Why Does My Samsung Dishwasher Keep Draining? – DIY Hacks and Tips

Samsung dishwashers are typically known for their efficiency. But even the best major appliance brand can suffer complications. No one wants a dishwasher that keeps on draining, which wastes water and leaves you with dirty dishes. But what could possibly be the cause?

Samsung dishwashers may develop a filling and draining issue when the flow meter is faulty or there’s too much water at the base, especially if it starts to cover the drain hose.

Before you call your technician, read through this article. It will provide quick answers to questions about why your dishwasher model keeps draining. It will also describe how to fix it so you can save water and money.

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Signs of A Samsung DishWasher Draining Issue 

As a DIYer, it’s often difficult to properly diagnose the problem with your dishwasher. Dishwashers are very complex and require a lot of attention. 

While dirty dishes are a main symptom, they are not the only one. Other signs include a warning light, an excessive draining time (more than one minute), and the dishwasher beginning to drain before you even set a cycle.

Here’s more information about these tell-tale signs:

Your Dishwasher Drains Before You Set a Cycle


Switch on the dishwasher and wait for a few minutes before choosing a wash cycle. Listen carefully to know if the drain activates once you close the door. If the drain starts before you run a cycle, there’s a problem with the drain system. 

It Drains for More than One Minute

Typically, the drain switches on when you start a cycle and removes all leftover dirty water from the previous cycle. 

For overactive drains, switch on the dishwasher and select a wash cycle. Observe if the drain is on for more than one minute. There’s something wrong with the drainer if it’s active for more than a minute. Your dishwasher won’t run a cycle until the drain system is inactive. 

Warning Light Turns On

This is another sign that your dishwasher is draining too much. If your Samsung dishwasher drains too frequently, you may see a warning light. 

Why Does My Samsung Dishwasher Keep Draining?

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Samsung dishwashers may keep draining for these reasons:

Pool of Water in the Base

Dishwashers that continuously drain may have a leak, triggering the leak sensor and anti-flood switch. The anti-flood switch protects the electric parts at the base of the appliance from getting wet. 

Level Water Error: Water Covers Drain Hose

The dishwasher will continually drain water if the drain pipe is below the water level. If one end of the drain hose is below water level, it will create a siphon effect, continually draining water from the dishwasher. 

Flow Meter is Malfunctioning 

Your flow meter may be why the dishwasher keeps filling and emptying. Flow meters are spinning wheels connected to the control panel that dictate the water level in dishwashers. Thus, dishwashers will continually fill up and drain if the flow meter is faulty.

If there are no leaks, the water level is fine, and the flow meter is working, check your user manual to get a feel for what the problem may be. In addition, contact a Samsung technical repairer. 

How Do I Stop My Samsung Dishwasher from Draining? 

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You’ve identified the root cause. As a DIYer, this is the time to roll up your sleeves and solve your dishwasher’s draining issues with these guides. 

How to Fix Leaks In Your Dishwasher 

  1. Samsung dishwashers will continually drain when they detect moisture from leaks, so find and fix the source of any leaks.. Place the dishwasher on its back, unscrew or remove any clips or locks holding the base plate in place, and remove it.
  1. Get a sponge and soak up water trapped in the base of the dishwasher. It’s a good idea to leave it unplugged until the water dries up. It takes at least a week for the water to dry up in the dishwasher. 
  1. Find the source of the leak by running the machine. Take care to avoid the electric components when operating the machine, especially near a water supply.
  1. Press the power button to turn off the appliance and unplug it immediately after you discover the leak. 
  1. Fix the leak by replacing the hose or using a water-resistant adhesive to patch up the affected area. You may seek out professional advice on the best glue for this process. 

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How to Fix Drain Hoses

Drain hoses are also responsible for many draining problems. Use a crook attachment to lift the drain hose above the water level and prevent the siphoning effect that causes continuous draining. Fortunately, most drain hoses come with a crook attachment to make this easier. 

How to Fix Flow Meters

Fixing the flow meter is more complex and requires unplugging the dishwasher and its side, base, and top plates to access the meter. It’s better and safer to make a service call to a Samsung appliance technician to change a faulty flow meter. 

Conclusion: Samsung Dishwasher Keeps Draining 

It’s time to get your user manual if these methods do not fix the issue. Take note of the error code to understand the root cause, and always contact a technician if you’re not certain of how to proceed.