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LG Dishwashers pride themselves on innovative technology. And while that may be true, no dishwasher is free from issues. The same goes for LG’s dishwashers, as numerous codes signify different issues, and those issues can stem from many different causes. This article in particular, seeks to help you understand why your LG Dishwasher is displaying an OE code.

What Does an OE Code Mean?

The OE error code indicates that there is a drain error. Many different things may cause a drain error, but the most likely cause is a clog or blockage. Other causes, for example, are things like installation issues or needing to replace the garbage disposal. This article will break down the different reasons why a drain error can occur, how to clear the code from your dishwasher, and how to possibly prevent it from happening again in the future.

Clog Down the Drain

clog down the drain

Dishwasher drains usually clog due to misuse. Sometimes, we aren’t as attentive as we should be to what’s put down the drain and it can cause a major problem. While it may be out of sight, for now, it doesn’t mean it made its way out the other end (wherever that may be!). Over time, large pieces of food, copious amounts of oil, or maybe even a random foreign object can form a blockage in the drain. This means they have either clumped together, solidified, or just got so stuck that they couldn’t move. These blockages then make it difficult for anything else to go down and out the drain. An LG dishwasher’s drain pump will detect a situation like this and trigger the OE error code on your machine.

A Kink in the Tube

On the other hand, if you feel like you’ve been meticulous with your food disposal and mindful about what you pour down the drain, you might receive this specific LG dishwasher error because of a kinked or bent drain hose. The OE error occurs because the drain pump is unable to drain out water. An OE error code does not automatically show up when gunk and debris are in a person’s hose as long as the water can still drain through an air gap. Water can’t drain through a bent or kinked drain hose. That is why, though the drain may be clear from blockages, it can still alert you of a blocked drain.

Now that you’re aware of some simple reasons why an OE error can occur, you can take a crack at how to get rid of the OE code on your dishwasher.

Take a Look at the Tub

As we already know, large bits of food, foreign objects, and hardened oils are all common causes for a clogged drain hose. If you notice these kinds of debris inside your dishwasher’s tub, it is best to remove these before they have a chance to head down the drain. Inspect the drain, spray arms, and filter to ensure you can get rid of things that could clog your drain hose. LG’s official website recommends running a maintenance cycle before running a heavy-duty or normal wash cycle to test the drain and even force out any existing clogs.

Free the Filter of Food

LG recommends cleaning the appliance’s filter even if you aren’t experiencing an OE error on your LG dishwasher. This is a good way to maintain the dishwasher’s quality and, of course, so no future errors occur. That being said, cleaning this filter may be enough to solve your OE error concerns. Once properly removed, you can clean the filter out by throwing debris into the garbage and washing it under running water to eliminate any small loose bits. LG recommends doing this after every cycle to avoid odors and the accumulation of food that may eventually clog the line.

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Check for Kinks

As mentioned earlier, kinks and bends in the drain hose may occur and cause an OE error to appear on your LG dishwasher, just like it would for a clogged drain. First, look under the sink for what you could describe as a “corrugated” hose. Check to see if it is bent, has gotten under something, or has any kinks. Then, straighten this out like a garden hose, and run a test cycle to check if the water flows smoothly through the drain hose.

Double Press to Drain

Your LG dishwasher is likely to have a CANCEL & DRAIN feature. You can activate this by pressing two buttons on your appliance at the same time. Before doing this, make sure your LG dishwasher has this feature by going through the manual, as the two buttons are not the same for all dishwashers. This action will force your dishwasher to drain and may loosen any food clogged in the drain hose. If your unit does not have this feature, LG suggests running a test cycle and stopping after 45 seconds to mimic the effect.

Helpful Habits

Remember that some of the issues that may cause your LG dishwasher to give an OE error code are avoidable. With a little effort and routine, you very may well never see this LG dishwasher error code again. Cleaning the filters and using white vinegar to remove any hard water stains are simple and effective ways to ensure the cleanliness of your LG dishwasher. Wiping down the exterior with a soft towel will also help sustain the integrity of the appliance. Always check the drain hose position to ensure it’s in the correct position and that there are no nicks, kinks, or bends that will interrupt the water and other food debris from draining. Taking proper care of your machine will ensure its longevity and that you can get the best out of your dishwasher at all times.

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