Is There a Lochinvar Water Heater Reset Button?

Lochinvar has been manufacturing water heaters since the mid-1900s, but even products from the most established brands encounter hiccups from time to time.

One common complaint from homeowners is that their hot water heater has stopped heating correctly. Usually the water it produces is too cold.

Fortunately, most Lochinvar water heaters have a reset button on the thermostat. If not, you can always perform a hard reset of the whole device by flipping the breaker or unplugging it from the outlet. 

This post will explore which models of Lochinvar have reset buttons, how to perform a hard reset, and what you can explore if a reset fails.

Lochinvar Electric Storage Water Heater Reset Button

Lochinvar electric storage water heater reset button

Something electric must presumably come with some way to reset it, right?

Lochinvar’s electric storage water heaters have a large, red reset button on the thermostat that you can press to reset the component. 

Because the thermostat is responsible for setting the maximum temperature your heater will warm water to, resetting it can potentially solve your device’s heating malfunction.

You can find the thermostat underneath a small panel on the side of the heater. You may have to pull up some insulation underneath. Once you locate the button, press it and check whether your heater is working again as it should.

Lochinvar Gas Storage Water Heater Reset Button

It’s not just the electric models that come with a reset button. Lochinvar’s gas storage water heaters come with one, too.

On gas-powered Lochinvar water heaters, you can also find the reset button on the thermostat, which you can generally find in or near the gas valve controller.

Lochinvar Tankless Water Heater Reset Button

The other two types of Lochinvar water heaters here have reset buttons. So what about Lochinvar tankless water heaters?

If there is a reset button in the tankless version, you can find it by opening up your appliance and locating the thermostat, which may be a black box or cylindrical component near the heating element.

However, you may need to perform a reset in another way, which you can read about in the section below.

Is There Another Way to Reset My Lochinvar Water Heater?

You’ve pulled open the panel and pressed the reset button, praying it would bring you warm water. But when you reran the tap, it was still cold. What gives?

A thermostat reset can work if the heating problem comes from a tripped thermostat or a maximum temp setting that’s too low.

But sometimes, the heating problem originates somewhere else in the appliance and you need to perform a hard reset. To do so with a Lochinvar water heater, simply cut the power to the device for at least 30 seconds.

This can entail unplugging the machine from the outlet or flipping a switch on the breaker. Once you’ve cut power for at least 30 seconds, restore power by plugging it back in or switching the breaker back on. If the reset works, you’ll get warm water from your tap.

What Else Can I Do to Fix My Water Heater?

You may despair at calling in a technician when a reset fails. But fortunately, there are a few other solutions you can try before forking out the big bucks for a serviceperson.

Temperature Sensor

Temperature Sensor

A couple of problems may occur with your temperature sensor: It may be too far away or too close to accurately measure the water temperature, or it may short and become faulty.

If the location of the sensor is the problem, try moving it. But if you take a multimeter to it and there’s no continuity, replace it.

Mineral Buildup

pipe mineral buildup

Scaling—the buildup of minerals like calcium in your water pipes, inlet filters, and other components—is especially common among households that use a hard water supply.

Because it can block up pipes and filters, scaling can interfere with water flow and heat transfer to your water supply.

Turn off your heater and give it a good flush with a white vinegar solution. You can do so using a bucket, submersible pump, and washer hoses.

Faulty Gas Valve Controller

gas valve controller

The gas controller component usually contains the thermostat and gas valve. It manages the gas flow into your ignition, thus influencing how much fuel is available to heat your water.

Some gas valve controllers are resettable. But you may need to replace the controller if a reset doesn’t work.


Lochinvar’s electric and gas-powered water heaters tend to come with a reset button or switch for the thermostat, which when pressed or flipped can set your heater back to its standard heating settings. You can also reset electric versions by cutting the power supply for half a minute.

If that doesn’t work, check out the gas valve controller (on a gas heater), heating element, and pipes.

If all else fails, it’s probably time to call a service technician.