How to Keep Poop from Sticking to Toilet – Everything You Need to Know

It is probably safe to say that the toilet is one of the grossest things that needs cleaning in the house. No one looks forward to that cleaning job! Any tips and tricks that make this task go faster should be appreciated by just about anyone who spends their time scrubbing toilets. To help you get this type of dirty work done quickly and efficiently, you may be wondering how to keep poop from sticking to toilet.

Read on for everything you need to know about how to keep poop from sticking to the toilet.

There are a variety of methods you can use to stop poop from sticking to the toilet. To help prevent poop from sticking to your toilet in the first place, you can try preventative methods like improving your diet and flushing the toilet before and immediately after pooping.

how to keep poop from sticking to toilet

If you are looking for effective ways of preventing and removing poop toilet stains, you can try scrubbing them with pumice stones, using vinegar and baking soda, boiling water, or even Coca-Cola.

If you want to learn more about how to keep poop from sticking to the toilet, follow our instructions below.

How Do I Stop My Poop From Sticking To The Toilet?

Method 1: Improve Your Diet

A diet rich in fibrous foods like vegetables and fruits will help make your bowel movements less likely to stick to your toilet bowl. You can also help soften your feces by increasing your water intake.

Method 2: Pre-flushing and Post-flushing

Step 1: Before using the toilet, flush it first.

Flushing the toilet before using it will make the sides of your toilet bowl more slippery, which means poop will have a harder time sticking to it.

Step 2: Flush immediately after you are done.

When you flush right away after pooping, there will not be a lot of time for the poop to sit and get the traction it needs to stick to your toilet bowl.

Method 3: Remove Toilet Stains and Prevent New Ones

If you want to know how to keep poop from sticking to the toilet by preventing and removing the stains it has already left behind, you can try various methods. These would also be appropriate for removing the hard water stains and yellow stains in your toilet bowl.

Coca Cola

coca cola

Step 1: Turn off all water sources

Yes, that Coca-Cola! Begin by turning off all the toilet’s water sources. If you are looking to also clean your toilet tank simultaneously, as that is where a lot of bacteria, dirt, and mildew build up, make sure you completely drain it of all its water.

Step 2: Drain all the water in the tank

Use sponges or towels to get any water left in the bottom of the tank.

Step 3: Pour Coca-Cola into the tank and bowl

Make sure you pour enough to cover the stains. If you have some tough stains, keep it in your toilet tank and bowl overnight.

Step 4: Drain the Cola

To drain it out of the tank, open the water supply valve. Rinse both the bowl and tank, and then turn back on the water source for the toilet.

Step 5: Use a toilet brush or plunger

The stains should now be soft enough to remove with a toilet brush. But, if you suspect there is even more fecal matter in the toilet trap that you cannot see, also use a plunger. Your toilet bowl will not only be clean and shiny, but it should also now be resistant to sticky poop stains.

Pumice Stones

pumice stones

Step 1: Wet part of the pumice stone with water

Try to only wet the part of the stone that you will be using to clean the toilet bowl.

Step 2: Scrub the stains

This will make a lot of noise but will not damage the porcelain. Scrub until all the stains are gone, and you are left with a glossy toilet bowl that will resist stool stains.

Baking Soda and Vinegar

baking soda and vinegar

Step 1: Pour baking soda into the toilet

It can be easier to add the baking soda first – you can just dump it in the toilet bowl. Alternatively, you can try to put the baking soda directly on the stains you are trying to remove.

Step 2: Pour in the vinegar

If you have already just dumped in the baking soda, you can do the same with the vinegar. Or, if you are trying to get directly on the stains, you could put it in the spray bottle to be more exact.

Step 3: Once it stops foaming, flush the toilet

The baking soda and vinegar will create a foamy chemical reaction. When it is done foaming, the stains should be gone, and you are left with a glossy finish.

Why Is My Poop Sticking to the Toilet?

If you are wondering about the best way of how to keep poop from sticking to the toilet, you may want to figure out why it is sticking there in the first place. There are two common reasons.

  • You have an overly fatty diet. If your body cannot absorb all the fat from your food, it will come out through your digestive tract and out in your bowel movements. This leaves a greasy texture that will contribute to staining the toilet.
  • You have a stained toilet bowl. Minerals from hard water especially can stick to the toilet bowl, contributing to stains. You need that smooth surface to flush everything away most efficiently.

Is It Bad If Your Poop Sticks to the Toilet?

Well, it is not particularly bad for your toilet! However, it can indicate certain medical conditions involving fat digestion. If you have a fatty diet, try and make healthier choices, like the ones mentioned above. If that still does not make a difference, though, you may want to get in contact with your doctor.

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