Samsung Dishwasher OC Code – Fixed!

How do you handle the OC error code popping up on your Samsung dishwasher display? Wait! Before you call your technician and spend hundreds of dollars on repairs, try to fix it yourself.

Correcting a Samsung OC error code is actually straightforward—even without a user manual. 

The OC code shows up when there’s a problem with the water level. In most instances, you don’t need advanced technical knowledge to fix this—just your hands, a towel, and some soap and water.

This article will outine Samsung dishwasher OC code messages and its sister SC error codes. Read on as we take you through the process. 

What Is the Samsung Dishwasher OC Code? 

samsung dishwasher

Samsung dishwashers with digital display screens feature a series of error codes to indicate problems in the system.

Samsung OC error codes indicate a problem with the water level. In most cases, you will get this error code when too much water is in the appliance. The OC code helps you detect this problem before water leaks into other parts of your dishwasher. 

Too much water can damage the dishwasher’s door seal and electrical components.

Error codes starting with “0” or “O” are common dishwasher error codes and indicate a water level error. Most times, the solutions for fixing these error codes are similar. 

How to Fix Samsung Dishwasher OC Code

Don’t fret. Hold off on calling the repair technician. Some food particles or debris may be clogging up the dishwater filter. So roll up your sleeves and get to work with these steps:

  1. Inspect the sink connection, dishwasher drain hose, and dishwasher filter for food or other debris. You should also check other parts involved with the in- and outflow of water.
  2. Run water through the sink connected to your dishwasher. If the water flow is not strong enough, there’s a blockage. 
  3. Clean the filter. Dump and drain to remove all the debris.
  4. Run water through the sink again. If it’s strong enough, you’ve cleared the blockage. If not, you may need to repeat the process.

How to Reset OC Code on Samsung Dishwasher 

You’ll need to restart the appliance to see if the error code is gone. To do so, press down on the Start/Reset button. Hold it down for a few seconds, then press again. 

If your dishwasher is still showing the OC code, don’t try to reset it again. Resetting will wipe the error code’s history on the system and make it difficult for a repairer to properly diagnose your machine.

If the reset doesn’t work, try using a power cycle. This involves unplugging the dishwasher from the power outlet and waiting for five minutes before plugging it again. A power cycle, in rare cases, can resolve the issue. 

Voila! Hopefully, you’ve fixed the OC error message—and all without spending a dime. However, contact your Samsung technical repairer if you’re still seeing the OC code.

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Is an SC Error the Same as an OC Error in Samsung Dishwashers? 

The Samsung SC and OC error codes indicate the same issue: a dishwasher that can’t drain water, usually due to a clogged drain filter or blocked drain hose. You can use the same steps to fix both error codes. 

fixing OC error in Samsung dishwashers

How to Fix Samsung Dishwasher SC Code

Blocked drainage causes water to pool at the base of your appliance, creating a messy situation. You can fix these common issues by checking the drain pump, the drain filter, and the drain hose. 

Note: This method works for most Samsung dishwasher models from WF203ANSXAX to WF448AAPXAA. 

Clear the Drain Pump Filter in Front-Load Samsung Dishwashers 

Front-load dishwashers may have a small compartment which houses the drain pump filter. Access and unclog the drain pump filter via these steps:

  1. Put a towel at the dishwasher base. 
  2. Place an empty plastic container in front of the dishwasher. 
  3. Use a coin to pry open the cover of the drain pump filter. 
  4. Pull out the drain hose and put the other end over the plastic container. 
  5. Now drain the water by removing the cap on the hose. 
  6. Remove the drain filter from the dishwasher. Rotate the filter counter-clockwise to remove it. 
  7. Dip the filter into a solution of soap and water. Remove all debris from it. You can use a brush to avoid damaging the filter. 
  8. Return the filter into the washer by rotating it clockwise.
  9. Cover the small drain hose again and re-fasten it inside the machine. 

Unblock Drain Hose to Clear Samsung SC Code 

Drain hose blockages are also why you keep getting SC error codes. To remove all blockages:

  1. Unplug the dishwasher from the power outlet. 
  2. Open the compartment which houses the drain hose. 
  3. Feel the length of the hose for any blockages. 
  4. Disconnect the hose and check both ends for obstructions. 
  5. Flush the hose to remove all debris. 
  6. Reconnect the drain hose and follow the dishwasher’s manual settings for this process.
  7. Reset the washer if it displays an SC code. 

Unblock Drain Pump to Clear Samsung SC Code 

This process is quite tasking and technical. The drain pump usually sits behind the rear access panel. So, you’ll need to pull out the dishwasher from underneath the countertop for this process. Follow these instructions for clearing the drain pump. 

  1. Unplug the dishwasher. Shut off the water supply. 
  2. Pull out the washer to access the rear access panel. 
  3. Locate and check the drain pump for any defect or damage. 
  4. Check if the pump impeller can turn without obstruction. If it doesn’t spin freely, the motor is probably damaged.
  5. Check for blockages in your drain pump.
  6. If the pump is clogged, use a multimeter to test the drain motor for continuity. 


Sometimes, a control panel glitch is why you keep getting the Samsung OC Code. As such, always try a reset before you start tampering with your appliance. Contact a Samsung technical repair if both a reset and cleaning the device don’t solve the problem.