How to Make an Automatic Toilet Flush

Whether in a house or a public space, a bathroom is a totally necessary space for any place where there is a continuous flow of people. Using the bathroom can become a quick, comfortable, and even eco-friendly experience since many options make the automation of these spaces possible.

The implementation of these automated technologies does not only benefit users. The devices used in automated toilets also help the environment by saving water and energy, making this type of system a sustainable solution.

So, how to make an automatic toilet flush? All automatic toilets have manual buttons; you just have to look for them. Read on to learn how!

make an automatic toilet flush

What Are Automated Toilets?

In recent years we have implemented technologies that have improved and facilitated various aspects of daily life. Bathrooms are spaces that have also been optimized with this type of technology. An automated bathroom is one that, through automatic processes, solves some of the common issues in this essential space.

These processes include devices operated without human contact since they use infrared sensors to activate toilets, faucets, or hand dryers. This automation has allowed a significant monetary saving of water and energy and promotes the saving of natural resources since it minimizes their waste.

Can I Make My Toilet Flush Automatically?

To make your toilet flush automatically, you have a few options:

Purchase and install a flushometer. As they are automated or manual discharge systems, with a higher pressure than the discharge of the conventional toilet tank, it helps to have these in public toilets where there is a large traffic of people as the discharge is generated much faster.

Get and install a “touchless” sensor adaptable to the toilet you currently have. You may be able to get one on Amazon. Find the one that best suits your needs.

Acquire a factory automatic toilet, which will help you incorporate technology and efficiency into your home. You can also find a great variety of designs and functions. Choose the one that best suits what you require.

Benefits of Flushometers

There are two types of flushometers you can choose from:

Automatic Flushometers

The automatic flushometer usually has a proximity sensor. This remains inactive while no one is near it, but when the person leaves the toilet, the toilet automatically flushes the water to clean it.

Manual Flushometers

A manual flushometer performs its function once the user activates its lever system to allow a short but abundant flush of the water into the toilet. Discharge is interrupted once the water level has dropped sufficiently to allow the system to shut down.

Manual flowmeters can be activated in two ways:

  • Lever: Which the user has to actuate, pulling down.
  • Pedal: Which the user only has to step on for the download to take place. The advantage of the pedal is that direct contact with the hands is avoided.
Manual Flushometers

Touchless Sensor

This automatic flush system works with an infrared sensor, which can help reduce water consumption, increase hygiene and even reduce bad smells from the bathroom. As well as preventing the spread of bacteria.

Some automatic flush systems have a remote control that controls the sensor functions. As a result, users will be able to activate the flush of a toilet without touching the lever or chain of the cistern. This helps prevent viruses, bacteria, and germs from coming into contact with our skin.

How Do You Make a Sensored Toilet Flush?

When hygiene and safety are paramount, a person needs to know how to install an automatic flush mechanism in a cistern in the easiest and fastest way.

You do not need special equipment or an electrical connection for an automatic toilet bowl; installing a mechanism with a sensor for an automatic flush of the toilet is much easier than you might imagine. You can call an expert to do the work or install an automatic flusher yourself.

Automatic Toilet

Japan has been one of the benchmark countries in technology when it comes to the automatic toilet flusher. A field in which they have been known to stand out historically has been developing electronic or automatic toilets. You can find a wide variety of toilets full of functions that go far beyond integrating a cistern on the market.

Among other functions, these modern toilets stand out for:

  • Tempered water jets: with adjustable temperature and pressure at times.
  • Warm air drying
  • Odor removal system: with a fan and a catalytic converter.
  • Automatic sensor: activated with the approach of the user.
  • Remote control: for spray and other functions
  • Automatic cleaning
  • Antibacterial solution
  • Male / female wash
  • Energysaving

How Can I Have an Automated Toilet?

As we mentioned earlier, several hygiene systems, such as toilets, can be automated, achieving the same or better results than traditional toilets. However, with an automatic discharge system, you will be using much less water and saving energy.

make a sensored toilet flush

Do All Automatic Toilets Have a Manual Button?

If you like to incorporate technologies that provide comfort and convenience in your day-to-day life, it is a good time to install an electronic flush cistern. In a space as every day as the bathroom, you need effective tools that contribute to your health.

Although a flushometer allows us to save water, it is necessary that it, like any bathroom component, receives periodic maintenance to prevent failures in the system or correct failures once they have already occurred.

A disadvantage that can occur with an electronic flush toilet is that the water does not come out. This could be due to various reasons, such as the battery being depleted or the power supply is interrupted in the case of systems powered by electricity. Not all automatic toilets have a manual button, but most have a manual option to function optimally even when the power supply is unavailable for automatic flushing.

Advancing Toward Modernity and Sustainability

Little by little, automated systems are becoming much more common, which helps us be more environmentally friendly. Changing your toilet to an auto flush toilet could represent a significant upfront expense; however, the long-term benefits come in saving both water and money.

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