How to Remove Behr DeckOver Paint

Behr DeckOver paint is an excellent choice when you want to paint your deck and make it stand out. But all paint will start to fade and peel at a certain point—even Behr. When this happens, you’ll need to strip the paint so you can recoat it.

Getting rid of old and worn pain can be a chore, but there are ways to get it done with as little hassle as possible.

Removing Behr Deckover is simple: Combine a paint stripper and paint scraper or power washer. Then, sand down the deck before applying a new finish.

This article details the processes you can use to remove Behr Deckover for a beautiful renovation or deck project.

How to Clean Up Behr DeckOver

old grey peeled behr deckover paint

A deck is a remarkable and exciting addition to any home. Using the extra space, you can host parties and all kinds of events for friends and family. 

Of course, that means that you have to keep your deck looking as clean and beautiful as you can. If you painted your deck with the deck product Behr Advanced DeckOver paint sometime in the past, you might wonder if there is a unique way to clean it up instead of removing it.

You do not really have to go out of your way to keep your deck stain looking as good as possible. 

There are plenty of store-bought products you could buy that claim to be designed specifically for refurbishing decks. But there is really no need to do so. You can just use soap and water to get the job done.

Combine dish soap or laundry detergent with water and mop your deck with it. You can add bleach for a more effective solution but be aware that bleach can stain or damage sensitive wood. 

You do not have to soak the entire deck with this cleaning solution. Just make enough for a spray bottle, apply it to key areas, then mop the whole deck with water.

Behr Deckover paint is ready to use for deck painting

Keep in mind that no matter how clean you keep your deck, the elements and time will take their toll on it. Sooner or later, you will have to strip and repaint your deck, no matter how high the paint quality is.

How Long Should Behr Deckover Last?

Behr DeckOver paint should last about a decade or even longer. However, factors such as the weather and how much foot traffic can affect how good, or bad your deck looks over time.

Paint will fade, and there will be scratches, stains, smudges, and other damage that will bring down your deck’s aesthetic appeal.

To keep your deck looking good, you have to repaint it. The first step is to remove the old paint using a paint stripper and scraper or a power washer and sander.

How Do You Remove Behr DeckOver Paint?

If you want to remove old Behr DeckOver paint yourself instead of paying someone else to do it, be aware that it is a time-consuming project. Still, doing this yourself can be satisfying and save you money.

This section will provide a guide on the two methods mentioned above: paint stripping and power washing.

Paint Stripper + Scraper

old wooden floor and scraper tool with paint scraped

This requires a bit of effort in the form of scraping, but the paint stripper will make your job a whole lot easier. To use this method:

1. Put on Gloves for Safety

If the old Behr DeckOver paint on your deck was applied decades ago, it might contain lead. This means that you might be dealing with a toxic agent that can be hazardous to your health. Lead poisoning can cause a variety of effects, including seizures. 

In any case, you should wear gloves for safety. You might also want to consider putting on goggles and even a respirator since you will be applying paint stripper, which is also toxic.

2. Remove Nails and Screws

Take your time to look at every inch of your deck for protruding nails or screws. If you happen to find any, remove them. 

If there are any parts attached to your wooden deck made from material other than wood, cover them with tape to protect them from the paint stripper you are about to apply.

3. Apply Paint Stripper

Shake the can of finish stripper well prior to opening it. Once shaken, open the can and pour the finish stripper into another container. Use a paintbrush to apply the paint stripper evenly over your deck boards.

4. Let the Paint Stripper Penetrate the Paint

It should take the paint stripper about 20 minutes or so to do its job. However, it is best to read the manufacturer’s instructions and wait for the recommended amount of time. The deck paint should soften and start to peel.

5. Remove the Paint Stripper

Use a paint scraper to remove the old Behr DeckOver Paint. Make sure you scrape gently so you do not damage the wood in the process. If there is too much resistance in particular areas, you might want to apply more paint stripper. Just make sure to remove all the paint on the same day since it will dry again.

6. Sand and Clean

Now that you have removed the old Behr DeckOver paint, you will have to sand the deck surface and clean it. This ensures a smooth finish from the new coat of paint.

Pressure Washer

pressure washer removing Behr DeckOver old paint

You can remove most paint with a paint stripper and scraper. 

However, if you find it particularly hard to remove the old Behr DeckOver paint from your wood deck with a scraper, you can use a pressure washer.

Follow the first 4 steps outlined above to get this done. Once you get to the part where you have to use a scraper, use a pressure washer instead. Just be sure to be safe with this tool, as it can be dangerous.

Conclusion – How to Remove Behr DeckOver Paint

Removing a Behr DeckOver Paint from wood surfaces takes some time and effort, but you can do it properly with a paint stripper and either a scraper or pressure washer. If you follow our guide on how to do this, you should be happy with the resulting durable finish.