Samsung Dryer Filter Check Light Blinks 5 Times

Your Samsung dryer’s digital screen displays icons for various reasons. Among them is a Filter Check light, which glows solid to remind you to clean out the lint filter. However, this icon may sometimes blink or flash, making you wonder what does this mean?

In some models of the Samsung Dryer, the filter check light blinks by default. This is to help you notice the sign. In other cases, the icon may blink due to issues with the thermistor or lint buildup in other parts of the machine.

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Knowing why the Filter Check Light is flashing saves you the trouble of searching for a professional, and you may be able to fix the problem on your own instead. Read on to learn about this problem, its causes, and how to fix it.

1. Default Setting

The default setting on your Samsung Dryer calls for the light to blink after the drum stops spinning. The Filter Check icon may light up as a reminder to check the filter each time the machine finishes a drying cycle. 

To check if your dryer model’s Filter Check light blinks by default, you can go through the instruction manual to check for this setting. You can download the manual from Samsung’s official website if you can’t find a physical copy at home. 

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How To Fix

You don’t need to do anything or contact anyone if your filter light is blinking after a load. Simply run your dryer cycle as usual after the icon no longer blinks. However, you must still remember to clean your lint filter after every load.

2. Lint Buildup in the Filter

Lint buildup is a primary cause for the Filter Check light to blink five times. The buildup restricts the outflow of heat in the filter, which can be dangerous as the fibers can combust and start a dryer fire.

The thermistor senses the heat increase and causes the filter check light to blink. This typically happens when you forget to clean out your lint filter. 

How To Fix

To deal with this issue, you will need to remove the lint filter, clean it, and replace it. You can learn how to clean your lint filter on the Samsung website.

Handle your Samsung lint filter with care when you wash it. Avoid shaking or tapping the filter’s parts when drying it, as the force may cause it to get damaged and end up allowing the lint to pass through it. Instead, gently remove any fluff left behind with your fingers or a soft brush.

3. Issues With the Thermistor

A thermistor senses temperature changes within the dryer. The Filter Check sign will blink when the temperature in the dryer increases significantly. Typically, this happens when the lint filter is too full and clogs the dryer’s vents, disrupting temperature regulation. 

However, suppose you always clean your filter after each load, and the icon blinks. In that case, it might indicate that your Samsung dryer’s thermistor is faulty. 

How To Fix

Before considering a faulty thermistor, check if your lint filter is clear and rule it out. Otherwise, have a technician take a look at your machine. If you’re dealing with a broken thermistor, the only solution is to replace it with a new one.

4. Lint Buildup Inside the Machine

Lint buildup inside the dryer can also cause the Filter Check light to come on. This can happen when your lint filter doesn’t catch all the fluff from your clothes or when you use the dryer without installing the filter. 

If your lint trap has holes or is faulty, clothes fibers will escape to the other parts of the dryer, such as the vents. When there’s too much fuzz stuck in between parts of the machine, heat can’t disperse well, so the device heats up. The thermistor detects the temperature change and turns on the Filter Check icon. 

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This can also happen if you run your dryer without a lint trap. Frequently drying loads without a filter increases the risk of dryer fire as lint combusts easily when loose fibers block the hot air vents of the dryer.

How To Fix

If there’s fluff stuck in your machine’s parts, you’ll need to clean your dryer, including the vents on the outside. Before reinstalling the lint filter, ensure it is not damaged or compromised in a way that allows lint to pass through. 

If you need to, buy a replacement for the filter. Avoid using your dryer before you install a new lint trap. 


The icons displayed on your Samsung dryer’s screen have different meanings. One of the unusual signs is a check filter light that blinks five times. 

This may happen for many reasons, including different default settings, faulty thermistors, lint buildup in the filter, or other machine parts. Besides cleaning your lint filter regularly, there are other ways to prevent lint from piling up in your dryer and the machine from eventually malfunctioning.