Kenmore Dryer AF Code

If your Kenmore dryer shows an AF error code, you might wonder what that means and how you can resolve it. 

A Kenmore dryer AF code indicates airflow problems. Airflow problems usually arise because your dryer’s lint filters are clogged, its air vent is clogged, or the external exhaust hood is blocked. To resolve this error, unclog the dryer’s air vents and exhaust hood and clean its lint filters.

If your Kenmore dryer is showing an AF error code, and you want to know what it means and how you can resolve it, keep reading! I’ll discuss the causes and fixes of airflow problems in this article. 

Kenmore Elite Dryer AF Code Indicates Airflow Problems

Dryers dry clothes by heating them and moving them around. This causes the water trapped inside wet clothes to rapidly convert to steam which is then expelled from the dryer through air vents. 

If there were no way for this steam to escape dryers, the clothes inside wouldn’t dry, meaning proper airflow out of the dryer is the most crucial element of the drying process. 

AF errors indicate some problem with your dryer’s airflow, and if this error is left unaddressed, your clothes will take a lot of time to dry until, eventually, your dryer fails to dry them at all. 

Additionally, since airflow problems cause dryers to take more time drying clothes, it will consume more electricity and drive your electricity bill up. 

Now that you know why airflow is essential for the normal functioning of your Kenmore dryer, and the harm that comes from ignoring your dryer’s AF code, let’s talk about the leading causes of airflow problems. 

1. Your Dryer’s Lint Screen Is Clogged or Dirty 

Lint screens (or lint filters) are responsible for retaining or trapping all of the lint and dirt out of the air before it goes through your dryer’s air vents. 

This prevents lint from accumulating inside your dryer’s vents and keeps it from clogging up.

With every batch of clothes you dry, lint and dirt accumulate on these lint filters. And if you don’t clean them regularly, lint and dirt will entirely clog up these filters until barely any air can pass through them. 

This will ultimately result in an airflow problem in your dryer, and it will cause your clothes to take much longer to dry. 

How To Fix

To fix this issue, you will need to take out your dryer’s lint filters, clean them up, and ensure that no lint or dirt is clogging them anymore. 

Also, as a preventative measure, it is recommended to wash your dryer’s lint screen before or after every batch of clothes you dry. 

Here’s a helpful YouTube video that explains how to deep clean your dryer’s lint filters properly: 

2. Your Dryer’s Air Vent Is Clogged

A dryer’s air vent is a pipe that ensures air and moisture exiting your dryer doesn’t get expelled inside your house.

Instead, an air vent relays this air and steam to the exhaust located outside your house (usually) through a hole in one of the walls exposed to open air. 

If your dryer’s air vent gets clogged or twisted, it will block the airflow and undermine your dryer’s ability to dry clothes. 

Additionally, clogged air vents can cause mold to build up inside them, and they run the risk of catching fire. Therefore, ensuring that these air vents are cleaned regularly is crucial. 

And if your dryer shows an AF error code, this is definitely one of the places you should inspect for clogs and debris build-up. 

How To Fix

As I mentioned, your dryer’s air vent may disrupt airflow under two conditions:

  • The air vent is kinked or twisted. 
  • The air vent is clogged. 

The first thing you should check is whether the air vent is twisted. If it is, straighten it out; if not, proceed to clean it up from the inside. 

I recommend you watch this YouTube video on how to clear your dryer’s air vent. This will teach you the safest and most thorough way to get the job done: 

If you don’t have the proper kit to clean your dryer’s air vent, I suggest you purchase the Gardus RLE202 LintEater from This kit has everything you need to quickly and thoroughly clean your dryer’s air vent without any hassle. 

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3. Your Dryer’s Exhaust Hood Is Blocked or Clogged

Your dryer’s exhaust hood takes the hot air from your air vent and releases it into the environment. 

Exhaust hoods are located outside your home’s wall, and they might be why your Kenmore dryer displays an AF code. 

How To Fix

Using a cleaning kit to clean your dryer’s exhaust vent is the best way to eliminate debris. I recommend this Smart House Inc Dryer Vent Cleaner Kit from You can attach the rods to a drill for faster cleaning. Plus, the brush is designed to fit vents/pipes that aren’t straight, making it easy to maneuver into corners. 

Here’s a two-minute YouTube video that will give you a visual guide through the process: 


To sum up, a Kenmore Elite dryer AF code indicates airflow problems. Proper airflow is essential to your dryer’s normal functioning. If this issue is left unresolved, your dryer will take a lot of time to dry clothes (or even fail to function at all). 

Airflow problems are typically caused by three primary reasons; either your dryer’s lint filters are clogged, the air vent is clogged, or the exhaust hood is blocked. Clean, unclog, and unblock all three to resolve the issue.