Kohler Toilet Refill Tube Pops Out – (Fixed)

If you have an old Kohler toilet, you probably know the refill tube can be a pain in the neck. The refill tube seems to pop out every time you flush it, and water starts spilling all over the floor. So why does this happen, and what can you do to fix it?

Aging is usually the reason your Kohler toilet refill tube pops out. The rubber gasket that seals the tube degrades over time, resulting in a loose connection. When you flush the toilet, the weight of the water pushes down on the refill tube and makes it pop out.

This article will show you how to fix a Kohler toilet refill tube that keeps popping out. It will also show you what to do to keep the tube in place.

Toilet Refill Hose Keeps Coming Out

Water will spill on the floor when the toilet refill hose keeps coming out. This can be a nuisance, and if you don’t fix it, it can cause water damage. In most cases, the issue is aging or damaged rubber gaskets, and replacing these worn parts can put an end to the problem.

Usually, this issue starts to show when your toilet is about three years or older, but it could also happen in brand-new units. It all comes down to who installed the toilet and whether they did a good job or not. Either way, you should be able to fix this problem without the help of a professional using the steps below:

Toilet refill hose

How To Fix

  1. Flush the toilet to empty the tank.
  2. Shut off the water supply to your toilet. This is usually done by turning off the knob behind the tank.
  3. Remove the cap on the back of the toilet tank with a screwdriver. The cap is usually located near the top of the tank and will cover a small hole.
  4. Reach into the hole and feel around for the rubber gasket. The gasket seals the refill hose and is usually made of black rubber.
  5. Once you find the gasket, pull it out and look at it. If it’s cracked or damaged, it needs to be replaced.
  6. To install the new gasket, simply place it into the hole in the back of the tank and push it into place.
  7. Replace the cap on the tank. Now you can turn on the water supply again. Flush the toilet several times to ensure the hose stays in place.

Other Reasons Why Your Kohler Toilet Refill Tube Pops Out

If you followed the steps above, your toilet should no longer have issues with the refill hose. But if it’s still popping out, keep reading.

1. Loose or Broken Clip

Another common reason the toilet refill hose pops out is that the clip that holds it in place is loose or broken. The clip is usually made of plastic and can become brittle and break with age.

If the clip breaks, the hose will no longer be held securely in place. When you flush the toilet, the weight of the water in the bowl will cause it to pop out.

How To Fix

To fix this problem, you’ll need to replace the clip. This is a pretty easy job that anyone can do, and it only takes a few minutes.

  1. Start by shutting off the water supply to your toilet. 
  2. Remove the lid from the tank and put it aside.
  3. Locate the clip that holds the hose in place. 
  4. Use a pair of pliers to remove the old clip.
  5. Take the new clip and insert it into the same spot as the old one.
  6. Use the pliers to secure the clip in place.
  7. Turn the water supply back on and flush the toilet to see if it’s working. The hose should now be securely in place and shouldn’t pop out when you flush.

2. Clogged Overflow Tube

clogged overflow tube

The overflow tube is a vertical pipe connecting the fill valve to the water bowl. Its purpose is to allow water to escape from the tank if your fill valve is stuck in the open position.

If the fill valve gets stuck, water will keep flowing into the tank and eventually spill out. This can result in the refill hose popping out because the water pressure in the tank is too high.

How To Fix

To fix this problem, you’ll need to unclog the overflow tube. You can knock out this DIY-friendly job in as little as 10 minutes.

  1. Turn off the water to the toilet. 
  2. Remove the lid from the tank and check the overflow tube. Something is likely blocking it.
  3. Use a wire hanger or a plumbing snake to try and remove it.
  4. Once the blockage is removed, put everything back together, turn on the water supply, then flush the toilet to make sure that the water is flowing properly.

You can also replace the overflow hose with a new one if it’s damaged. Overflow tubes and refill hoses are inexpensive and can be found at most hardware stores. 

What To Do When You Can’t Diagnose the Issue

If you’ve tried the above steps and still can’t figure out what’s causing the overflow, it’s time to call a professional. They will make a thorough check of your toilet and diagnose the problem. In the worst case, you’ll need to get a new toilet, but usually, replacing the fill valve will do.

Don’t attempt to fix an overflowing toilet yourself if you’re not an expert. You could end up making the problem worse.

Final Thoughts

If your Kohler toilet refill hose keeps popping out, it’s usually because the rubber gasket is damaged or the clip that holds the hose in place is broken. In most cases, these problems can be fixed easily.
If you’re having trouble figuring out what’s causing the problem, feel free to ask a plumber for help. They should be able to quickly diagnose the issue and get your toilet working properly again. You may also want to check out our guide on How To Unclog a Toto Toilet.