Rinnai Ultra Versus Luxury

Tankless water systems are considered a luxury among homeowners. They provide an endless source of hot water no matter what appliances are running simultaneously. They are also energy-efficient, which makes them a favorite among homeowners and a definite must-have.

The Rinnai Ultra Series only works when hot water is required, which is why they use so little energy. They use less than 40% less energy than water heaters with a tank. Hot water tanks store hot water. Every time a person showers, the water in these tanks goes down, and the recovery time is slower.

In a tankless system, people can run several showers back-to-back. They can also use many appliances requiring water and never run out of hot water.

Rinnai Ultra Versus Luxury

Rinnai Ultra Series

This series has been designated the Top Product of 2016 in the electrical and mechanical category according to Professional Remodeler Magazine. The company has made this list for three consecutive years.

Rinnai’s Ultra Series has many features, including thermal bypass technology, an integrated pump, and a thermal bypass valve.

It is known for providing an unlimited supply of hot water whenever needed. These systems make it easy to run showers, appliances, and sinks all at the same time without depleting the hot water.

The Rinnai Ultra Series provides the largest capacity for hot water per BTU. It can support many demands for hot water and has increased venting solutions on the unit. It has two heat exchangers maximizing heating value, is reliable, and reduces maintenance costs.

Homeowners like this series because it complies with nitrogen oxide emission standards, and it has larger gas and water supply inlets and outlets over other gas tankless heaters. It takes up less space, is safe and clean. They are also quieter than other water heaters.

What homeowners don’t like about this series is that some of the models are bulkier than other tankless heaters. Some models, such as the RUC98iN can be difficult to install.

The Rinnai RU90IN is incredibly efficient. With a maximum BTU of 157,000 and an energy factor of .94, this water heater will decrease your energy costs significantly.


  • It is 97% thermally efficient
  • Condensing technology gives greater efficiency
  • Compatible with Rinnai digital controllers
  • Heat exchanger has a 12-year warranty
  • 5-year warranty on parts and one year on labor
  • Available in various sizes to accommodate any home
  • Easy installation
  • Twice the lifespan of tank water heaters


  • Some customers do not like the upfront cost of the water heater. However, due to the amount that it saves homeowners in energy, they save money in the long run.

Rinnai Luxury Series

The luxury series provides homeowners with a choice of digital controllers, allowing users to customize their hot water. With the Circ-Logic program, they save money on the recirculation system, ensuring hot water is always available to the homeowner while conserving energy.

It allows you to indicate to the circulation pump when to operate using pre-set temperatures and intervals, eliminating the need for a timer, and using less energy for the recirculation loop to remain warm.

The heat exchangers are commercial grade, and the Luxury Series has long-lasting performance.

Digital controllers allow users to set water temperatures for many locations. For example, you can set a bath to a predetermined temperature and volume. It also has a scale control system that helps with the water tank’s longevity by reducing the maintenance required and by preventing limescale/corrosion from hard water from building up.

It uses a concentric venting system which has a metal inner vent for exhaust gasses. The outer PVC/metal tube is for generating combustion air from outside, creating a safe home environment because the water heater is properly vented, thus eliminating carbon monoxide buildup inside the home.

For larger homes, there is an EZConnect feature linking two units with a single cord.

Rinnai Luxury

The pros of the Luxury System overall include:

  • 40% savings on energy
  • Supplies continuous hot water to many plumbing fixtures
  • Sculpted, sleek design
  • Small footprint
  • Heat exchanger is commercial grade
  • 12-year heat exchanger warranty and 5 years for labor/parts

The Rinnai RL Series RRL94iP is a high-efficiency water heater. It uses propane and is only available for indoors.


  • 9.4 gallons per minute hot water flow
  • Circ-Logic Technology
  • Can support up to five appliances simultaneously
  • 20-year life expectancy
  • Optional wi-fi control technology- responds to voice commands


  • Some customers reported leaking, but only after ten years.

In comparing the two models, the luxury series from Rinnai had a few more features than the Ultra (as you would probably expect given the name. Both have the benefits of a recirculation line which means the homeowner will never run low on hot water.

Both lines run efficiently and offer the energy savings that you would expect from a tankless water heater.

Both series are almost virtually identical except for a few features. The luxury models allow users to customize temperatures and volume for any location in the house. You can control bathtub temperature and volume, which is not only great for those that love soaking in a warm tub after a hard day but is a safety feature for children.

The Luxury Series has an optional wi-fi control technology that turns your house into a smart home. People are unable to mess with settings, and users can change them easily with their phones.

Both series offer a completely safe environment for the family. The ventilation system creates a good method for circulating air, preventing a buildup of carbon dioxide from entering the house because the system is ventilated with an adequate air supply.

As per most tankless systems, they have a small footprint, and you can place them anywhere.

Which One Comes Out Ahead?

If you like that little bit extra, you will appreciate the Luxury Series. For a larger home, you can connect multiple units with a single cable. Even though the Ultra Series is designed to support small to large homes, some homeowners may want to use the Luxury Series instead. It just depends on the size of the home.

Parents may also appreciate the way the Luxury Series controls temperatures and water volumes. Children have either been scalded by water that is too hot (because they forgot to check the temperature) or have accidentally drowned.

Furthermore, toddlers are known to enjoy running water and to have accidentally left it on. Parents have complained that the faucet was left running, and water damage ensued because the tub overflowed. The Luxury Series eliminates this incident. Parents have that additional peace of mind when it comes to their kids.

Both series are truly exceptional, and tankless water heaters are a great investment. The number one complaint of homeowners- especially ones with children/teens- is the lack of hot water. No one likes a cold shower.

Worse yet is waiting for the hot water tank to recover, which seems like an eternity when you have things to do. Parents have two options- shower quickly or decrease the temperature of the shower. When it’s cold or you are sore, no one wants a lukewarm shower. A tankless system solves all these problems.

Also, if you have a smaller home or limited areas to place a water heater, tankless systems create a smaller footprint. You can install them outside or indoors. All that is required is proper ventilation.

As for preference, both are superior products. The difference boils down to some safety features and smart home technology. The choice of which series to choose depends on the size of the home and the individual.

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