.

Make sure you always use the right type and quantity of detergent. Always buy washing machine detergent approved as a high-efficiency product.

Check your local store for a high-efficiency or HE detergent that will not form too many suds.

What If the Samsung Washer SUD or 5UD Code is Still There?

Don’t panic if you have tried all the points mentioned above and the SUD Error Code is still there. Clear your head and try one of the following solutions:

  1. To eliminate the SUD error code, clean the drain filter thoroughly to eliminate all heavy soap residue.
  2. After you clean the drain filter, you need to open the bottom panel of your washing machine and drain out the water using a small drain hose.
  3. Ensure there are no clogs or blockages in the washer or sewer lines to eliminate the SUDS error.
  4. You’ll need to clean even the slight obstruction in the drain hose. Make sure you clean the drain hose until there is no obstruction left.
  5. Read the manual that should have come with your washing machine. It will let you know of some signs that indicate that your foam level sensor is faulty or not.

Is SUD Error Code the Same as SD and 5D?

Three error codes SUD, SD, and 5D, are usually the same. So, you don’t need to search what 5D means. Instead, you can simply follow the same steps to rectify the situation if you see a 5D or SD error code.

Other Samsung Error Codes


FAQs Regarding Samsung Washing Machine SUD Code

What is SUD in Washer?

A Sud is a foam made of soap and water. SUD, SD, or 5UD is an error message that appears when there are excess suds in the washing machine, and they start to harm the machine’s functionality. You need to get rid of the problem causing it, be it too much detergent or the need to clean the drain.

How Do I Fix the SUD Code on My Samsung Washer?

You can do many things to fix the SUD Code on the Samsung Washer, like removing the suds manually, cleaning the drain, removing the clogs, reducing the amount of detergent, or improving the quality of the soap/detergent. Try all of them, and this will likely resolve the problem without expert assistance.

How long does SUD Error Last?

The SUD error should reset itself within five minutes of clearing the drain filter of all debris, emptying the drain hose and running the washing machine for one full cycle.

If the error does not reset itself, you may have a faulty foam sensor or pressure switch. Replace the foam sensor first, as this is most likely the culprit.

How Do I Get Rid of Suds in My Washing Machine or How to Fix SUD Error on Washer?

Try any of the methods mentioned earlier, like reducing the amount of detergent you use, checking the sensors, cleaning the drain, and removing the suds manually from the drum. Sometimes, you can just let the machine be and wait for the suds to dissipate. Try all the methods before calling in an expert to check the machine.

How to Fix Suds in Washing Machine After a Cycle?

If you have excess suds in the washing machine after a cycle, you need to follow one of these methods:

  1. Run the soapy clothing again in the washing machine with only the rinse cycle on.
  2. Wipe the interior of the drum of the washing machine with a dry and clean cloth, and then fill the machine with water. Add two cups of distilled white vinegar and complete the wash cycle. Repeat this process unless you see all the suds disappearing
  3. Add some fabric softener to the next bunch of clothes you wash, and make sure you add an extra rinse cycle. You can also repeat this step to eliminate all the suds. Make sure that the fabric softener is of high quality and not a cheap alternative. An inferior product will do more harm than good and might even lead to other issues with the washing machine.


We hope this article has answered the common questions associated with Samsung Washer SUD, SD, or 5 UD error codes. There is no simple way to eliminate suds, and you have to try multiple methods one after another to see which one works for you. If one of them works, make a note of it to tackle the sud problem later. It will save time and help you to avoid unnecessary frustration. We recommend doing basic maintenance on your washing machine by using vinegar or a fabric softener to avoid the sud issue in the future. Remember, preventive maintenance is better than a reactive one. So, you must maintain your washer to avoid such future problems.

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