Kirkland Toilet Paper vs. Charmin: A Detailed Guide!

If you have ever stood in the toilet paper aisle without a clue which to choose, this is for you. The choice is more difficult when everyone’s got an opinion on the best papers out there.

Most times, these choices revolve around Kirkland Signature and Charmin, known for their durability, usability, and overall comfort. 

Kirkland brand toilet paper is noticeably thinner than Charmin. However, Kirkland costs less because Charmin toilet paper is a premium brand.

It’s a tough decision, but this Kirkland vs. Charmin review and comparison will make your choice easier. 

Is Kirkland Toilet Paper the Same as Charmin?

There’s a massive gap in features between Kirkland toilet paper and Charmin, namely thickness and price. Kirkland and Charmin toilet paper are not the same.

Although both brands are 4½ inches wide, the Charmin and Kirkland are 4.2 and 4-inch in length, respectively. Note: the length difference is often a negligible feature. 

Furthermore, you’ll get 216 sheets per roll from Charmin Ultra Soft, while the Kirkland brand comes with 425 sheets. So, you will get twice the number of sheets when you use Kirkland.

Not to worry, we’ll explore these features in the next section. 

Kirkland Signature Toilet Paper vs. Charmin: Which Is More Durable? 

How well does your bath tissue handle stress? Does it tear while using it on your rear? You want a strong toilet paper that withstands pressure without tearing easily. Both Kirkland Signature and Charmin are 2-ply, so you can easily use them for various functions. 

However, Charmin is thicker and more durable than Kirkland. Hold both ends of a sheet of toilet paper, and stretch it gently until you reach the elastic limit. You’ll note that Charmin is more flexible and can withstand more use than Kirkland Signature.

Reviews on eCommerce sites talk about Charmin’s strength and durability. 

On the other hand, Kirkland tears easily under pressure. On a personal note, Kirkland is too thin for use in stressful situations. 

Kirkland Toilet Paper vs. Charmin: Appearance and Texture 

What’s the first thing that appeals to you when selecting bath tissue? For most users, it’s often the appearance and the feel. Abrasive papers are not suitable for toilet use or other delicate tasks. 

kirkland at costco

Charmin rolls have an embossed pattern which gives them a premium appearance. The prints are not as deep or refined as Cottonelle brands. Kirkland, however, has a printed design that feels more ordinary and isn’t as soft.

Let’s not forget the wrapping. Yes, aesthetics matter. At first glance, the Charmin brand feels family-friendly and pleasing. You can easily spot the Charmin’s signature blue and white wrapping with a teddy bear image printed boldly on it. 

Kirkland Toilet Paper vs. Charmin: Which One is Cheaper? 

Cost is another feature to consider. For the less-bourgeois crowd, this requires more returns on their investment. So, let’s take a look at the differences between both brands. 

Both products fall within the mid-price range for toilet paper. However, Kirkland is far cheaper than Charmin. A Kirkland Signature Bath Tissue (2-Ply, 380 Sheets per roll, and 30 Rolls) cost $21.99 on Costco’s online store. Meanwhile, a roll of Charmin with a similar specification costs $31.49. 

Let’s break it down further: a Kirkland toilet paper roll contains 425 sheets of toilet paper. There are 30 rolls in a container. So, divide the cost of a 30-roll package by the number of rolls. Therefore, each Kirkland toilet paper roll costs $0.73. 

To get the average cost of a Charmin roll, divide the price of a 30-roll package by the number of rolls. Each Charmin roll costs an average of $1. 

Note: the prices for these toilet papers are different in most regions. However, Charmin is always more expensive than Kirkland. Go for Kirkland toilet tissue if you want a cheaper option. 

Final Thoughts 

Charmin wins this review. It is an extra soft toilet paper, attractive, and more durable than Kirkland. No doubt, it’s the best option for users who want a luxurious experience.

You may need to shell out a few extra bucks to get Charmin. On the other hand, Kirkland is a preferred option for those who want more value for their money. 

What Other Brand Is as Good as Charmin? 

Is Charmin the creme de la creme of the industry? Not by a mile. Brands like Quilted Northern Ultra Plush and Cottonelle Ultra ComfortCare are among today’s top brands. 

Cottonelle – Ultra ComfortCare

Cottonelle – Ultra ComfortCare is better than Charmin in terms of absorption, strength and durability, and texture. A prominent feature of this product is the presence of deep grooves for better cleaning in the toilet. 

Furthermore, it is slightly more elastic and more robust than most brands, including Charmin. 

Quilted Northern – Ultra Plush

Quilted Northern is the go-to option for lovers of comfort and luxury. It has a high fluff factor due to a three-ply structure separated by air pockets. 

According to most reviews, however, Quilted Northern is too soft for use in the toilet. So you may need to double the sheets to clean thoroughly. 

Silk’n Soft 

Silk’n Soft is an eco-friendly brand. Unlike other toilet paper brands, Silk’n Soft is a three-ply bamboo toilet paper that’s way more durable than Charmin or Kirkland. Note that it is just as expensive as the Charmin brand. 

Conclusion: The Kirkland Toilet Paper vs. Charmin Review 

You have two choices before you. Choose Kirkland if you want to save extra bucks, or select the Charmin brand for comfort at the cost of a few extra dollars. 

Irrespective of your choices, both products enjoy numerous positive reviews from eCommerce sites. So, which will you select?