What Causes Low Hot Water Pressure?

Several things can cause low hot water pressure and figuring out how to fix the cause will take some inspection. Diagnosing low hot water pressure isn’t always a black and white easy fix. Unless you have some background experience, it can become quite tricky to figure out the underlying cause.

Low Hot Water Pressure

What Causes Low Hot Water Pressure?


Sediment and debris can be an underlying cause of low hot water pressure. To diagnose the problem, you’ll want to test out some of the other taps in the house. See if the water pressure coming out of the cold taps is affected, as well.

If the cold-water pressure is running just fine, then there is a chance that your hot water tank might need to be flushed out by a plumber. As a hot water tank ages, sediment will build up on it and lower the hot water pressure.


If the hot water pressure is only affecting one tap, then the issue is a lot easier to diagnose. If you notice that the hot water pressure is very poor out of your showerhead but is still running just fine from all the other taps in the house, then the issue could be the showerhead itself.

An old showerhead can easily become blocked with debris, and all you must do is replace the showerhead.


Dealing with a leak is one of the more annoying causes of poor hot water pressure, but it isn’t too complicated to diagnose if that’s really what’s causing it. All you must do is take a visit to your water meter and check to make sure that the numbers are fluctuating after turning all of the taps off in your home.

You’ll want to figure out if the leak is coming from your hot water system itself. If your hot water system leaks, this could cause lower hot water flow pressure. The pipes leading to the hot water system could also potentially be leaking.

Hot Water System Valve

Hot water systems have a tempering valve that regulates the temperature of the water. This tempering valve is to ensure you don’t get scalded by burning hot water. Sometimes these tempering valves will run into issues, but they can be easily replaced.

What About Water Pipes?

Water pipes also tend to get blocked up from time to time. Things like calcium, sediment, rust, and other debris make their way to your pipes and create blockages that can low the hot water pressure.

There are various do-it-yourself strategies to get rid of blockages, but for severe blockages that don’t get resolved from such methods, you might have to consult with a plumber.

Was The Hot Water System Installed Properly?

If you’ve exhausted every resource that you can think of and still can’t narrow why your hot water pressure isn’t as good as it should be, you might want to call a plumber to see if the hot water heater was installed correctly. Everyone makes mistakes no matter how much experience they have, and low hot water pressure can result from a simple mistake.

Old Age

If your hot water system has been in your home since day one, there is a good chance that it might just be time to replace it. You might want to contact a lawyer to inspect it to see if it can be repaired before going out and fully replacing it. Sometimes all the hot water system might need is some maintenance.

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How Do You Fix Low Hot Water Pressure?

Fixing your low hot water pressure will depend on why it’s low in the first place. You’ll want to consider a couple of questions:

How many taps is the low hot water pressure affecting? For example, it may just be the kitchen faucet, but nothing else in the house.

  • Is cold water pressure also affected in the same way as hot water pressure?
  • Do you notice any leaks from your hot water system?
  • Are any of your pipes leaking?

Depending on what your answers to these questions are, there are some do-it-yourself methods that you can try. If you can’t come to a resolution on your own, the underlying cause might be something that’s a little out of a DIY skillset and you’ll have to contact a plumber to look at things.

Geyser pipe fixing

Having low hot water pressure can be an annoying thing to deal with, especially after a long day at work, and calling a plumber is the last thing you want to be doing when you’re ready to shower and get to bed for the night.

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How Do I Increase Hot Water Pressure?

There are a couple of things you can do to increase your hot water pressure:

If there are many bends throughout your plumbing lines, try getting a pressure regulator installed. After it’s installed you can ask your plumber to increase the hot water pressure.

Try opening the shutoff valve. Doing this will allow a consistent flow of water to come out. If your water supply lines aren’t the right size, you can consider repiping with larger lines. Getting larger lines installed can increase your hot water pressure.

If the cause of your low hot water pressure is due to scale build-up in your faucet, you can either get your facet replaced or try some DIY methods to remove the scale build-up.

Why Is My Hot Water Pressure Low Upstairs?

The water pressure to bathrooms that are located upstairs will usually be lower than the ones that are closer to the source. Water tends to lower in pressure for every foot of pipe that it crosses through, and with vertical piping, the pressure is affected even more.

Why Do I Have Low Water Pressure with More Than One Fixture Turned On?

If you notice you have low hot water pressure when more than one fixture is turned on, you might want to look at the pressure reducing valve or main water shutoff valve. If you’re not familiar with these things, try getting a plumber out to look at them and see if they are set properly. If nothing is affected when they are tweaked, they might need replacement.

Does Low Water Pressure Affect Hot Water?

Depending on the type of system you have, lower water pressure can affect the hot water output coming out of a facet. You’ll want to diagnose the problem by initially checking all the facets in the home. Make sure that it’s not just the hot water that’s being affected by the issue.

Dealing with low hot water pressure is a cumbersome thing to fix. With so many different causes, you can only hope that it’s one of the simple ones that doesn’t require too much work for your plumbing system

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