Samsung Washer Cl Code

If you notice a “cl” code on your Samsung washing machine, you can adjust this safety feature yourself! The cl code stands for child lock and ensures that your chosen wash cycle will run even when someone accidentally presses other buttons. 

The “cl” code on a Samsung washing machine indicates the child lock is on. You can still power the washer on and off, but the selected wash cycle cannot change until the cl code is removed. To change the code, press the rinse and temp buttons simultaneously for three seconds. 

The cl code does not indicate that your washer has a serious problem. Most of the time, the reset your machine needs happens with a simple press of two buttons. Keep reading to learn how to clear this code yourself and the rare instances you need to call a repair service. 

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1. The Child Lock Is On

When you see the cl code on your Samsung washing machine, you might think the machine is broken. Actually, the cl code does not mean the washing machine is broken, only that the child lock is active. 

This code is a safety feature on your Samsung washing machine to keep children and elderly adults from changing the wash cycle you have chosen. Think of it as similar to a child lock for the car doors. 

How to Fix the cl Code When the Child Lock Is On

You will know the child lock is active in two ways. When you see either of these signals, the child lock is on, and your Samsung washer will power on and off, but the cl code will not go away. Here are the two signals to look for on your washing machine.

  • On the display panel, there will be a visible cl code. It will not go away until you press the temp and rinse buttons at the same time for three seconds. 
  • When the child lock is active, an alarm will sound when you open the washer door. You will also see two codes, cl and dE, that indicate the child lock is on and the washer shows a door error.
  • Switch off the child lock. You can do this by turning the dials to “child lock” and selecting the off button.

2. The Samsung Washer Needs Resetting

The cl code on a Samsung washing machine is not an error code. It is an information code that alerts you when a safety feature has been engaged. This code does not mean your washing machine has an operational issue that will hinder washing the laundry inside. 

Since small children can push the dishwasher, washing machine, and other machines’ buttons around the home, causing them to work improperly, you can be confident that your Samsung washing machine doesn’t need professional attention. Even when the cl code returns as you power up the washer after turning it off, this is a problem you can fix yourself. 

When the cl code displays on the washer panel, the machine system blocks the other buttons. This code will stay in force until you reset the washing machine. Pressing the rinse and temp buttons simultaneously for at least three seconds to reset.

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How to Fix the Samsung Washer cl Code with Button Pairings

The combination of buttons to reset the cl code will depend on your Samsung washer model. You will always press two buttons simultaneously, but the exact pairing will be different for each model. Your instruction manual will indicate which buttons are correct for your Samsung model.

Here are some common button pairings:

  • The option and temperature buttons
  • The intensive washing and additional washing buttons
  • The temperature and rinse buttons
  • The super rinsing and prewash buttons

When the Cl Code DOES Indicate a Samsung Washer Problem

If you have tried all the button combinations to clear the cl code from your Samsung washing machine, there is likely a problem that needs professional attention. Samsung designed their washing machines to display a cl code when the child lock is engaged, but there are instances when you cannot clear the code by following the instructions. 

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The following instances indicate a malfunction that needs professional assessment and correction.

  • When you turn on the washing machine, it operates in normal mode. In the middle of the wash cycle, the cl code appears, and the normal button combinations will not remove it. 
  • You engaged the child lock to protect the washing machine from changing your preferred cycle. When you attempt to turn off the cl code, it will not disengage. 
  • You have unplugged the washing machine and let it sit for one to two minutes, but the cl code is still there when you power the machine back up. Unplugging your Samsung washing machine is a recommended way to reset the machine. When this doesn’t work, you need professional help. 

Fixes the Samsung Washer Repair Service Will Try

In the rare instance your Samsung washing machine won’t return to standard settings, a repair service is a next call you should make. They will perform the analysis to fix the problem so you can get back to regular laundry washing.

  • A professional Samsung repair service will use a multimeter control unit to check the electricity loop. Sometimes, your washing machine will malfunction due to a lack of continuous electricity. When this happens, it can mean you have a module that has gone back and needs replacement. 
  • The repair person will check to ensure there is no oxidation on the modules. The modules connect to the circuit board that controls the washing machine operation. When one of the modules has oxidation or rust, the machine cannot operate correctly. The repair person must clean or replace the module for normal operation.
  • If the control board fails, the washing machine will not work properly. This is a rare occurrence that requires a control board replacement. 


Fortunately, resetting your Samsung washing machine that displays a cl code is a simple fix that should work for you most of the time. This handy safety feature rarely needs professional attention to return your washing machine to correct working order.