Samsung Dryer Display Symbols – What Do They Mean?

Modern Samsung dryers have digital displays featuring various symbols to indicate what’s happening with your dryer. These symbols can sometimes be confusing, especially if the person operating the dryer doesn’t have access to the manual. So, what are some common Samsung dryer display symbols, and what do they mean? 

Samsung dryer display symbols can indicate various things. Some symbols tell you about the type of load you’re drying, when to clean the filter, when to check your vents for clogging, and whether the cycle is timed or not.

While these symbols are designed to make your job easier, they can be confusing. This article will help you understand their meaning and how they affect your drying cycle. Let’s get started! 

Symbols on Samsung Dryer

The symbols on your Samsung dryer’s digital display indicate various actions happening with the dryer. They also function as alerts, telling you that something is wrong with your dryer and needs to be checked on or fixed. 

symbols on samsung dryer

The symbols you’ll see on a Samsung dryer include:

  • Sensor Dry
  • Child Lock
  • Delay Start
  • Filter Reminder
  • Time Remaining
  • Signal Off
  • Mixed Load Bell
  • Vent Check
  • Steam
  • Smart Care
  • Smart Control
  • Wi-Fi
  • Cycle Progress

What Do These Symbols Mean?

Throwing your manual away thinking you won’t need it or putting it away and then forgetting where you left it is something we’ve all done. However, this can sometimes be an issue in the long run.

In this instance, the issue is needing help understanding your dryer symbols. Here’s what they mean: 

Sensor Dry

This symbol is shaped like a droplet with 2 sensor waves overlapping it from the right side. The purpose of this symbol is to tell you that the current drying cycle is the Sensor Dry cycle. A Sensor Dry cycle measures the humidity inside the drum, and the duration of the process is then adjusted according to the measured humidity.

Child Lock

The child lock symbol is depicted by an image of a child’s face or a lock with a smile. The child lock’s function is evident by its name and helps prevent children from playing with the dryer settings.

A child lock effectively disables most of the dryer buttons, negating the effect of any accidental touches. If you ever try to press the controls on your dryer and nothing happens, check if the child lock is turned on.

Delay Start

The delay start symbol is an analog clock. A set of continuous dots depicts the part of the clock’s circumference that lies between the two hands. The purpose of the delay start option is to delay the start of the drying cycle so you can schedule your drying whenever you want.

If you’re trying to start your dryer cycle, and everything seems normal, but the dryer doesn’t work, your dryer might be set to Delay Start.

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Filter Reminder

The filter reminder symbol is depicted by a 2-layered 3×3 grid on the display screen, and this symbol is turned on after every single cycle. The icon’s purpose is to remind you to clean out the filter.

If the symbol flashes, even though your filter is clean, you needn’t worry. The logo gets displayed irrespective of whether your filter is clean or not. In some models, the symbol flashes instead of staying solid to help grab your attention.

samsung filter

Time Remaining

The informative time remaining symbol looks like an hourglass, which is displayed only if the current running cycle is timed. The number you see on the digital panel while this symbol is displayed is the number of minutes left in the current drying cycle.

Signal Off

If you notice a speaker or a bell icon that has been struck through on your digital display, it’s the signal-off symbol. You’ll typically hear a signal sound at the end of a dryer cycle. If this symbol is displayed, it means that the signal sound is turned off. This means that you’ll only receive visual alerts on your dryer. 

Mixed Load Bell

The mixed load bell symbol looks like a t-shirt with a small bell overlapping the lower-righthand corner of the t-shirt. This symbol alerts you that the load has different types of fabric in it. If this symbol is on, the dryer signals when the cycle is 80% done. 

This allows you to remove the lighter fabrics from the load, which are sure to have dried by then. While you can leave the entire load until the end, the already-dried lighter fabrics may hinder the drying process of the remaining clothes, causing them to come out damp at the end of the cycle.

Vent Check

The vent check symbol is a struck-through pipe. This light turns on when the dryer’s exhaust vent is around 60% blocked. When the vent is around 80% blocked, this symbol will appear and flash for 3 hours after the last cycle. 

It’s best to check your exhaust vents for any blockage as soon as you see this light turn on. If left as it is, this may cause your dryer to stop working altogether. This, along with other reasons, has been elaborated on in this article: “Why Is My Samsung Dryer Not Heating Up?


The steam icon looks like a steam cloud. This means the steam function is activated, and water will be sprayed into the dryer bin during the dryer cycle. The heat from the dryer then converts this water into steam. The steam helps deal with the wrinkles that are otherwise formed during drying. 

Smart Care 

The Smart Care symbol is the side profile of a face with a small heart at the lower-righthand side. Smart care is a Samsung washer and dryer feature that makes running diagnostics easy.

The Smart Care button, when pressed, causes a code to be displayed on the dryer’s screen. You can then use the Samsung Smart Washer/Dryer app to decode this and detect any issues. It also tells you what to do to fix the problem.

Smart Control

The Smart Control icon looks like a cell phone with a Wi-Fi signal overlapping it. The purpose of this symbol is to tell you that the Smart Control feature is turned on, meaning your dryer can now be operated remotely. You can also do this by installing the SmartThings app on your phone or any other mobile device with which you connect your dryer. 


The Wi-Fi symbol looks like a typical Wi-Fi signal icon and means that your dryer is connected to a nearby Wi-Fi network. You cannot control your dryer remotely if this icon flashes without the Smart Control icon. However, you can still monitor your dryer using the SmartThings app.

Cycle Progress

The cycle progress symbol is a t-shirt with smaller icons (except for a bell) representing the various stages of the drying process. This tells you what part of the drying process the dryer is currently at. Depending on your dryer’s model, this symbol may flash or remain solid.


Samsung dryers have various symbols that appear on their digital screens. These can confuse people who don’t know what they mean and can’t find the instruction manual. The various Samsung dryer symbols and their meanings have been discussed in this article so you can benefit more from your Samsung dryer.