How To Make a Macerator Quieter (Complete Guide)

Macerator toilets are durable, hard-wearing, and reliable pieces of sanitary equipment. However, they can occasionally become noisy. If your macerator toilet is making an annoying sound, how can you make it quieter? 

You can make a macerator quieter by removing build-up around the blades and using soundproofing between the blades and the wall or floor. A vibration-absorbing rubber mat placed under the Saniflo unit can also help reduce noise.

This article covers everything you need to know about making a macerator quieter. We’ll go over some of the most common noise causes and provide tips on how to fix them. Let’s get started! 

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What Should a Saniflo Sound Like?

A Saniflo should sound like it is making a gentle humming or vibrating noise. If it starts making gurgling, banging, or screeching noises, it’s a sign of a problem caused by sediment build-up, air in the line, or a clog.

How Loud Is a Saniflow Toilet?

A Saniflo toilet is as loud as a regular toilet when it flushes. Although the sounds they produce are different, they emit a similar number of decibels. You should only hear a faint humming noise when the Saniflo toilet is running correctly. 

If you have just installed a macerator toilet, it’s worth noting that a gentle humming noise is normal for the unit. Anything more than this, and you should be concerned.  

How To Make a Saniflo Quieter

If your Saniflo toilet is making strange and disturbing sounds, there is a lot that you can do to make it quieter: 

Remove Build-Up Around the Blades

The most common reason Saniflo macerators make loud noises is due to build-up around the blades. Saniflo toilets can easily handle bodily waste and toilet tissue, but if you put anything else in them, they can become clogged up and inefficient. 

Examples of items you should never place in a Saniflo toilet include: 

  • Baby wipes
  • Feminine hygiene products
  • Dental floss
  • Antibacterial wipes

If you believe that your macerator is making noise because of a build-up around the blades, don’t attempt to remove it yourself, as you risk injuring yourself. Call a Saniflo toilet technician to do the job. 

For minor blockages, clean it as you normally would and consider running a descaling solution through the toilet. 

Invest in a Sound-Absorbing Rubber Mat

When your Saniflo toilet’s macerator operates, it produces a small number of vibrations, which can make the normal humming noise sound louder. Thankfully, there is an easy solution to this problem in the form of a sound-proofing rubber mat that you can install underneath the unit. 

sound-absorbing rubber mat

Silent Guys Anti Vibration Pads from Amazon are widely used for washing machines and dryers but will also work well for Saniflo toilets. Simply install them under the unit, and enjoy a quieter-sounding macerator. 

Install Soundproofing Around the Macerator

If you find that your Saniflo’s normal humming noise is simply too loud for you, you should consider installing soundproofing between your macerator and the wall or floor. 

You could opt for a spray product (which is easy to apply), or use foam soundproofing behind the wall or under the floor. 

Remove the Air In the Line

When Saniflo toilets have air trapped in the line, it can also cause the unit to make loud noises. When this is the issue, you will need to bleed the line. Here’s how to do it: 

  1. Open the bleeder valve to allow the trapped air to escape. 
  2. Wait until you see water coming out. 
  3. Close the bleeder valve, and check if the noise has stopped. 

Replace the Broken Part

As a Saniflo toilet owner, you probably already know that they are reliable and hard-working devices. However, they can sometimes develop faulty parts, which can cause the unit to make a strange sound. 

You should not attempt to replace the faulty part yourself, as you might cause further damage – contact a local Saniflo technician instead. 

Is a Macerator Noisy?

A macerator is not noisy and makes a gentle vibrating or humming sound. It produces a similar noise level as a regular toilet. A Saniflo toilet will only become noisy when it has a blockage, air in the line, or a broken part. 

If you find your macerator too noisy, you could always install soundproofing or place a rubber mat underneath it.

How Noisy Is a Macerator Toilet?

A macerator toilet is as noisy as a regular toilet and produces around 50 decibels when the macerator blades are working. However, newer models, with their enhanced designs, produce less sound, and the noise output ranges between 35 and 45 decibels. 

Do Macerator Toilets Make Noise?

Macerator toilets make noise when the blades are operating. The noise is not loud and sounds like vibrating or humming. Modern Saniflo toilets are just as noisy as regular toilets. 

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The only time macerator toilets can be considered noisy is when it malfunctions in some way: 

  • There is a blockage around the blades
  • There is trapped air in the line
  • The Saniflo toilet has a faulty part

Can You Soundproof a Macerator Toilet?

You can soundproof a macerator toilet by placing soundproofing material (such as spray or foam) behind the walls or under the floor surrounding it. To reduce the vibrating noise it produces, consider placing the Saniflo toilet on a rubber, sound-absorbing mat. 

In addition, if there are any gaps between your Saniflo toilet and the wall or floor, using a sealant can help reduce the amount of sound you hear. Great Stuff Isulating Foam Sealant from Amazon is easy to apply and cures within 20 minutes. 

Final Thoughts

Macerators are one of the essential components of a toilet, but they can also be quite noisy. Noise issues can be due to various causes: 

  • Waste build-up around the blades
  • Trapped air in the line
  • Faulty part

You can try to reduce the noise from a macerator toilet by installing soundproofing spray or foam around the walls or floor surrounding the macerator. Alternatively, place the toilet on sound-absorbing rubber mat to minimize the normal vibrating noise it makes.