Is Epoxy Paint Good for Basement Floor?

Epoxy paint was originally intended for industrial use, but more and more people are applying it to their basement floor to provide a tough, durable coating that’s easy to maintain.

Epoxy paint makes a great flooring solution for your basement for a number of reasons:

It’s highly durable and strong

Durability is key for most homeowners, especially when it comes to your basement, as you don’t want to be renovating it anytime in the near future.

If you’re looking for a hard-wearing basement floor that is resistant to daily wear and tear, look no further than epoxy paint.

Epoxy paint will provide a protective coating to your basement floor and will prevent it from wearing away or peeling, meaning minimal upkeep is required.

Is epoxy paint good for basement floor

It’s easy to clean

If you’re using your basement regularly, you’ll want it to be easy to clean, whether it’s being used as an extra living space or used for storage.

The great thing about epoxy paint is that it won’t gather dust or retain dirt as bare concrete does. It’s super easy to clean: simply give it a quick sweep or vacuum, and clean up any spills with a damp mop.

Epoxy coatings are impermeable, meaning any liquid spills will sit on the surface and can be easily wiped away without staining. This way, your flooring will look as good as new even as it ages.

Protection from moisture

Epoxy coating is waterproof, so it’ll help protect the substrate from moisture build-up that can potentially cause dampness, humidity build-up, and mildew or mold.

Even if you have a leak in your basement, epoxy paint gives you peace of mind knowing that your floor won’t get damaged.

Just be wary of any damp issues prior to applying the epoxy paint, as these need to be dealt with beforehand. The paint will not get rid of pre-existing issues, but it will protect your floor against future problems.

A variety of designs to choose from

You’ll be amazed at how much choice there is when it comes to your epoxy flooring.

Epoxy coatings and paints come in a range of styles and patterns, from solid colors, ‘metallic’ tones, decorative flake patterns, quartz sand, and much, much, more.

Don’t think your epoxy flooring has to be boring just because it’s in the basement.

How do you epoxy paint a basement floor?

Clean, clean, clean

Ensuring your basement floor is properly prepped and cleaned prior to applying your epoxy paint is key. You’ll need to clear all your stuff from the basement and ensure the floor is as clean as possible.

Do not skip this step. You’ll need a contractor’s broom or powerful vacuum to remove any dust and debris from your floor.

You’ll then want to mop the floor with warm, soapy water and allow the surface to dry for at least 24 hours. Do not be tempted to move onto the next step before the time is up.

Cement is extremely porous and even though the slabs may look dry, there could be water between the grooves that isn’t visible. If you want to speed up the drying process, use fans and dehumidifiers.

Check moisture level

Once your floor seems dry, you can perform a quick moisture test to verify this.

This can be done with a square of plastic sheeting and a few pieces of duct tape. Tape the plastic sheet to your basement floor and wait approximately 16 to 24 hours. Then, remove the sheet, if the patch is dark, moisture is still present in the cement.

Make repairs

Fill in any cracks or holes before you start applying paint. This will provide a smooth, even surface to work on.

Time to prime

Prime the floor with an epoxy-based primer so that the paint adheres better to the gritty surface of the concrete.

Start at the wall farthest from the exit and use a paintbrush to apply the primer to the corners. For the rest of the room, a long-handled paint roller is best.

Apply Epoxy paint

Once your primer has been applied and is completely dry, it’s time to paint. Use a paintbrush to apply a 12-inch border of the paint.

Then, starting at the far end of the room, dribble your epoxy paint onto the floor, and use a long-handled roller to distribute it evenly. Clean up any blemishes along the way, and use long strokes to provide a smooth finish.

What is the best epoxy paint for basement floor?

There are plenty of great epoxy paint options to choose from.

Rust-Oleum’s Epoxy Shield Professional Based Floor Coating Kit provides industrial-standard protection,

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while KILZ’s Epoxy Acrylic Concrete and Garage Floor Paint has a satin sheen for a perfectly smooth and even finish.

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