8 Reasons Your Samsung Dryer Won’t Spin- Fixed

Samsung has made a name for itself in the electronics industry. Apart from being one of the go-to brands for handheld devices, the brand is also known for its trusty household appliances. With their billboards and even their own separate sections in appliance centers, it’s safe to say that this brand has proven itself a longtime player in this business. But like every other device, Samsung electronics are not exempt from their own issues and drawbacks.

Samsung dryers may stop spinning because of a faulty drum roller, drive belt, drive motor, or other dryer drum component such as the child lock and idler pulley.

Unusual squeaking or whining sounds are a good indication that some components might need to be replaced. Luckily, we don’t always have to bring in expensive technicians to repair our faulty appliances. Let’s take a look at why the dryer won’t spin and what we can do about it:

Reason #1: The Drum Roller

One of the most common causes of a Samsung dryer not spinning is… drum roll please… the drum roller! Electric dryers often come with two drum rollers or more. The rollers from behind must be able to spin freely to ensure that the dryer drum rotates.

In fact, there’s pressure added to the drum roller every time the dryer is being used, which can wear it down over time and makes this component a frequent culprit of dryer malfunction.

When you hear a few clicks from your dryer, it’s time to inspect the current state of your drum rollers. Check on these rollers and see if you can hand rotate them without great difficulty. If it requires significant effort or won’t rotate at all, it’s time to replace it.

drum roller

Throw Out What’s Worn Out

To fix a malfunctioning roller, unscrew the panel covering its place and cautiously remove the drum without damaging wires near it or connected to other parts of the dryer. Next, pull out the rollers from their housing and install a new one to replace them. Finally, ensure that you’ve connected back the wires as they were originally attached. Once you’ve secured the new rollers to their place, give the machine a test run to see if the glitch has been fixed.

Reason #2: The Drive Belt

As the name suggests, the drive belt is a slim, elongated belt that goes around the dryer drum, through the tension pulley, and all the way to the drive motor pulley.

Given that the belt’s condition deteriorates over time, you might need to do some troubleshooting and eventually replace the drive belt itself. This is an essential step since a broken drive belt hinders the dryer from spinning even when the motor is still operating.

drive belt

Mend the Broken Belt

First off, determine whether the belt is causing the malfunction by looking into the dryer and examining the dryer drum with your hand. There should be tension on the belt. If you notice that the belt easily spins – seemingly without friction – then it is most likely already damaged.

Upon inspection and confirmation of its defect, it’s best to have the belt replaced. Before the repair, make sure that you’re getting the right type by checking out the model number in your user manual or the Samsung shop online.

To help in your home repair, click on this video to pause and play while working on your Samsung dryer!


Reason #3: The Drive Motor

Naturally, our devices – including dryers – wear out the more we use them, especially moving components like the drive motor. This component is responsible for controlling the dryer drum’s turning action. In addition, it spins the blower wheel to reduce the likelihood of leaving some clothes still damp even after the cycle ends.

Of course, we cannot expect any machine with motor failure to fulfill its role.. After all, without a spinning drum and blower wheel, no clothes can tumble and dry. So how can we verify if this motor is the problem?

But First… the Start Button!

Before you consider replacing the motor entirely, test out the machine by choosing a dryer setting and pressing the start button. Pay attention to the noise! If the Samsung dryer remains silent, then the motor is indeed malfunctioning and keeping the dryer from spinning. In this case, the motor must be replaced.

However, the presence of noise could signal that you should investigate a different component, which you can potentially replace. When the day comes that your Samsung dryer needs motor replacement, call for electrical support from a technician to help in this type of repair.

Reason #4: The Drum Roller Axle

The drums previously mentioned having their own axles that may be prone to wearing down, too. The axle, whose main purpose is to keep the rollers moving freely, may experience excessive friction that could cause the roller to bind up or wear down. What may seem like a minor piece can trigger the drive motor to be overloaded and cause the Samsung dryer not to spin.

drum roller axle

Go Together Like Roller and Axle

Over time, the axles can wear out and potentially lead to the Samsung dryer not spinning. More specifically, look out for a rusty or faulty axle. If you notice that the roller and axle are both rusty or wobbly, you should consider having both parts replaced as a quick fix.

Reason #5: The Drum Bearing

Drums, too, need a bit of support – that is what the drum bearing is for. Unfortunately, after all the countless spins and turns it goes through, movement may cause the bearings to wear out and get loose. This often overlooked component can be found in the rear end of the drum.

Bearing Watch

Give the drum a little spin to figure out whether the bearing needs to be replaced. Keep an eye out for any unexpected noise, as a healthy bearing should not be noisy. A service technician can replace the bearing for you should you have any trouble.

Reason #6: The Idler Pulley

How does the drive belt stay in place? Friction from the idler pulley keeps the belt in place and also gives the belt enough tension to work. Aside from this main function, the idler pulley also minimizes the sounds coming from the Samsung dryer’s vibrations.

For this reason, a broken idler that’s due for a replacement could cause your dryer to produce strange noises. The drum may spin erratically and produce clunky sounds, or it may not even spin at all. Ideally, electric dryers spin effortlessly and quietly.

idler pulley

Pulling Out a Broken Idler

Once you’ve determined that your idler pulley needs replacing, simply open up the drum to access the pulley and dryer belt. You should be able to install a new pulley from there. As always, consult with a technician if you need assistance.

Reason #7: The Drum Glide

Made to support the front of the drum, these glides are noticeably different from the rest of the machine’s hardware. Also referred to as a “slide,” this is deliberately composed of rubber or silicone material to withstand the dryer’s interior environment.

However, the heat and the friction caused by clothes rubbing against other clothes of different materials can wear out the glide. If the glide wears down, it can interfere with the spinning of the motor.

Mind the Glide

As said earlier, any worn portion of a Samsung dryer worn may lead to the dryer not spinning. Assess these glides to see if they’re worn out. If it’s true for more than one piece, then replace them as an entire set.

Reason #8: The Child Lock

Lastly, but sometimes disregarded, is the impact a child lock has on the Samsung dryer, which locks the start button and prevents it from beginning the cycle. Before the dryer starts its cycle, double-check if the child lock is activated by consulting the LED screen. Next, search for the lock icon, which looks like a smiley face.

Unlock and Load

All dryers have a user manual, which users can refer to when switching off the child lock button. According to the manual, you can turn off the child lock by holding the control panel buttons for 3 to 4 seconds. On the other hand, you may also unplug your Samsung dryer and wait for 60 seconds before you plug it back into your power outlet.

Damp Clothes No More!

The stress is over now! No need to fret when your Samsung dryer ceases to turn.

One important reminder, though: if you feel unsure about the procedure, don’t hesitate to call on customer service and ask for aid from a technician to help in troubleshooting.

Whichever way you choose, hopefully this list has helped you pinpoint your Samsung dryer’s trouble areas. With this list, you can save on both money and the time it takes to search for a new appliance. Just make sure that all pieces (no worn-out power cord!) are assessed before starting with your repair.

Your Samsung dryer is too good to throw away when a problem arises. Why not look forward to another 5 years with your dryer?

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