How to Replace a Pool Light

In this article, we will be discussing how to change the pool light fixture in your pool. We will look at how to determine if your pool light needs to be replaced or not. Once we have determined if the pool light needs to be changed, we will go into further detail, from how to remove the light fixture, to how to change the wiring, and what is needed to replace a light fixture.

How to Replace a Pool Light

Does your Pool Light Fixture Need to be Replaced?

If your pool light fixture continuously trips your GSI circuit, chances are that your pool light needs to be replaced. Shorts in the wiring in your light fixture are what will cause the GSI circuit to trip.

At this point, you will need to replace the light fixture and the wiring to make sure that you have fixed the issue. If you have more than one pool light and they are bound together in their wiring, you would need to septate them and test them individually.

Here are six steps that cover how to replace a pool light fixture on your own. Remember that if you feel like you do not have the knowledge or ability to do this yourself, make sure you hire a professional to come and get the job done.

The tools needed for this job are as follows.

1. Both a star and a flat screwdriver

2. Electrical tape

3. Fishing gut or string

4. Pliers or wire cutters

5. A friend to help with wiring

6. A Sharp Stanley blade

Step One

It is imperative that if you are considering changing the pool light fixture that you turn the power off before handling any live wire. This is a must because if you do not, you could gravely injure yourself.

Step Two

Look for the power junction box near the pool pump for your pool lights. You will be able to identify it by some plastic poles connecting to a power box. Using a screwdriver remove the protective box cover where you will locate a bunch of wires. If you have multiple lights and they are not labeled you will need to identify which light is which.

You can do this by disconnecting cables one at a time and turning the power on to test which light it is, then turning it back off and repeating until you find the problem light. We recommend labeling the wires for future use.

Step Three

In this step, you will need the fishing gut and the electrical tape. Once you find the wires for your pool light, you need to wrap the exposed wires in electrical tape and make sure you create a loop or a hoop so that you can slip fishing gut through.

Once you are happy with the covered wires, your next step is to take the fishing gut and tie a knot by feeding the gut through the hoop which will allow you to pull the wire with the fishing gut. Once this is done you have completed this step.

Step Four

You need to make sure the power is off and head over to the pool with your screwdriver. You can then start unscrewing the fitting of the light under the water. Once the fitting is loose, slowly and gently pulling the light from its socket. You will need a friend to be at the covered-up end of the wire with the fishing gut ready.

You can gently start pulling the light and its wire out of its socket and put it onto the side of the pool. When you get to a point where you have reached the end of the wire with the fishing gut, make sure to pull the extra fishing gut through the hole as this will be important in the next step. This step is now complete.

Step Five

Take the new light fixture and wire and reapply the fishing gut to the sealed-off end of the wire and then slowly start feeding it back into the light fixture hole.

On the other end have your friend gently pull the fishing gut to bring the new wiring to the power box at your pool pump. Make sure you keep about 4 feet of wire to wrap around the back of the light fixture. Slide the light into it slowly and then tighten the screws.

Step Six

Head back to where your friend is with the fishing gut and the new wiring. Remove the electrical table covering the exposed wires and attach them in the order that you found them. We recommend that you label your wires because if you need to repeat this process, it will be easier if you know which wires you are working with.

Once the wiring is all set up, place the protective covering over the exposed wires and screw it back into place. Then you can finish this process by turning the power on, and if everything was done correctly your light should be working.

If you are not comfortable with dealing with electrical wiring, and you do not understand how it works, it is highly recommended that you seek a professional to do this job. When electricity is involved, there are many risks, and you could cause further damage that would ultimately cost you more money.

DO NOT forget that you need to always make sure that the power is off when dealing with electrical components, especially since it surrounds water which is an electrical conductor.

If, however, you are persistent and would like to know more about the inner workings of your pool’s electrical system, you can learn about it. There are many pool courses and guides out there that will teach you all the fundamentals of replacing electrical components of your pool.


We hope that this article serves as a guide to helping you better understand how to replace a pool light fixture. It is recommended that if you are uncomfortable or do not have sufficient confidence to pull the job off that you seek a professional’s assistance.

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