Samsung Washer Smoking (Causes + Fix)

So you just tossed a load of laundry into your shiny new Samsung washing machine and then went back to relaxing on the couch. Then you start to smell smoke. You follow the smell, and to your tremendous surprise, your Samsung washing machine is the source of the smoke!

Smoke from your Samsung washing machine can mean you have a stuck drain pump, preventing the motor from turning. The smoke may also be caused by the motor receiving a high electrical current while it is unable to move. Other Samsung washer smoking issues may warrant professional repairs.

Don’t worry, though: This isn’t the end of the world. I’ll explain why this happens to Samsung washers and the process of fixing each issue. (Hint: You can handle two of the problems on your own, while the others are best left to the skills of a professional Samsung washer repair service professional.)

samsung washer smoking

1. A Dirty or Clogged Drain Pump Filter

A drain pump filter clogged up by dirt and debris can cause the drain pump to malfunction and seize up, preventing the washer’s motor from turning. Simply cleaning this filter could be the solution to your issue.

How To Fix

  1. Cut off the power supply to your washing machine. Do this before checking the drain pump filter to see if that may cause the drain pump to fail to turn the motor.
  2. To check the integrity of the drain pump filter, you should first drain any water still inside the washing machine. 
  3. Press the top part of the filter cover on the back of the washing machine to open the cover. Grab an old bucket or a cup because when you remove the drain pump filter, some excess water may drain out, and you don’t want that water leaking out onto your floors.
  4. Turn the knob on the drain pump to the left to remove it, and have your bucket or cup ready because (as I said earlier) some water may drain out when you remove the filter.
  5. Clean the pump with warm water and check the integrity of the drain pump propeller inside the filter to ensure it isn’t clogged. If the clogging is serious, you may use mild soap to facilitate the cleaning process.
  6. Make sure you thoroughly dry the pump before you reinsert the filter.
  7. Once this is done, reinsert the filter.

2. An Electrical Short Circuit Causing an Electrical Overload

If you have other appliances plugged into the same outlet as your Samsung washing machine, or if you have your washing machine plugged into an extension cord or an outlet extender, this could cause an electrical overload and short circuit your washing machine.

How To Fix

  • Make sure that no other appliances draw a large amount of electricity plugged into the same outlet as your Samsung washing machine. This is why dryers have their electrical outlets independent of the outlet for the washing machine. Both appliances draw a lot of electricity, and drawing too much electricity to one outlet will cause short circuits.
  • Ensure that your washing machine is plugged into a wall outlet, not an extension cord or an outlet extender. While extension cords and outlet extenders may seem convenient, they aren’t designed for heavy-duty appliances like washing machines. Also, it could cause the motor in your Samsung washing machine to seize up while still receiving a high level of electrical current, causing smoke and possible fire.

It’s also possible that the wall outlet where your washer is plugged has a problem on its own. If you suspect that’s the case, I recommend having your outlet checked by an electrician. Attempting to DIY electrical issues on your own can be hazardous not only to your washer but also to you.

electrical issues samsung washer

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3. Bad Start Button

If the machine doesn’t start at all but produces smoke when you start a cycle, you may have a bad start button on the washer or a bad starter within the motor itself. This produces smoke in the washing machine because the motor still receives the electrical current, but it doesn’t move, so the components of the motor heat up, producing smoke.

How To Fix

I do not recommend doing a DIY repair for a bad start button. If your Samsung washer is still within warranty, I suggest taking it to a professional — preferably someone who specializes in repairing Samsung washers and is from Samsung’s dedicated support team.

4. Defective Drive Belt

A washing machine that produces a burning rubber smell and makes loud noises when running has a defective drive belt. This can be from wear over time, jams, or other mechanical faults within the washing machine. If you don’t take your washing machine in for regular maintenance, this is a likely issue.

How To Fix

This is another problem that I strongly suggest you don’t attempt to handle on your own. You can try to replace the defective drive belt with a similar model; however, you risk voiding the warranty on your appliance. Instead, I recommend taking your washer in for professional repair. 

5. Other Issues

Smoke can also be caused by malfunctioning solenoids and flaws in the wiring of the washing machine. Like the defective drive belt, these issues occur due to regular wear and tear and lack of maintenance. 

How To Fix

Similar to the drive belt issue, this one may only require the replacement of the defective parts. But again, if anything goes wrong while you’re doing the replacement, you might end up rendering your warranty useless. Instead, take your washer to a professional ASAP. 

fixing samsung washer smoking issue


There are a lot of factors that can cause a washing machine to produce smoke. You can fix some of the causes yourself at home, but other causes will require professional service to repair.

Normally, you can repair the problem yourself by cleaning out the clogged drain pump filter or plugging the appliance into an outlet that isn’t overloaded. Otherwise, it’s much safer to take your washer to a dedicated Samsung repairman, as you’ll minimize the risk to your safety and your warranty.