How to Remove Yellow Stains from Toilet – Step by Step Guide

It is safe to say that, as a regular bathroom user, you have almost undoubtedly seen yellow stains on your toilet at some point in your life. If you happen to see them at someone else’s home or business, while they are unpleasant to look at, you are probably happy that at least removing the stains are not your responsibility.

But what about when they occur in your own home, in your own toilet? You do not want to have to look at them every day, so you probably want to know how to remove yellow stains from toilet?

Well, we have the answer!

how to remove yellow stains from toilet

You can use a variety of methods to learn how to remove yellow stains from toilet, with most of them just using stuff you probably already have around the house.

If you are looking for how to remove yellow stains from toilet, you have come to the right place. You can use some common household ingredients to fight those stubborn stains, including vinegar and baking soda, bleach, toilet cleaner, and even Coke! You can use these in place of or alongside scrubbing products like sponges, toilet brushes, paper towels, and pumice stones to rid yourself of those yellow toilet stains.

Read on to find out more about removing those pesky yellow stains from the toilet.

How Do I Get My Toilet White Again?

When scrubbing by itself just will not do, you can try making some effective toilet cleaners at home to eliminate stubborn toilet bowl stains. But before you do, it is recommended to first turn off the toilet’s water supply valve and then flush it a few times. This should drain most of the water from the toilet so you can get to the stained areas that are usually under the waterline.

Method 1: Vinegar and Baking Soda

Step 1: Gather supplies

Step 2: Sprinkle baking soda

You can just take some baking soda in your hand and sprinkle it around the inside of your toilet bowl. Try and get it as close to the toilet rim as possible.

Step 3: Spray vinegar

Pour some vinegar into your spray bottle. Spray the vinegar liberally on all the areas of the toilet where you put the baking soda. The baking soda and vinegar together will cause a fizzing reaction which should help break down the stains.

Step 4: Scrub with a toilet brush and flush

Once the fizzing has started to slow down, you can begin to scrub those softened stains with the toilet brush. Flush the toilet a couple of times to get rid of any residue.

Method 2: Borax and Lemon Juice

If you have an especially stained toilet and the first method does not take everything away, you may want to combine these two methods together. Hard water stains, urine stains, rust stains, and limescale can certainly be stubborn!

Step 1: Gather supplies

Step 2: Make a paste

Take 1 part lemon juice and mix it with two parts Borax until they make a paste. Spread the paste on any stains on the toilet and leave it for about 2 hours.

Step 3: Scrub leftover stains and flush

Scrub any stains that are remaining with a moist pumice stone, and then flush to get rid of any cleaning residue.

Method 3: Coke

coca cola

Wait – Does Coke Really Clean Toilets?

Yes, it really does! And it is simple to use.

Step 1: Gather supplies

  • Coca-Cola (yes, that is it!)

Step 2: Pour Coca-Cola into the toilet bowl

Try and pour it as close to the rim as possible to get full coverage.

Step 3: Let it soak

Let it soak overnight for the best results.

Step 4: Flush

When it has soaked long enough, flush the toilet.

How Do You Get Rid of Yellow Stains on White Toilet Seats?

If you are looking to learn how to remove yellow stains from the toilet seat only, you can try different methods for different types of stains. Let us look at two: urine and bleach stains.

Urine Stains

Step 1: Gather supplies

Step 2: Mix vinegar and baking soda into a paste and apply

Use a toothbrush to apply the paste directly onto the stains.

Step 3: Rinse the toothbrush, then scrub some more

Some of the stains will loosen with the toothbrush, so if you notice it getting dirty, rinse it before continuing to scrub the seat.

Step 4: Let the paste sit, then rinse

Let the paste sit on the stains for about 10 minutes before rinsing it off.

Bleach Stains

Step 1: Gather supplies

Step 2: Spray hydrogen peroxide on stains

Fill a spray bottle with about 4 ounces of hydrogen peroxide, then use it to soak the stains on your plastic toilet seat.

Step 3: Let it sit, then scrub

Let the hydrogen peroxide sit for about 10 minutes before scrubbing it away with your sponge. Rinse.

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What Causes Yellow Stains on the Toilet Seat?

There can be many factors that contribute to yellow stains on a toilet seat. Urine, of course, is certainly a possible contributor. Your urine can contain all kinds of vitamins and minerals that may contribute to especially yellow stains.

Hard water is another common one, as it too contains many different minerals that can stain yellow. Even sunlight can be the cause! If your toilet seat spends a lot of time in direct sunlight, the UV light can change its color.

Does Bleach Turn the Toilet Yellow?

Yes, bleach can turn your toilet yellow. Bleach stains are permanent, so the methods used to remove them do not focus on removing the stain as much as they just restore the color you have lost, which in most toilets is white.

What Is the Best Toilet Stain Remover?

That depends on your preference. Any of the above methods should work to remove even your most stubborn toilet stains. If you prefer to use natural ingredients, the baking soda, vinegar, or Coke methods would probably be the best.

If you do not have the time or patience for that, you can use a commercial toilet cleaner. If you are using this with other cleaning substances, though, do not get a bleach-based cleaner. Dangerous fumes can develop when you mix bleach with other toilet cleaners.

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