Richmond Versus Rheem Water Heater

Which water heater is superior – Richmond or Rheem? This question is especially interesting since the North American company, Rheem, makes Richmond water heaters. In essence, the comparison is between two products made by the same manufacturer- and the winner of this race is guaranteed to be very close.

Richmond water heater

The History of Richmond and Rheem

Richard and Donald Rheem (brothers) created Rheem Manufacturing Company in 1925. In almost 100 years, Rheem has created multiple products. However, it is the sole global manufacturer that generates cooling, heating, pool/spa heating, water heating, and commercial refrigeration.

It is also the largest producer of water heating items in the North American market.

In the global market, Rheem strives to create unique products, which requires out-of-the-box thinking. It also wants to be relevant to the customer’s lifestyle and remain dedicated to its values.

The brand’s number one priority is the customer. It credits changes in its products to direct dialogues between the customer and the company. While it strives to dominate the market with unique products, it also takes time to listen carefully to the end-user. By listening to customer feedback, Rheem catapulted themselves ahead of their competition.

Richmond water heaters were created by Rheem. The goal of this division is to maintain quality products and superior craftsmanship. It strives to create water heaters that are of exceptional value.

Their objective is to meet customer demand for a water heater to have a quicker recovery and have a larger tank.

While both water heaters are from the same company, each division is distinctive. Rheem focuses on innovation whereas Richmond homes in on the customer experience and value. Both strive for excellence and customer satisfaction.

Still too close a race to call yet.

Why Purchase a Rheem Water Heater?

Rheem, as stated above, focuses on customer satisfaction. It is intelligent enough to know that the end-user needs to be completely satisfied with the product. Even though a company can do thousands of trials on their product before releasing it, the ultimate test comes from people using it daily. This test is where the true pass/fail comes from.

Armed with feedback, Rheem decided to use it to improve its line. Plus, customers were satisfied because they felt they were dealing with a company that took them seriously and cared. The company was humble enough to listen and smart enough to make improvements.

In addition to superior customer service, Rheem also strives to make eco-friendly products. It wishes to limit their impact on the environment and wants people to live sustainably. Its goal is to create products with zero waste.

So, why Rheem?

  • Eco-friendly: From materials, responsible recycling, and smart features, Rheem strives to have less of a negative impact environmentally.
  • Strive to give customers a product that controls their water and energy consumption. This not only lowers the impact on the environment but can be cost-effective for the consumer.
  • Produces intelligent water and air solutions globally.
  • 50% reduction in greenhouse gasses.
  • Water heaters are more efficient, run quietly, and contain an anodized jacket that eliminates corrosion.
  • Built-in leak detection

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Why Purchase a Richmond Water Heater?

Richmond water heaters have homeowners in mind. Their water heaters include the following features:

  • Quick Recovery. Designed for peak demand times when people are showering, dishwashers and laundry are all simultaneously running. Users will have a larger supply of hot water to accomplish daily tasks.
  • EverKleen Self Cleaning. This cleaning method tackles sediment and lime build-up inside the tank, extending its lifespan and allowing for optimal efficiency. The system runs water through an inlet tube, creating a high-volume water stream. It prevents sediment from setting at the bottom of the tank and prevents hot spots.
  • Strong Foam Insulation. Richmond water heaters are the second biggest energy users in most homes. This feature prevents standby heat loss and increases efficiency.
  • Lifeguard Stainless Steel Heating Elements. This feature is only available on nine and 12-year water heaters. The elements are durable, increase the tank’s lifespan, resist lime build-up and prevent dry fire burnout.
  • Low input pilots prevent wasted energy during periods of inactivity
  • Durable high-temperature dip tube
  • Have a temperature and pressure relief valve
  • Costs less to use
  • Porcelain formula resists corrosion in the tank, thereby creating a long life.

Before we get into a side-by-side analysis of Rheem versus Richmond Water heaters, we need to consider what features to look for when making a purchase.

Before purchasing any hot water tank, consider the following:

  • Look for a guardian system. This will prevent the ignition of any flammable gasses.
  • Venting system should be flexible
  • Gas burner needs to be eco-friendly to meet low gas emission standards
  • Stainless steel for durability
  • Needs to have a reliable hot surface ignitor
  • Blower which reduces noise
  • Digital or remote-control temperature control
  • Condensing technology
  • Self-diagnostics
  • Professional quality components
  • Long warranty

Review of Rheem

These water heaters have many models, and which is the right one depends on the size of the home. Tanks are the most popular type with homeowners. Rheem has a good selection of electric, solar, and gas models. The capacity of their tanks is 20-80 gallons.

At the top of its line, it offers water tanks that are efficient and provide quick recovery. It uses advanced features and has a long warranty.


Gas Water Heaters

Rheem’s tankless water heaters are gaining more notoriety. Homeowners like them for their small footprint, endless hot water supply, on-demand heating capabilities, and significant savings on energy.

