Maytag Dryer AF Code

Maytag clothes dryers are excellent if you want to save money on your water bill. They’re fantastic home appliances that always get the job done efficiently. However, like any other device, they are prone to issues every once in a while, so what does AF mean on a Maytag dryer? 

The Maytag dryer AF code usually indicates an airflow issue. It could mean your dryer vent is blocked or constricted in some way. It could also indicate a blockage with your lint shield. Additionally, the seal on the dryer door may be broken or dirty. Thankfully, all these issues have simple fixes. 

In the rest of this article, we will go through all the potential problems and how to fix them. I’ll also provide a few tips on ensuring the issues don’t reoccur in the future, which will help give your Maytag dryer a longer, more efficient lifespan.

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1. The Dryer Vent or Lint Shield Is Blocked

If your lint shield is blocked, this is usually a simple fix. There are a few common signs that your lint shield is blocked, including:

  • There’s a burning smell coming from the dryer.
  • Your dryer becomes hot during a cycle.
  • It takes more than one or two cycles to dry your clothes.

It’s normal for lint to gather in your dryer, so cleaning out the shield and trap frequently can help you avoid this problem in the future. 

The dryer vent could also be blocked. This can happen similarly to the lint shield since dirt and debris can quickly gather inside the vent over time. The Maytag dryer flow sensor will indicate if this has happened, showing the AF code.

How To Fix

Whether your dryer vent or lint shield is blocked, you can fix both issues by giving the machine a good clean. Before doing anything, unplug the dryer from the socket and move it further from the wall behind it to ensure you’ve got a good view of the vent system. You can use a vacuum to clean all parts of the machine (inside and out), including the door.

Once you’re done cleaning the machine, you should turn on the device and run a quick cycle before putting any clothes in. This will help flush out any dirt you’ve missed.

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2. Your Dryer Vent Is Twisted

If you’ve cleaned out your machine and the issue still persists, you should check if the vent system itself is twisted or contorted in some way.

If there are too many bends in the vent system, this can prevent the airflow from running through the machine. Here’s how to check if your dryer vent is twisted:

  1. Unplug the appliance from the socket and move it away from the wall to give you a better view of the venting system. Inspect the front of the vent connected to the dryer to ensure it is fixed in place.
  1. Run your fingers over the vent to ensure there are no unnecessary coils in the system. If there are, you can remove the twists by pulling the machine further away from the wall to straighten out the coils.

How To Fix

If you can’t fix the twists in the venting system by straightening them with your hands, it is best to call in an expert. You can get your vents removed, cleaned, or replaced by a mechanic to ensure your machine works the way it should. 

Check your manual for the recommended bends in your vent. 

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3. The Seal on the Dryer Is Broken or Dirty

If the Maytag dryer AF code isn’t fixable using the above tips, you should check the seal on the dryer door. If you’re using your dryer regularly, there’s a chance it could have dislodged somehow, or there are small pieces of clothes blocking the door. This can restrict the airflow on the device. 

Additionally, a dirty rubber seal can cause airflow restriction.

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For a good visual, have a look at this YouTube video for more information on your dryer seal:

How To Fix

You can usually fix the issue pretty quickly if you think the seal is broken. All you have to do is replace the rubber seal and give it a good clean, inspecting it for tears. Follow the instructions below to fix the door seal on your Maytag Dryer:

  1. Open the Maytag door and use a screwdriver to remove it entirely from the machine. This gives you a better visual of the device.
  1. Place the door on the floor and inspect it for tears or blockages around the seal. Nothing should be blocking the door (i.e., pieces of clothing, dirt, etc.)
  1. Remove it from the door even if you don’t initially see any kinks in the rubber seal. If there are kinks in it, you can give it a quick clean using warm water and fix it back on the door to smoothen out the kinks.
  1. If the door seal is broken in places, you will need to get it replaced. Check your manual for instructions on purchasing replacements since it’s usually better to buy replacements from the manufacturer.
  1. Clean the door thoroughly. You can do this using warm water and a mild detergent. Ensure it is completely dry before replacing the door back on the machine.

How To Prevent Maytag Dryer AF Code

You can prevent the Maytag Bravos dryer AF code using the following tips:

  • Clean out your lint tray and shield regularly to prevent blockages.
  • Don’t overload the washing machine since this could contribute to clothes getting stuck in the door seal and dislodging the rubber.
  • Try to avoid using dryer sheets all the time. If you do, clean out the lint tray after the cycle is finished.
  • Check for lint inside the dryer drum as well as in the lint tray.
  • Clean the door every so often.

Final Thoughts

Thankfully, fixing a Maytag Dryer airflow sensor is a relatively simple process. Maintaining your machine is an excellent way to prevent the AF code from reoccurring, so looking after the seals and vents is essential to keep it running smoothly for a long time. If you’re unsure at any point during a repair process, it’s best to call an expert to fix the issue for you.