Samsung Dishwasher Beeping? (Three Beeps + More)

There’s that annoying beep again. You’ve looked all over your kitchen for the cause, but for some reason, you just can’t get it to stop. What could be causing it? It could be an issue with your Samsung dishwasher.

Samsung dishwashers may make beeping sounds when there’s an error or issue with the appliance. The number of beeps and types of flashing lights that come with it may also indicate which type of problem your appliance is indicating.

What if the sounds don’t stop? This article will explore why and how to prevent these beeping sounds. Read on for more answers.

Why Does My Samsung Dishwasher Keep Beeping? 

You’ve got to admit those beeping sounds are annoying and worrisome. The beeping sounds warn users of an impending issue. But, this is often confusing for most users. 

There are more than ten unique beeping sounds and sequences in Samsung dishwashers. 

fixing dishwasher

Here are a few:

You Left the Door Open

This is one of the most common reasons for beeping in dishwashers. Your dishwasher will beep every 30 seconds if the door is open or not properly closed. 

You Opened the Door During a Cycle

Did you open the door before the end of a normal cycle? The dishwasher would beep and refuse to start a new wash cycle if you opened the door during the previous one. It’s best to reset your dishwasher to stop the beeping sound. 

You Stuffed Too Many Dishes into the Dishwasher

It’s tempting to load all the dirty dishes into the dishwasher. However, you may block the sprayer if you load the appliance with too many dishes. 

The machine will beep when the dishes clog a sprayer arm. So, rearrange the dishes and ensure nothing is blocking moving parts in the appliance. 

Not Enough Detergent

The machine will beep if there’s not enough detergent or soap in the dispenser. Add just the right amount and avoid overloading the dispenser with detergent.

Low or Empty Rinse Aid

Samsung dispensers also beep when the rinse aid level is low. Users often forget to fill up the rinse aid. So, take note of the last time you filled up the rinse aid compartment. 

Low Water Level

A leaky float valve or faulty hard water clog can lead to beeping. Open the dishwasher and check each component to see if it’s functioning. 

In most instances, dishwasher beeping sounds are often the result of our negligence. Sometimes, you may need to contact your repair center for the most severe and persistent beeping sounds. 

To avoid beeping sounds, always check every aspect of your dishwasher before using it, from filling the soap dispenser to checking if the door is locked correctly. 

Why is My Samsung Dishwasher Beeping and Blinking at the Same Time? 

Blinking lights is not a sign of malfunction. Dishwashers without a display sign continuously blink during operation. 

However, a combination of blinking and beeping means there’s insufficient water in the compartment. Check the water level and fill it up before resetting the dishwasher. If all four lights are blinking, the control panel and the appliance have disconnected. Turn it off at the circuit breaker and wait before switching it on. 

malfunctioning dishwasher

Samsung Dishwasher – Three Beeps Is A Leak

There’s a leak at the bottom of your appliance if your dishwasher beeps three times. Some dishwashers with a display may flash lights three times to notify you of the problem. Check the bottom part of your appliance to locate the leak. 

Also, remember to unplug the appliance from the power outlet before checking the leaking area. 

Does Samsung Dishwasher Beep at the End of a Wash Cycle? 

Samsung dishwasher models will beep for a few seconds once a wash cycle is complete. You will also see a “0” on the display screen at the end of a dishwasher cycle. 

After a normal cycle, unplug the dishwasher and shut off the water tap. 

Error Codes that Cause Beeping Noises in Samsung Dishwashers 

Digital dishwashers display error codes responsible for the beeping sound. The error codes help you to pinpoint the problems or issues causing the beeping sounds. 

You can get a complete catalog of these error codes in the manufacturer’s manual. Furthermore, check some standard error codes that create those beeping sounds. 


The OE/OC/0C/oE code reveals that there’s too much water in the dishwasher. Perhaps, there’s a problem with the water inlet valve. Inspect the sink connection, drain hose, and sump pump. 


Dishwashers display the HE error code when the water heater is faulty. Check the heater connection and the main power supply. Replace the heater if damaged. 

Flashing Heavy 

Heavy flashing means there’s a water leak. Inspect and tighten the drain hose to stop all leaks


One of the bottoms is stuck when you see the bE2 or BE error code. Press each button on the control panel to discover the defective one. Remove debris or dirt around the faulty switch. Replace the control panel if the problem persists. 


The CE error code occurs when the control panel is not transmitting instructions to the dishwasher. You can fix this by switching off and disconnecting the dishwasher from the main power supply. 

For any error code, contact a Samsung service technician if the problem persists. 

How to Stop Samsung Dishwasher from Beeping

Now, you’ve discovered the source of the beeping. The next step is to fix the error before resetting. You may damage your appliance if you troubleshoot without correcting the error. 

You can reset your Samsung dishwasher by pressing the start/reset button for a few seconds and repeating the action. If your dishwasher doesn’t restart, you can unplug it from the primary power source. Wait for five minutes before plugging it in again. 

If it still hasn’t restarted, press restart again.

Conclusion: Why is My Samsung Dishwasher Beeping 

Your Samsung dishwasher beeps when there’s a problem with the appliance. Do not ignore these warnings. Always contact a Samsung service technician to solve more complex or technical errors. Remember, your safety is a priority.