How to Install a Raised Toilet Seat

A raised toilet seat is an affordable, functional item that brings practicality and comfort to the quality of life of older adults or people with disabilities. They are widely used in the home as well as in clinical settings.

install a raised toilet seat

A seat lift will add several inches to a standard toilet. By installing this type of elevated toilet seat, you will allow the toilet to have the necessary height so that a person with mobility problems can use it with greater ease. So, how do you install a raised toilet seat? You can do so easily in just a few steps.

Read on for these easy-to-follow steps.

How Do You Install a Toilet Riser?

One of the positive characteristics of toilet seat risers is how simple they are to install. It is a task that you can do yourself without help.


Remove the existing seat. The existing seat is attached by several screws. Locate the hinges behind the current seat. These screws are usually found under a cover. Use a screwdriver to remove the cover from the seat hinges.

Using the same screwdriver, remove the screws from the hinges that hold the toilet seat together. Once you have managed to remove the screws, you can lift the regular toilet seat off the toilet’s base.

hand holding screwdriver


Place the toilet seat riser on the base of the toilet. Most toilet seat risers connect to the base of the toilet with a series of plastic clips. The raised toilet seat has front and side notches. Place the clips under the rim of the toilet bowl. Then place the seat riser on the toilet and align the clips to match. Press the seat down until it locks. Some seat risers have a screw to make them tighter.


Put the toilet lid on. Use the screwdriver to separate the toilet lid from the original existing toilet seat since you will only need to use the lid. Next, lift the hinges of the toilet seat riser and screw on the original seat cover.

How Do You Use a Raised Toilet Seat?

The toilet seat lift can have various uses and benefits, such as facilitating the action of sitting on the toilet without much effort. It is the most important function of this device; to facilitate the comfortable use of the toilet.

The average toilet seat height is usually very low for people who cannot move easily. A tall toilet seat helps a lot for people who have undergone back or hip surgery and those who cannot bend down because they are in pain.

Help People with Reduced Mobility to be Self-Sufficient

People who are in postoperative processes, older adults, or people suffering from hip or back pain benefit greatly from using a toilet seat lift. They allow them to be more self-sufficient and not depend all the time on another person to carry out the daily task of going to the bathroom.

Facilitate the Work of Accompanying People with Disabilities when Using the Toilet

People who care for people with disabilities or older adults also find great benefits from a toilet seat lift. The effort involved in accompanying a person with reduced mobility can cause injuries and discomfort to the knees and back. With a seat lift, these problems can be drastically reduced.

Improve Hygiene

The proper posture that helps to have a toilet lift can prevent the lid or even the floor from getting dirty. It is important to maintain hygiene in the toilet to prevent infections or diseases by germs and bacteria that contain organic waste.

Types of Raised Toilet Seats

There is a wide variety of toilet seat lifts on the market. Each model can be adapted to the needs and situations of each person. Whether you want to purchase one for a wearer’s reduced mobility problem or temporary use for back or hip surgery.

10 or 15 cm Toilet Risers

10 or 15 cm toilet risers

These risers are of the most economical designs but without ceasing to be safe for the user. It is possible to adapt it to conventional toilet bowls. It has a few side wings that help it to fit the toilet firmly. Supports a maximum weight of 130 kg.

Choosing a 10 or 15 cm toilet seat riser will depend on the height of the user. However, it is usually recommended to install 15cm lifts for people over 1.70m.

Adjustable Toilet Seat Risers

You can opt for a toilet seat riser with or without armrests. The raised seat with armrests usually provides greater security and support when the user wants to sit or stand up. It is also possible to install drop bars if you do not have enough space for a seat with armrests.

The advantage of this type of lift or elevated toilet seat is that it has a height and inclination regulator. It can be adjusted to three heights: 5, 10, or 15 cm. It can also be tilted to facilitate user onboarding. It has approximate support of up to 100 kg in weight. It is secured to the existing toilet with a screw.

Padded Toilet Seat Risers

The biggest differentiator that these raised seats have is the material with which the commode seat is made. The polyurethane foam with which they are manufactured gives quality and comfort to many users who need to spend several minutes sitting on the toilet due to some condition or intestinal problem. There are 4 or 10 cm thick models.

padded toilet seat risers

Toilet Risers With Removable Armrests

They are similar to armrest toilet risers with the advantage that the armrests can be removed or attached as required by the user. They support a maximum weight of 135 kg.

Convenience and Comfort as Priority

The main objective of installing a toilet seat lift is for the user to find comfort and ease to perform their needs safely without hurting themselves. Today there is a wide variety of products among which we can choose, the one that best suits our needs or medical situation.

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