The Rheem ProE50 (only available in the US) is their most advanced system. It has an efficient tankless water heater and a high energy star rating. The ProG50 has superior quality elements and exclusive features.


  • 50-gallon tank
  • Energy factor is .82
  • professional-grade rating is 98 GPH
  • Low NOx emissions
  • High recovery

Tankless Gas Heater

In terms of tankless heaters, the brand makes non-condensing and condensing technology. The Specialty EcoSense and Professional Prestige series both have these capabilities. These models are mid-efficient. They have a continuous supply of hot water, on-demand heating, are compact energy-efficient, eco-friendly, and have a lower price point.

The Rheem RTGH-95 DV is the most recommended.


  • It is 94% high efficiency
  • Gives a maximum performance
  • Generates a savings of 40%.

Electric Water Heater

Rheem’s Electric heaters are called a point-of-use model with a 2.5-gallon storage tank.

The Rheem Marathon is the best purchase because it is durable, resists corrosion, has a leak-free tank, and a lifetime warranty.

Hybrid Water Heater

Rhee’s hybrid heaters are the most efficient system available. It has a professional-grade anode, advanced electronics, and several operating modes. It is cost-efficient and provides comfort. The

Rheem hybrid is a good long-term investment. Customers will be completely satisfied with this product.


  • 3.70 energy efficiency
  • Lifetime savings (according to Rheem) is upwards of $5000.
  • Payback time is less than two years.

Overall Pros and Cons


  • 4% efficiency while being affordable
  • Quick recovery- running out of hot water is rare
  • Tank size ranges from 29-98 gallons
  • Electric tank-style electric heaters use 1-3 1500-watt coils
  • Consistent hot water
  • Tankless heaters are low-flow compatible (does 9.5 gallons/minute)
  • Budget-friendly
  • Easy to locate someone for repairs
  • Produced in several sizes
  • Offer direct vent exhaust through wall
  • Outfitted for natural gas but can convert to propane.


  • Tank-style heaters suffer from heat loss and are less efficient
  • Electric heaters use 3-5 times the power to run as hybrid, gas, and tankless models. Thereby, costs can be high
  • Solar and hybrid tanks are energy efficient but cost more. Repairs are high as well.
  • Hybrid models have not received outstanding ratings due to inferior mechanical performance

Review of Richmond Water Heaters

Richmond gas heaters come in 28 100-gallon capacities. Some heaters use natural gas, whereas you can convert others to use propane. When it comes to venting, homeowners can select between the following:

  • Atmospheric vent heater
  • Power vent with blower
  • Direct vent
  • Hot surface ignition

These tanks have a quick recovery, low NOx unit, and the gas heaters are ideal for mobile homes. Water heaters often come with cleaning systems, FVIR systems, and low NOx burners. They also have three different warranties.

Electric Heater

Richmond creates standard, mobile home, and plastic Marathon types of heaters. They come with a lifetime warranty.

The Rheem Richmond heater has a durable tank, self-cleans, and traps heat for energy efficiency.

Tankless Water Heaters

Richmond’s tankless systems can heat water on demand and have a continuous hot water supply. They have an energy factor of .87.

They have a Guardian SBT burner technology, depletion of oxygen sensor, and OFW overheat film wrap. They range from 11,000 BTU to 199,000 BTU. They can supply hot water for small condominiums to big homes with three bathrooms.

Overall Pros and Cons


  • Products have extensive testing done to determine the quality
  • Regular tests on products to maintain government standards
  • Self-clean systems- limits the buildup of limescale, scale, and sediment
  • Prevents corrosion
  • Increased lifespan
  • Best recovery rate in the industry
  • System neutralizes oil, dust, and lint.
  • Prevents flammable gasses from entering the combustion chamber- chamber will shut off.


  • Only one-year labor coverage
  • Repair costs are high

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The Winner Is!

When we consider the pros and cons of each water heating system, Richmond water heaters come on top of the list. Even though both products are energy efficient, the Richmond tanks have a larger capacity and are safer for homeowners.

Both companies offer a good, quality product. However, Rheem is very focused on being innovative and eco-friendly. While this forward-thinking isn’t bad, consumers aren’t completely satisfied anymore with the product. The tanks may be good for the environment, but not all styles run efficiently.

They appear to require more work in performance on some models and need to be more affordable to run according to consumers.

In short, great company and good values. The quality just needs to improve a bit. Meanwhile, Richmond water heaters are the safer model for the home. As a homeowner, you want to know that you are safe from accidents and harmful emissions.

Richmond rigorously tests its tanks. They are self-cleaning, so this increases their lifespan. They prevent the buildup of naturally occurring dust, lint, etc. Plus, the system has an automatic shut-off, preventing explosions.

They are incredibly energy efficient and provide enough hot water to take a shower and run appliances simultaneously, great for a busy family. While Rheem says it does this, according to customers, it isn’t doing it as well as the Richmond brand. Furthermore, most of these features are available only on higher-end models.

When it comes to safety and features, Richmond pulls ahead of Rheem. It tends to be the favorite.

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