Fix Samsung Washer 5E Error Code

If you own a new Samsung washer, you are probably familiar with some of the error codes that you experience with the unit. Chances are, your quick fix is to unplug and turn it on again after a few minutes. However, this method is not always the solution to error codes that you encounter.

One of the errors you may have experienced is the 5E Error code. Don’t worry; this does not mean you have to call a technician just yet. There are tips that you can apply to address this problem which we will discuss in this article.

Before that, let us first go over what causes the Samsung 5E Error Code and what it means exactly.

The 5E Error code means that you are dealing with a drain issue caused by a faulty drain pump, a clog in the drainage system, or hair, lint, or other blockages in the drain filter. The code will pop up if your washer isn’t draining in the time allotted for it to drain, based upon the wash cycle you’ve chosen. This is mainly based on the number of clothes you put in the wash, detergent, warm/cold water, and other variables.


How to fix your Samsung washing machine 5E Error Code Problems

Depending on the actual cause of the improper draining, there are several steps that you can try to resolve the Samsung Washer 5E Error Code on your washing machine. You can try out the solutions below:

Blocked Drain hose

If your drain hose is being restricted in any way, whether it is forming knots around itself or kinks, your washing machine will not drain water out. Check the condition of your drain hose and clear any kinks or straighten any bends and try running your washing machine to see if it solves the problem. If the 5E Error Code is still displayed, it’s time to look at the drain pump filter.

Blocked Drain Pump Filter

The drain pump filter ensures that all debris and other foreign substances get filtered out. However, if it gets filled with too much waste, it affects the draining capabilities of your Samsung Washing Machine. To examine the drain pump filter, you need first to locate the cover of the drain pump filter, which will be on the front bottom of your washing machine.

Please ensure the power is turned off before you start following the steps below:

  1. Check the drainage pump filter for blockages (lint, hair clips, or even a coin might cause this)
  2. Remove debris from the filters and allow the remaining water in the filter to drain first.
  3. Unscrew the emergency cap and unscrew the filter cap
  4. Wash out any debris, dust, or buildup, preferably by using warm water.
  5. Use an appropriately sized cleaning brush to clean the drain pump filter more thoroughly.
  6. Use your rag cloth to dry off any water.
  7. Reattach the drain pump filter by screwing it back inside using clockwise motions. Once it is popped back in, put the cap back on the drain hose and return it to the original position you found it in.
  8. Now try running a test wash cycle on your washing machine. If the 5E Error Code is gone, your draining problem was because of the drain pump filter.
malfunctioning drain pump

Malfunctioning Drain Pump

If the 5E Error Code is still displayed, then you can assume that the drain pump itself is faulty. This is because the drain pump does the actual pumping with the motor that is part of it.

Check if it’s just an obstruction to the drain pump. Next, turn on the washing machine and start a spin cycle. You will hear a humming noise from within that indicates that the motor is working fine.

If you hear a humming noise and the washing machine is displaying a 5E Error Code, there is an obstruction. If you don’t hear a humming noise, you need a replacement for your drain pump.

The drain pump is located within the washing machine, behind the front panel. Therefore, it would be just behind the drain pump filter. It would be advisable to call in a professional or someone handy with tools and electrical parts for this step.

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How to Avoid 5E Error Code

While this error is easily addressable, the best approach is still to prevent it in the future. It may be unavoidable to have water and other blockages build up in your drain filter, but there are some steps that you can practice to minimize experiencing the 5E Error Code:

  • Do not overfill the machine with clothing or heavily soiled clothes
  • Check to make sure water isn’t submerging the drain hose
  • Regularly clean your washer with proper solutions to prevent clogging
  • Utilize the same wash cycle for every load you wash
  • Wash clothes at the same time (have a schedule) to prevent overworking the machine
  • Ensure you clean lint, hair, and other debris from the lint trays and regularly pump filters.

Final Samsung Washer Tips

Samsung washer tips

Check out this guide the next time you encounter the 5E error code so you can avoid panicking and taking the wrong steps that may lead to further damage. Always remember that with any appliance, the key is proper care and maintenance so that you can use them for a longer period with fewer issues and headaches.

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